Can be found in Rookgaard
Spontaneous Speech: Gain some knowledge in the academy!
Player: Dallheim
Seymour: He's the guard on the north bridge and a great fighter. He can show you monster locations. Just ask him about monsters!
Player: Hi
Seymour: Hello, Pao Pride. Welcome to the Academy of Rookgaard. May I sign you up as a student?
Player: Hyacinth
Seymour: A mysterious druid who lives somewhere in the wilderness. He sells small health potions just like Lily.
Player: Paulie
Seymour: Yes, Paulie is very important. He is the local bank clerk.
Player: academy
Seymour: The academy is the building you are standing in. We have a library, a bank and the room of the oracle.
Player: al dee
Seymour: Al Dee has a general equipment store in the north-western part of the village. He sells useful stuff such as ropes.
Player: amber
Seymour: A traveller from the main continent. I wonder what brought her here. No one comes here of his own free will.
Player: antidote
Seymour: Some monsters poison you. To heal poison, use an antidote potion on yourself. Buy them at Lily's store.
Player: armor
Seymour: The starter armor, a coat, does not protect you well. First of all, earn some money and try to get a sturdy leather armor from Dixi's or Lee'Delle's shop. Simply ask for a trade.
Player: bank
Seymour: a bank you can deposit your earned gold coins safely. Just go downstairs to Paulie and ask him to deposit your money.
Player: billy
Seymour: Billy is Willie's cousin, but he has his farm on the premium side of the village.
Player: brigde
Seymour: There is a bridge to the north and one to the west which lead outside the village. You should only leave once you are well equipped and at least level 2.
Player: bye
Seymour: Good bye, Pao Pride! And remember: No running up and down in the academy!
Player: cipfried
Seymour: A humble monk living in the temple south of here. He can heal you if you are wounded or poisoned.
Player: citizens
Seymour: Most of the citizens here are merchants. You can give me the name of any non-player character and I will tell you something about him or her.
Player: corpses
Seymour: You can even sell some corpses! For example, you can sell fresh dead rats to Tom the tanner or me. He also buys other dead creatures, just ask him for a trade.
Player: dead rat
Seymour: Have you brought a dead rat to me to pick up your reward?
Player: death
Seymour: Dying in Tibia is painful, so try to avoid it. You will lose part of your experience points and also equipment. Make sure your health always stays up!
Player: deposit
Seymour: Yes, depositing your money will keep it safe, so it is a good idea to store it in the bank. Of course, you can always withdraw it again.
Player: dixi
Seymour: Dixi sells and buys armors, shields, helmets and legs. You can find her shop south of the academy, just go up the stairs in Obi's shop.
Player: druids
Seymour: Druids are nature magic users and great healers. You will learn all about them once you are level 8 and reached the Island of Destiny.
Player: equipment
Seymour: Don't go hunting without proper equipment. You need at least a suitable weapon, armor, shield, rope and shovel. A torch is also good as well as legs, a helmet and shoes.
Player: euipped
Seymour: Don't go hunting without proper equipment. You need at least a suitable weapon, armor, shield, rope and shovel. A torch is also good as well as legs, a helmet and shoes.
Player: experience
Seymour: You gain experience when fighting monsters. You can take a look at your skill window to check your progress.
Player: fighting
Seymour: Only nonsense on your mind, eh?
Player: food
Seymour: Many monsters, such as rabbits or deer, are excellent food providers. You can also buy food from Willie or Billy, the farmers.
Player: guards
Seymour: The guards Dallheim and Zerbrus protect our village from monsters trying to enter. They also mark useful dungeon locations on your map.
Player: healt
Seymour: Your current health is shown by the red bar on the right side. Death awaits you if it goes down to zero.
Player: helmet
Seymour: A sturdy leather helmet is a good choice for a beginner. You can either buy it from Dixi and Lee'Delle, or, once you are strong enough, loot them from trolls.
Player: island
Seymour: The island is separated into a premium side and a non-premium side. On both sides you will find dungeons, but the premium side tends to be a little less crowded with other players.
Player: island of destiny
Seymour: Shall I try and take a guess at your destiny?
Player: job
Seymour: I'm the master of this fine academy, giving lessons to my students.
Player: knights
Seymour: Knights are strong melee fighters. You will learn all about them once you are level 8 and reached the Island of Destiny.
Player: lee'delle
Seymour: Lee'Delle's shop is in the western part of town, on the premium side. She sells everything cheaper.
Player: legs
Seymour: Leather legs might be a good basic protection. You can buy them from Dixi or Lee'Delle. Or, once you are strong enough, hunt trolls. They sometimes carry them in their loot.
Player: lessons
Seymour: which lesson did you want to attend again? Was it Rookgaard, fighting, equipment, citizens, the academy or the oracle?
Player: level
Seymour: Once you gained enough experience for a level, you will advance. This means - among other things - more health points, a faster walking speed and more strength to carry things.
Player: library
Seymour: There are many books in the bookcases around you, unless some naughty kids stole them again. Read them for more and detailed information.
