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Can be found in Edron
Spontaneous Speech: Sigh.
Player: bow
Tereban: For the bow we need some exquisite wood which can be found in one of the barbarian camps of Hrodmir. It seems the barbarians cut down the only useful tree there and hid its wood. ... We also need a sinew. The craftsman insisted that only the sinew of an ancient wyvern named Heoni will be acceptable. You will find the beast in the mountain caves of Edron, along with others of its kind.
Player: bye
Tereban: Farewell.
Player: father
Tereban: My sons are quite independent. Even though I had preferred that they stayed at home longer, they decided to leave to make their careers in the great guilds. ... It was probably only for their best to start their training at an early age, but I miss them badly. I am sure they will become something great in their vocations, but I have always been proud of them anyway.
Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend. Good you are showing up.
Player: job
Tereban: My family owns some land here as well as two ships. I have overseers for that though. This allows me to spend my time reading and dabbling in poetry. ... Tereban: But considering the circumstances right now, I'm just a troubled father with a mission too hard to accomplish for me.
Player: mission
Tereban: I have four sons which are very dear to me. Though they were born on the same day and even in the same hour, they took quite different paths in life. ... Each of them chose a different vocation, one will become a knight, one a sorcerer, one a druid, and the other a paladin. In a few weeks they will reach adulthood and I am holding a birthday party for them. ... It should become a day to remember and so I want to give them something special as a present. I searched the land for the finest craftsmen so they could create suitable presents for my sons. ... 19:23 Tereban: But something of fine craftsmanship will just not cut it. So I asked them what they would need to create something special. They all came up with lists of rare and expensive items necessary for the task ahead. ... I spent a small fortune to buy most of the materials but in the end the key components are that rare that they cannot be simply bought somewhere. ... As far as I understood it, the places where you can get these items are quite dangerous and so it would take some adventurer to get them. ... That would be your mission if you are interested. Uhm, so are you interested?
Player: name
Tereban: My name is Tereban.
Player: poems
Tereban: I like to keep my poems private.
Player: poetry
Tereban: I'm not good enough to find a publisher but it is still fun to write poems for myself.
Player: robe
Tereban: First we need some of the finest silk the world has to offer. Travel into the depths of the spider caves in Zao and look there for some suitable silk. ... Then we need some spectral cloth. I fear the only place to find such a piece of cloth are the burial chambers of the Isle of the Kings, deep beneath the White Raven Monastery.
Player: rod
Tereban: The most crucial part of a rod are its enchantment. But I have taken care of that. The thing is that an enchantment has to meet certain conditions to work correctly. ... So we need a special root that can be found under that ape city Banuta as the body of the rod and a special crystal. One was apparently buried in the tomb of some high-ranking official of Ankrahmun. ... Although his tomb is hidden by the sand, it is rumoured to be somewhere east of the city.
Player: shield
Tereban: A sturdy shield is a knight's best friend. I want my son to be protected as good as possible. For the shield we need something that the dwarfs call 'old iron'. ... You can find it in the deepest reaches of the dwarfish mines of Kazordoon but as far as I've heard, the dwarfs do not welcome visitors, so watch out. ... We also need some scales of a dragon. The catch is, not any dragon will do. If the dragon is too old, its scales can't be treated by the craftsman, if it is too young, the scales will not provide the necessary protection. ... The good thing is that the craftsman learnt about a dragon that lives in the caves somewhere north of Thais. For its unusual scales it is called Glitterscale. It sounded like you'd know when you see it.
Player: showing up
Tereban: My family owns some land here as well as two ships. I have overseers for that though. This allows me to spend my time reading and dabbling in poetry. ... But considering the circumstances right now, I'm just a troubled father with a mission too hard to accomplish for me.
Player: yes
Tereban: I am relieved someone as capable as you will handle the task. Well, I need the parts of a sorcerer's robe, a paladin's bow, a knight's shield, and a druid's rod.
By Sahery on 25 Jun 2016, 06:06

This npc is in Edron, above the dp, (second floor)

By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 02:30

This is the main npc of A Father's Burden Quest.

on 26 Mar 2016, 16:03


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