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Can be found in Carlin
Player: Hi
Phillip: Lower than level 4: Phillip: Hello, pupil Player. I hope I can help you on your quest for knowledge. Lower than level 15: Phillip: Hello, seeker of knowledge Player. How may I assist you? Lower than level 25: Phillip: Hello, mighty adventurer Player. Can I teach you something you don't know? Level 25 or higher: Phillip: Hello, famous Player. It should be you teaching me!
Phillip: Did the bell ring?
Player: bye or farewell
Phillip: Go and be careful. Remember what you have learne
Player: how are you?
Phillip: I am fine, thank you very much.
Player: sell
Phillip: My business is knowlegde and it is for free.
Player: job
Phillip: I am honored to be teacher in this school.
Player: teacher
Phillip: I run this school, there are other travelling teachers who we call Loremasters.
Player: loremaster
Phillip: If you are lucky you'll meet one in your journeys.
Player: name
Phillip: My name is Phillip.
Player: time
Phillip: It is 12:14 am.
Player: help
Phillip: I will provide you with all knowledge I have.
Player: monsters
Phillip: Monsters come in different shape and power. It's said there is a zoo in the dwarfs' town.
Player: dungeon
Phillip: Dungeons are places of danger and puzzles. In some of them a bright mind will serve you more then a blade.
Player: sewer
Phillip: Female: Phillip: The sewers of Carlin are a disgusting place. Better never crawl around in these stinking tunnels.
Phillip: Male: Phillip: An interesting place you should consider to visit. Player: thank you
Phillip: You don't have to thank me, it's only my duty.
Player: god
Phillip: To learn about gods, visit the temples and talk to the priests.
Player: king or queen
Phillip: The southern king is called Tibianus. He and our queen Eloise are in a constant struggle.
Player: rumour or gossip or news
Phillip: I don't like rumours.
Player: weapon
Phillip: To learn about weapons read appropriate books or talk to the smiths.
Player: magic
Phillip: To learn about magic talk to the guild leaders.
Player: rebellion
Phillip: Rebellion? What for? We are contend with our situation.
Player: in tod we trust
Phillip: Tod will come and save us all. He will bring freedom and beer to the men of Carlin.
Player: lugri
Phillip: This servant of evil is protected by the dark gods and can't be harmed.
Player: ferumbras
Phillip: He is a follower of evil. His powers were boosted by a sinister force and he is beyond human restrictions now.
Player: excalibug
Phillip: This weapon is said to be very powerful and unique. It was hidden in ancient times and now is thought to be lost.
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