Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Rookgaard
Spontaneous Speech: Get your armor and shields heeeeeeere! Upstairs!Need some help? Just ask me, I can show you around!Don't forget to protect yourself with a shield!Selling the finest armors on Rookgaard!Don't let these mean monsters hurt you - get better eq
Player: Sell
Dixi: We're selling many things. Please have a look at the blackboards downstairs to see a list of our inventory.
Player: academy
Dixi: The big building in the centre of Rookgaard. They have a library, a training centre, a bank and the room of the oracle. Seymore is the teacher there.
Player: amber
Dixi: One day, I want to become a brave adventurer like her and leave this town!
Player: armor
Dixi: We sell jackets, coats, doublets, leather armor, and leather legs. Just tell me what you want to buy.
Player: bank
Dixi: You can deposit your money there to keep it safe. However, you still need cash to buy something here.
Player: billy
Dixi: Billy can be kind of scary. He swears a lot and doesn't talk to everybody.
Player: bye
Dixi: Good bye.
Player: cipfried
Dixi: He can heal you if you're injured or poisoned.
Player: citizens
Dixi: I love gossiping - err, I mean providing valuable information of course, just tell me a name!
Player: dixi
Dixi: Did I hear my name somewhere?
Player: dungeons
Dixi: You need to make sure you have some basic equipment before you head into dungeons such as the sewers.
Player: equipment
Dixi: As an adventurer, you should always have at least a backpack, a rope, a shovel, a weapon, an armor and a shield.
Player: fish
Dixi: Oh, Santiago catches all the fish that we need. We don't need more, thank you.
Player: fishing
Dixi: You should never embark on an adventure without it. Ask Al Dee or Lee'Delle for it!
Player: helmets
Dixi: We sell leather helmets, studded helmets, and chain helmets. Just tell me what you want to buy.
Player: help
Dixi: If you need something, please let me know.
Player: hints
Dixi: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
Player: informations
Dixi: How can I help you? I can give you general hints, information about citizens or talk about many other topics. Just ask me!
Player: inslando of destiny
Dixi: The Island of Destiny can be reached via the oracle once you are level 8. This trip will help you choose your profession!
Player: job
Dixi: I'm helping my grandfather Obi with this shop. Do you want to buy or sell anything?
Player: king
Dixi: King Tibianus is a wise and noble monarch. This island of Rookgaard belongs to his kingdom.
Player: lee'delle
Dixi: Lee'Delle's shop is on the premium side of the village. You should visit it!
Player: lily
Dixi: I always give my cookies and blueberries to Lily. She loves them! Also, she sells potions.
Player: maindland
Dixi: The main continent provides so many adventures! Once you've reached level 8, you should talk to the oracle. You can choose a profession and explore much more of Tibia.
Player: merchants
Dixi: To view the offers of a merchant, simply talk to him or her and ask for a trade.
Player: money
Dixi: You can deposit your money there to keep it safe. However, you still need cash to buy something here.
Player: monsters
Dixi: If you want to fight monsters in dungeons, you definitely need some good equipment such as a weapon, an armor and a shield.
Player: name
Dixi: I'm Dixi
Player: obi
Dixi: Obi is my beloved grandfather. He sells weapons, most of them forged by himself!
Player: offer
Dixi: Me and my grandfather Obi sell equipment of all kinds. Just ask him or me for a trade if you like to see our offers.
Player: oracle
Dixi: You can find the oracle on the top floor of the academy, just above Seymour. Go there when you are level 8 to find your destiny.
Player: potions
Dixi: Lily sells effective health potions and antidote potions against poison.
Player: premium
Dixi: As a premium adventurer you can visit different regions on this island, trade with Lee'Delle and much more.
Player: profession
Dixi: You will learn everything you need to know about professions once you reach the Island of Destiny.
Player: rookgaard
Dixi: Our lovely village will provide shelter for you. Once you are level 8, you can travel to mainland and choose a profession.
Player: sewers
Dixi: There is a sewer grate which you can use to enter the sewers just left of this building. Eww, this smell!
Player: seymour
Dixi: Seymour is a loyal follower of the king and a teacher in the academy.
Player: temple
Dixi: The monk Cipfried takes care of our temple. He can heal you if you're badly injured or poisoned.
Player: time
Dixi: It's 2:26 am.
Player: tom
Dixi: I wish he would talk to his mother Zirella again. I feel so sorry for her. Anyway, as Tom is a tanner, you can sell leather and fresh corpses to him.
Player: trade
Dixi: Here, take a look and choose something nice for you!
Player: weapon
Dixi: We sell spears, rapiers, sabres, daggers, hand axes, axes, and short swords. Just tell me what you want to buy.
Player: willie
Dixi: Uncle Willie and Billy are farmers, which means they are a good place to sell and buy food.
Player: zirella
Dixi: Sometimes, I help Zirella collecting wood. Her old back aches all the time. It's a shame her son Tom doesn't help her.
By Jeilyn on 15 May 2016, 13:11

She buys-sells many weapons and armors.

on 13 Feb 2016, 20:54


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