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Can be found in Edron
Spontaneous Speech: Selling weapons, ammunition and armor. Special offers only available here, have a look!
Player: Hi
Willard: Greetings and Banor be with you, Player! May I interest you in a trade for weapons, ammunition or armor?
Player: Trade
Willard: Of course, just browse through my wares. If you're only interested in distance equipment, let me know.
Player: bye
Willard: Farewell, Player.
Player: edron
Willard: Edron is a fine city to live in.
Player: job
Willard: I am the blacksmith of castle Bloodrock.
Player: name
Willard: I am Willard, the smith.
Player: time
Willard: Now it is 6:54 am.
Name Price
Axe Axe 7 Gold Coin
Barbarian Axe Barbarian Axe 185 Gold Coin
Battle Axe Battle Axe 95 Gold Coin
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer 120 Gold Coin
Battle Shield Battle Shield 5 Gold Coin
Bone Club Bone Club 20 Gold Coin
Bone Sword Bone Sword 100 Gold Coin
Bow Bow 150 Gold Coin
Brass Armor Brass Armor 30 Gold Coin
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet 49 Gold Coin
Brass Legs Brass Legs 25 Gold Coin
Brass Shield Brass Shield 118 Gold Coin
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword 70 Gold Coin
Chain Armor Chain Armor 17 Gold Coin
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet 25 Gold Coin
Chain Legs Chain Legs 17 Gold Coin
Clerical Mace Clerical Mace 170 Gold Coin
Club Club 170 Gold Coin
Coat Coat 1 Gold Coin
Crossbow Crossbow 50 Gold Coin
Crowbar Crowbar 120 Gold Coin
Dagger Dagger 50 Gold Coin
Double Axe Double Axe 2 Gold Coin
Doublet Doublet 260 Gold Coin
Dwarven Shield Dwarven Shield 3 Gold Coin
Fire Sword Fire Sword 100 Gold Coin
Halberd Halberd 1000 Gold Coin
Hand Axe Hand Axe 400 Gold Coin
Hatchet Hatchet 4 Gold Coin
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 25 Gold Coin
Jacket Jacket 150 Gold Coin
Katana Katana 1 Gold Coin
Leather Armor Leather Armor 12 Gold Coin
Leather Boots Leather Boots 4 Gold Coin
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet 2 Gold Coin
Leather Legs Leather Legs 9 Gold Coin
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet 9 Gold Coin
Longsword Longsword 22 Gold Coin
Mace Mace 51 Gold Coin
Morning Star Morning Star 30 Gold Coin
Orcish Axe Orcish Axe 100 Gold Coin
Plate Armor Plate Armor 350 Gold Coin
Plate Legs Plate Legs 400 Gold Coin
Plate Shield Plate Shield 115 Gold Coin
Rapier Rapier 45 Gold Coin
Sabre Sabre 5 Gold Coin
Scale Armor Scale Armor 12 Gold Coin
Short Sword Short Sword 45 Gold Coin
Sickle Sickle 0 Gold Coin
Small Axe Small Axe 0 Gold Coin
Soldier Helmet Soldier Helmet 0 Gold Coin
Spear Spear 0 Gold Coin
Spike Sword Spike Sword 0 Gold Coin
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet 0 Gold Coin
Steel Shield Steel Shield 0 Gold Coin
Studded Armor Studded Armor 0 Gold Coin
Studded Club Studded Club 0 Gold Coin
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet 0 Gold Coin
Studded Legs Studded Legs 0 Gold Coin
Studded Shield Studded Shield 0 Gold Coin
Swampling Club Swampling Club 0 Gold Coin
Sword Sword 0 Gold Coin
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife 0 Gold Coin
Two Handed Sword Two Handed Sword 0 Gold Coin
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet 0 Gold Coin
Viking Shield Viking Shield 0 Gold Coin
War Hammer War Hammer 0 Gold Coin
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield 0 Gold Coin
By Nikz on 19 May 2016, 02:37

You can find him on Edron, in the castle, he buy/sell armors, ammunition and weapons.

By faiky on 03 Feb 2016, 00:17

Willard deals in armor, weapons and ammunition.

on 26 Mar 2016, 16:04


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