Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Edron
Spontaneous Speech: So my initial calculations had been correct!; Looks like I have to find another way then.; Precisely.
Related Quests
Player: Bye
Spectulus: Yes yes. Goodbye .
Player: Carlin
Spectulus: There are several islands near Carlin. I heard strange creatures live there.
Player: Excalibug
Spectulus: I've got no time for fabled legends right now.
Player: Hi
Spectulus: Ah hello again ! I still have one or two other missions for you. There are also some tasks someone needs to attend to.
Player: Jack
Spectulus: Well you know Jack - after all you talked to him in person. He will get over it. As for the real Jack, my former intern... I am glad that nothing serious happened to him. ...
Spectulus: According to his letter, he did just fine so many years ago. He somehow managed to make a name of himself when he cast some magic we enhanced through our research - of course no one back then had ever seen such spells. ...
Spectulus: Oh and he sends his regards to... how did he put it - 'whoever is currently helping me getting out of whatever mess I am currently in'. I... don't really know how this was meant but I guess this is directed at... you!
Player: Lightboat
Spectulus: With the only remaining mirror crystal destroyed, the Lightboat will be forever incomplete, useless, unfinished, ...hmmm.
Player: Noodles
Spectulus: Hm, presentiments. Clearly you must have found some old paper from me about all this - I don't blame you, my old publications on this field have been criticised even by the most reputable individuals of our university and beyond.
Player: Sinclair
Spectulus: Together with him I formed the project Spirithunters. A series of experiments has led us to the conclusion that spirits can indeed be caught and preserved... for further studies.
Player: Spirithunters
Spectulus: Here we are! Sinclair, me and you - our first real employee! Excited? Yeah... no, you won't get your first pay in advance. Now get going.
Player: Thais
Spectulus: While I'm proud to work for this academy, I wonder if the king is truly appreciating our research.
Player: Tibia
Spectulus: Our world is surrounded by a mysterious sea of light. I will not stop until I discovered all the secrets buried there. Take a look at the sky during a clear night and you will see what I mean.
Player: Tibianus
Spectulus: I'm afraid our king is not interested in astronomy at all - otherwise he would certainly answer my frequent requests for better equipment.
Player: creature
Spectulus: Mh? Ah, yes yes. 'Njey' is the native-language term for a very old race of undersea creatures which ...
Spectulus:, wait - only a select few of my colleagues even bothered studying their culture. They are a mere fantasy to the common man - is there anything of importance you want to tell me?
Player: job
Spectulus: I find ways to unveil the secrets of the stars. Judging by this question, I doubt you follow my weekly publications concerning this research.
Player: mirror
Spectulus: I found the cause of the initial failure. A rare component, a mirror crystal was used to store magical energy. Miscalculations within the construction damaged this fragile power source. The unleashed energy must have been devastating.
Player: name
Spectulus: My name is Spectulus, astronomer and a very busy one at that.
Player: news
Spectulus: Recently, I made a groundbreaking discovery concerning physics and metaphysics. However, somehow all my notes about it seem to have just vanished into thin air, hm.
Player: quest
Spectulus: Thank you once again for helping me out with that... issue about our time travelling experiment and all that Jack. I have nothing else for you right now, but there are always some tasks which need to be done.
Player: research
Spectulus: Of course, there's still a lot of work to do. Talk to Sinclair if you want to continue helping us researching ecto-magical disturbances.
Player: secrets
Spectulus: With the only remaining mirror crystal destroyed, the Lightboat will be forever incomplete, useless, unfinished, ...hmmm.
Player: spirits
Spectulus: It is our goal to rid Tibia of those things. Just ask Sinclair downstairs if you want to know more. I'm sure he can explain this to you a bit more detailed.
Player: tasks
Spectulus: Oh yes, there are some things I still need your help with. Namely - the testing of some... fragile equipment. You can call it scientific research which needs to be done.
Player: time
Spectulus: Precisely 2:19 am.
By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 01:50

This npc its part of a lot of Quests, like Liquid Black Quest, Jack To The Future Quest and Sea of Light Quest.

on 16 Feb 2016, 02:59


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