Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Kazordoon
Spontaneous Speech: Honour and glory!Stand against your foes!Let the stone drink blood!
Player: Hi
Brom: We both know it's the thrill of combat you're here for, so let's get to it. Just tell me if you're ready to fight or if you need me to explain everything to you.
Player: bye
Brom: Good fight, good night.
Player: explain
Brom: I can give you details about the fighting rules for each mode, explain how to initiate a fight. I can also give you information on prizes.
Player: initiate
Brom: Every premium player can participate in the arena. To initiate the arena, just talk to me and tell me if you want to play last man standing or a team deathmatch. ...
Brom: If the arena is not currently occupied you will then be able to tell me how many players will take part. You can also create one-on-one matches in both modes by adding only 2 players. ...
Brom: If you opted for a team deathmatch, you will have to select the members for each team by telling me the correct names. ...
Brom: After that you will have to specify the stakes for the fight.
Player: job
Brom: Besides standing here? I'm taking care of the arena, what did you think? Greenhorns.
Player: name
Brom: Brom's the name.
Player: prizes
Brom: I can give you information on stakes or how the prize money will be split in last man standing or team deathmatch mode.
Player: rules
Brom: First rule: every kill is justified in the arena. Otherwise, the PvP rules of your world will apply to the arena on your world. ...
Brom: As for the rest of the rules, the most important thing to know is that there is a time limit for each fight as well as right before a match. ...
Brom: After the fight has been initiated by giving me the necessary details, a timer will be started. ...
Brom: A fight is won if either only one player is left or only one team (at least one member of the team still standing at the end of a fight). ...
Brom: The fight will be canceled if the predetermined number of players for a fight does not show up in the anteroom. ...
Brom: If a fight is in progress but takes too long or no clear winner could be termined (this includes team fights were at least one member of both teams is still standing), it will be canceled as well.
Player: split
Brom: In a last man standing fight, the prize money which consists of all stakes of each player together, will go to the last player standing. ...
Brom: In a team deathmatch this money is split evenly among each player of the winning team (please note that the final share will be rounded down in case of uneven splits). ...
Brom: If a winning team consists of 5 players and only 2 members are still standing at the end of a fight, the money will still be split among all 5 members of the team.
Player: stakes
Brom: Depending on the stake the initiating player has determined for a fight, each player will have to have this amount of gold on his or her bank account to take part. ...
Brom: As soon as the match starts (not while waiting or by entering an anteroom after the fight has been initiated), the money will be deducted. ...
Brom: Together, these stakes will add to the prize money, which will either go to the single winner of a last man standing fight or to the winning team in a team deathmatch. ...
Brom: If the match cannot be finished within the time limit, this money will be lost!
Player: time
Brom: Doesn't matter to me what time it is. What matters to me is the arena.
By Nikz on 20 Jun 2016, 16:21

Talk with this npc to set your arena fights on Kazordoon.

on 26 Mar 2016, 19:38


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