Player: lily
Seymour: In the southern part of town, Lily sells potions which might come in handy once you are deep in a dungeon and need health.
Player: loot
Seymour: Once a monster is dead, you can select 'Open' on the corpse to check what's inside. Sometimes they carry money or other items which you can sell to merchants.
Player: main
Seymour: You can leave for mainland once you are level 8. To do so talk to the oracle.
Player: merchants
Seymour: Merchants buy and sell goods. Just ask them for a trade to see what they offer or buy from you.
Player: money
Seymour: Make money by killing monsters and picking up their loot. You can sell many of the things they carry.
Player: monsters
Seymour: Good monsters to start hunting are rats. They live in the sewers below the village.
Player: name
Seymour: My name is Seymour, but for you I am 'Sir' Seymour.
Player: obi
Seymour: Obi sells and buys weapons. You can find his shop south of the academy.
Player: oracle
Seymour: The oracle is a mysterious being just upstairs. It will bring you to the Island of Destiny to choose your vocation once you are level 8.
Player: paladins
Seymour: Paladins are swift distance fighters. You will learn all about them once you are level 8 and reached the Island of Destiny.
Player: potions
Seymour: Use a small health potion in case of emergencies to fill up around 75 health points. You can buy them at Lily's shop. She also has antidote potions.
Player: premium
Seymour: Paying for your Tibia account will turn it into a premium account. This means access to more areas and functions of the game as well as other neat features.
Player: quest
Seymour: Well, I would like to send our king a little present but I do not have a suitable box. If you find a nice box, please bring it to me.
Player: rats
Seymour: To attack a rat, simply click on it in your battle list. Make sure that you have proper equipment, though! Also, I give you 2 gold coins for each dead rat.
Player: rookgaard
Seymour: Rookgaard is the name of this village as well as of the whole island. It belongs to the kingdom of Thais, in our world which is called Tibia.
Player: rope
Seymour: You definitely need a rope to progress in dungeons, else you might end up stuck. Buy one from Al Dee or Lee'Delle.
Player: sewers
Seymour: One entrance to the sewers is south of this academy. Look for a sewer grate, then use it to climb down.
Player: shield
Seymour: I fear you have to buy your first shield by yourself. A wooden shield from Dixi or Lee'Delle is a good choice.
Player: shoes
Seymour: Leather boots are basic shoes which will protect you well. You can either buy them from Dixi and Lee'Delle, or, once you are strong enough, loot them from trolls.
Player: shovel
Seymour: A shovel is needed to dig some dungeon entrances open. 'Use' it on a loose stone pile to make a hole large enough to enter.
Player: skills
Seymour: The more you fight with a weapon, the better will be your skill handling this weapon. Don't worry about that right now though, this will become important once you have a vocation.
Player: sorcerers
Seymour: Sorcerers are talented elemental magicians. You will learn all about them once you are level 8 and reached the Island of Destiny.
Player: student
Seymour: Brilliant! We need fine adventurers like you! If you are ready to learn, just ask me for a lesson. You can always ask for the differently coloured words - such as this one - to continue the lesson.
Player: temple
Seymour: The temple is the place to go when you are very low on health or poisoned. Ask Cipfried for a heal - he usually notices emergencies by himself.
Player: thais
Seymour: The city of Thais is reigned by King Tibianus. Of course, there are many other cities but you will learn about them later.
Player: this
Seymour: Yes, you got it. Ask me for a lesson anytime.
Player: time
Seymour: It's 4:02 am, so you are late. Hurry!
Player: tom
Seymour: Tom the tanner buys fresh corpses, minotaur leather and paws. Always good to make some money if you can carry the corpses there fast enough.
Player: torch
Seymour: A torch will provide you with light in dark dungeons. 'Use' it to light it. You can buy them from Al Dee or Lee'Delle.
Player: trade
Seymour: I personally don't have anything to trade, but you can ask merchants for a trade. That will open a window where you can see their offers and the things they buy from you.
Player: trolls
Seymour: Trolls are quite nasty monsters which you shouldn't face before level 3 or 4 depending on your equipment. Ask the bridge guards for their locations!
Player: vascalir
Seymour: He recently arrived from the mainland to help us with a few troubles we have here. If you want to know more, maybe just talk to him.
Player: village
Seymour: The most important places in this village are the temple, the different shops, the academy and the bridges.
Player: vocation
Seymour: There are four vocations: knights, paladins, sorcerers and druids. You can choose your vocation once you are level 8 and have talked to the oracle.
Player: weapon
Seymour: The starter weapon, a club, won't get you far. You should earn some money and buy a better weapon such as a sabre from Obi's or Lee'Delle's shop. Simply ask for a trade.
Player: willie
Seymour: Willie is a fine farmer, although he is short-tempered. He sells and buys food.
Player: zerbrus
Seymour: He's the guard on the west bridge and a great fighter. He can show you monster locations. Just ask him about monsters!
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you can change to him a Present Weight: 6.00 oz. Vol.: 5 Present for a Legion Helmet Defence: 4 Weight: 31.00 oz. Created in patch: 7.4 Legion Helmet

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