Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Carlin
Player: bye
Tibra: Good bye, Player. May the gods be with you to guard and guide you, my child!
Player: gods
Tibra: The gods of good guard us and guide us, the gods of evil want to destroy us and steal our souls!
Player: hi
Tibra: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim Player!
Player: name
Tibra: My name is Tibra. Your soul tells me that you are Player.
Player: pilgrim or job
Tibra: I am a priest of the great pantheon.
Player: tibia
Tibra: The world of Tibia is the creation of the gods.
Player: time
Tibra: Now, it is 2:12 am.
Player: donation
Tibra: Do you want to make a donation?
Player: yes
Tibra: May the gods bless you!
Player: fardos
Tibra: Fardos is the creator. The great observer. He is our caretaker.
Player: uman
Tibra: Uman is the positive aspect of magic. He brings us the secrets of the arcane arts.
Player: air
Tibra: Air is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.
Player: fire
Tibra: I can see you received the blessing of the two suns in the suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: sula
Tibra: Sula is the essence of the elemental power of water.
Player: kirok
Tibra: Kirok, the mad one, is the god of scientists and jesters.
Player: banor
Tibra: Banor, the heavenly warrior, is the patron of all fighters against evil. He is the gift of the gods to inspire humanity.
Player: toth
Tibra: Toth, Lord of Death, is the keeper of the souls, the guardian of the afterlife.
Player: crunor
Tibra: Crunor, the great tree, is the father of all plantlife. He is a prominent god for many druids.
Player: suon
Tibra: Suon is the lifebringing sun. He observes the creation with love.
Player: bastesh
Tibra: Bastesh, the deep one, is the goddess of the sea and its creatures.
Player: fafnar
Tibra: Fafnar is the scorching sun. She observes the creation with hate and jealousy.
Player: ferumrbas
Tibra: The fallen one should be mourned, not feared.
Player: excalibug
Tibra: The mythical blade was hidden in ancient times. Its said that powerful wards protect it.
Player: lugry
Tibra: Only a man can fall as low as he did. His soul rotted away already.
Player: brog
Tibra: Brog, the raging one, is the great destroyer. The berserk of darkness.
Player: urgith
Tibra: The bonemaster Urgith is the lord of the undead and keeper of the damned souls.
Player: zathroth
Tibra: Zathroth is the destructive aspect of magic. He is the deceiver and the thief of souls.
Player: Ruthless Seven
Tibra: I dont want to talk about that subject!
Player: help
Tibra: You do not need any healing right now.
Player: queen
Tibra: Queen Eloise is wise to listen to the proposals of the druidic followers of Crunor.
Player: sell
Tibra: The grace of the gods must be earned, it cannot be bought!
Player: crypt
Tibra: There's something strange in its neighbourhood. But whom we gonna call for help if not the gods?
Player: monsters
Tibra: Remember: Not everything you call monster is evil to the core!
Player: life
Tibra: The teachings of Crunor tell us to honour life and not to harm it.
Player: archdemons
Tibra: The demons are followers of Zathroth. The cruelest are known as the ruthless seven.
By faiky on 09 Feb 2016, 20:09

She is healer and marriage officiant.

Players can be healled by her and can marry with her presence.

on 17 Feb 2016, 06:57
on 16 Jun 2016, 23:47


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