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Can be found in Edron
Spontaneous Speech: I'm so close.;If I could only get that one to work.;So much to be done.
You can find NPC in this locations:
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Player: Hi
Telas: Hello! Sorry I'm a bit busy.
Player: name
Telas: My name is Telas.
Player: job
Telas: As you know I'm a scientist, specialising in the field of creating golems. That is my mission so to say.
Player: busy
Telas: I guess, my job is my passion.
Player: golems
Telas: The term golem is a bit too broad to describe the actual diversity of these beings. ...
Telas: Roughly speaking, most golems are based on an element which is concentrated until it gains a semblance of sentience. ...
Telas: The element that is concentrated can be changed to get a different kind of golem. ...
Telas: The 'element' does not necessarily have to be earth, fire, water or air but, purely theoretically, concentrations of other matter are possible. ...
Telas: It is still under debate whether most of the other concentrations of matter could be traced back to one of the core elements. ...
Telas: Since this science is still in its infancy there is a lot to be specified and researched.
Player: element
Telas: So far, science has recognized four elements: water, fire, air and earth. It is speculated that there are more elements in existence, such as lightning, magic, life and unlife.
Player: science
Telas: Many people actually mean magic when they say 'science'. But there are so many other fields to be explored. ...
Telas: The more mundane sciences hold many secrets of their own and can be profoundly rewarding for a researcher.
Player: magic
Telas: Magic is a fascinating field, both in terms of theory and practice. Unfortunately, with all the manpower and resources that have been put into that area, other areas have been somewhat neglected ...
Telas: When confronted with a problem people have grown used to turning to magic for a solution. We'll never know how many inventions might have been discovered if there weren't already a spell for everything.
Player: spell
Telas: Spells have a tendency to make things easy. Too easy for my taste. People stop thinking for themselves if they have a spell for each and every occasion at hand. ...
Telas: All the bookish knowledge of a studied master does not make up for the practical experience of an ordinary man who has to solve his problems by original thinking.
Player: water
Telas: Water can sometimes be concentrated by using its ice form as a base. ...
Telas: Although concentrating water is not as problematic as with most of the other elements, it is difficult to keep the concentrated water stable for an extended period of time.
Player: fire
Telas: The brute force of fire makes it dangerous to contain and difficult to concentrate without risk of an explosion.
Player: air
Telas: Air is elusive and the techniques to concentrate it are exceptionatly complicated.
Player: earth
Telas: Earth is a rather basic element for golem construction. Earth golems can be created without much effort and are quite common.
Player: lightning
Telas: Lightning is still an unexplained phenomenon. Some assume it is an element in its own right, others claim it is the product of opposing elements. ...
Telas: Others suggest it belongs to the element of magic and finally there are those who claim that lightning is a Godly element.
Player: life
Telas: Life, as an element, is rather speculative. ...
Telas: Some argue that we are a form of concentrated life and therefore would qualify as life golems. ...
Telas: This is an intriguing concept and when I am done with my current research I will probably give that a closer look.
Player: unlife
Telas: Well there are necromantic golems. ...
Telas: That alone is seen as proof by many people although it is dangerously simplified. Still, this subject bears scientific analysis.
Player: Edron
Telas: I came here to study at the academy for a while. ...
Telas: I grew curious about the northern ruins and for a long time hoped that I'd be allowed to lead an expedition there. ...
Telas: This came to a halt of course when the criminals and fallen knights took over the ruins. ...
Telas: Since then I have shifted my focus to creating golems.
Player: academy
Telas: The academy holds a wealth of knowledge in many fields. Unfortunately, magic has become far too important in my opinion. ...
Telas: It's a pity that other fields are shunned by researchers. ...
Telas: It makes it quite hard for anyone interested in different fields of science to find appropriate reference material. ...
Telas: The magicians who lock themselves up in ivory towers, far removed from the ordinary people, is an apt metaphor for how distanced magic has become from everyday life. ...
Telas: I think a breakthrough coming from the area of independent research might serve as a wake up call for the academy's board.
Player: research
Telas: I have focused my research on the creation of golems. While this does involve a lot of magic, it also requires a wide range of knowledge in the other fields of science as well.
