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Can be found in Rookgaard
Player: hi
Tom: Hey there, Pao Pride. I'm Tom the tanner. If you have fresh corpses, leather, paws or other animal body parts, trade with me.
Player: corpses
Tom: I'm buying fresh corpses of rats, rabbits and wolves. I don't buy half-decayed ones. If you have any for sale, trade with me.
Player: trade
Tom: Sure, check what I buy.
Player: mainland
Tom: You can go there once you are level 8 and have talked to the oracle.
Player: oracle
Tom: It's in the academy, just above Seymour. Go there once you are level 8 to leave this place.
Player: seymour
Tom: He sticks his nose too much in books.
Player: amber
Tom: Now that's an interesting woman.
Player: paulie
Tom: Typical pencil pusher.
Player: cipfred
Tom: I'm not what you'd call a 'believer'.
Player: zirella
Tom: My mother?? Did you meet my mother??
Player: hyacinth
Tom: I wonder if he's angry because his potion monopoly fell.
Player: tom
Tom: Yep.
Player: billy
Tom: He's a better cook than his cousin Willie, actually.
Player: Willie
Tom: I kinda like him. At least he says what he thinks.
Player: loui
Tom: I wonder what spectacular monsters he has found.
Player: help
Tom: Help? I will give you a few gold coins if you have some fresh dead animals for me. Note the word fresh.
Player: animals
Tom: I'm buying fresh corpses of rats, rabbits and wolves. I don't buy half-decayed ones. If you have any for sale, trade with me.
Player: fresh
Tom: Fresh means: shortly after their death.
Player: thais
Tom: Ah, Thais is rotten to the core.
Player: rookgaard
Tom: This island has its own problems, but all in all it's a decent place to live.
Player: information
Tom: Do I look like a tourist information centre? Go ask someone else.
Player: dungeon
Tom: Dungeons can be dangerous without proper equipment.
Player: bank
Tom: When you head into a dungeon, leave your gold at the bank. Did you ever wonder why monsters carry gold with them? Devoured adventurers, mark my words.
Player: food
Tom: I don't sell food, you should ask at the farms of Willie or Billy.
Player: lily
Tom: She always comes and preaches about how one should not wear animal skin.
Player: hints
Tom: To open or close skills, battle or VIP list, click on the corresponding button to the right.
Player: money
Tom: Well, no gold, no deal. Earn gold by fighting monsters and picking up the things they carry. Also, you can sell their corpses to me.
Player: tibia
Tom: Rookgaard is just a tiny spot in the world of Tibia.
Player: name
Tom: My name is Tom the tanner.
Player: job
Tom: I'm the local tanner. I buy fresh animal corpses, tan them, and convert them into fine leather clothes which I then sell to merchants.
Player: bye
Tom: Good hunting, child.
Fresh Prince
By Fresh Prince on 20 Jan 2020, 19:16 - 12.30

You can throw objects inside the locked cellar of Tom, located upstairs of where he works. In order to do that, you need to walk diagonal between two specific spots near the window from the outside part of the second floor and throw an item in the middle of the movement.

Pay attention because once you throw anything there, you will not be able to retrieve the item anymore!

By Venner on 14 Apr 2016, 17:13

Tom can reward you with the first addon of druid outfit if you will give him 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws.

By faiky on 09 Feb 2016, 20:00

Tom is a tanner npc. He buys some dead monsters.

Also, he can talk to you about the Doublet Quest.

on 13 Feb 2016, 21:04
on 19 Jan 2017, 01:53
on 20 Jan 2020, 19:12


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