Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Kazordoon
Spontaneous Speech: Hey Nezil, let's go to the Jolly Axeman Tavern after business is done.
Player: Ab'Dendriel
Bezil: I laughed so hard when I saw that so-called city. Imagine, they live in trees with all these squirrels around ...
Bezil: I couldn't stand it to be molested by this climbing and hopping pest that steals my lunch ...
Bezil: But I guess the squirrels are more patient with elves than I'd be.
Player: Bye
Bezil: Good bye, Player.
Player: Carlin
Bezil: I still need to visit that town one day. I guess it's not much fun to visit a city that forbids to drink alcohol, though ...
Bezil: Thinking about it, I never heard of a dwarf travelling there.
Player: Dwarfs
Bezil: My people is as old and sturdy as the stone of the mountain we live in.
Player: Equipment
Bezil: As you can see, we offer quite a lot, such as torches, shovels and the like. Ask me for a trade to have a look.
Player: Hi Bezil
Bezil: Hiho, Bezil at your service, Player. We sell equipment of all kinds.
Player: Job
Bezil: We sell equipment of all kind. Is there anything you need?
Player: Kazordoon
Bezil: Our city is well-fortified. In ancient days, the trail to Kazordoon was a well-kept secret and hardly any stranger found his way here ...
Bezil: Today, we welcome visitors, but we're still on guard and ready to defend our gates.
Player: Name
Bezil: I'm Bezil Coinbiter. Me and my bro' Nezil are selling stuff, ye' know?
Player: Nezil
Bezil: He's my bro'.
Player: Thais
Bezil: I wouldn't feel comfortable to live so exposed and in the open, but like an old dwarfish saying goes: Every beard grows different.
Player: Trade
Bezil: Of course, just browse through our wares. By the way, there's a deposit of 5 gold on empty vials.
By Nikz on 20 Jun 2016, 16:11

If you want to talk her, you need to say "hi Bezil" if you dont do it she dont talks you.

on 12 Feb 2016, 21:18
on 22 Sep 2016, 14:23


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