Player: ruins
Telas: The northern ruins are probably the remains of one of the extinct races that preceded humanity during the God Wars ...
Telas: There are numerous ruins all over the world that tell the silent tales of the rise and the fall of their architects. ...
Telas: For instance, adventurers discovered subterranean ruins in the Ghostlands. ...
Telas: The remains of the bonelord civilisation are one of the most notable remnants of such ancient races. ...
Telas: All over the world you can still see the black pyramids which were typical bonelord structures. Some are still inhabited by a small population of bonelords. ...
Telas: We can only estimate how many races might been wiped out without a trace. ...
Telas: However, the ruins in the north are certainly one such relic of the past and that is probably why those renegade knights went there. ...
Telas: Whoever finds out how to unlock their secrets and make use of them stands to gain considerable wealth and power.
Player: God Wars
Telas: Well, we all know that the Gods fight over creation. We're supposed to help them in some way, aren't we? ...
Telas: I have to admit, I find it impossible to regard my life merely as a means to further that war for one side or the other. ...
Telas: On the other hand, we should probably be thankful that we are not involved in an all out war. ...
Telas: Still, I try to avoid dwelling on this. It is disturbing to be constantly faced with the possibility of war breaking out.
Player: bonelord
Telas: The bonelords are a race fighting extinction. ...
Telas: Unlike other elder races they have proved themselves to be more resilient, but as far as I can tell, they are only postponing the inevitable. ...
Telas: How ironical it is that the bonelords refuse to admit that they are on the brink of extinction. You would have thought that their skills in necromancy would have given them some insight into their situation.
Player: necromancy
Telas: Necromancy is referred to as one of the dark arts. Even from a scientific point of view I can't deny that this holds a grain of truth. ...
Telas: Through dabbling with necromancy, one is exposed to certain unhealthy thoughts that can easily corrupt a man. ...
Telas: So I only study the theory behind the creation of necromantic golems. ...
Telas: It is an interesting topic but, as I said, it requires some questionable assumptions and a willingness to cross certain boundaries a human shouldn't ever cross for his own good.
Player: Thais
Telas: In my opinion, Thais is far too political. All that kingdom and empire stuff serves to entertain the upper classes. ...
Telas: It doesn't change anything for the common man and is all about accumulating power and wealth for the powerful and wealthy.
Player: king
Telas: I think a king's job should be to keep things running and not to pursue his own ambitions.
Player: Carlin
Telas: Although the city of Carlin has some rivalry with Thais it can be reached from most major harbours by ship.
Player: Kazordoon
Telas: Kazordoon is the capital city of the dwarves. It is hidden in a huge mountain on the route between Thais and Ab'Dendriel. I think there is a street or a path that takes you there from Thais. ...
Telas: As soon as you cross a huge bridge to the north and find yourself standing in front of a mountain, you're there.
Player: dwarf
Telas: I honestly admire the dwarfs for their craftsmanship. Admittedly, they are a bit tight lipped about their secrets, but who can blame them for that? ...
Telas: Their technomancers are special though. I would love to converse with them about science and mechanics but as an outsider there is little chance for me to learn anything from them. ...
Telas: Luckily, there are some rare exceptions to the rule. But that's a different story.
Player: gods
Telas: I admit I have little use for the Gods in my own life. I like to think that I make my own decisions. ...
Telas: I really can't understand devout believers who follow the doctrines of a God, or rather, his priests and subordinate their life to the agenda of some heavenly power. ...
Telas: If the stories of the God Wars are true, then I am not sure I feel comfortable with the idea of being some kind of a weapon and not an individual.
Player: Milos
Telas: He is a genius when it comes to theories. He has written some of the greatest scientific texts I have ever read. Although not all of his suppositions are based on empirical evidence, some of his theories are revolutionary. ...
Telas: He should be more than happy to have some of his theories put into practice and I have no doubt that he will share his research with me quite willingly.
Player: Bye
Telas: Good bye, Player.
By Julious on 06 Jul 2016, 03:41

He buys a lot of items, but you need to do the shadows of yalahar quest to trade with him

By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 02:30

This npc its part of two importan quests, The New Frontier Quest and Shadows of Yalahar Quest.

on 16 Feb 2016, 04:24


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