Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Rathleton
Spontaneous Speech: Interesting creature product. It could boost the new formula I have in mind...;Now where are those notes on the new potion?; Judging by Baribas' remark on the quality of his latest sample, I wonder if he did not miscalculate the coefficient of the formula...; <sigh> So much to do, so little time...Now where's that new specimen I collected?
Player: Azalea
Alaistar: She has been a trusted friend all these years. She helped me in the experiments with glooth and nature magic, as I hoped to find a cure for Henry's... illness. ...
Alaistar: Though I doubt Henry knew that she was aware of his plight. If only he'd come out openly, we would have stood up for him! But he shut himself away in shame and misery. <
Alaistar: sigh>
Alaistar: Well, at least now with your help, we have a chance to cure him.
Player: Bye
Alaistar: Don't waste everything at once!
Player: Emily
Alaistar: I am glad you have joined our cause, the money is a great help for Emily. Still, I hope that Henry will decide to come out of his hiding, instead of writing her letters every so often. ...
Alaistar: She would draw much support from Henry if he would show himself in town. Yes, even in this hideous form - it would quieten the ugly rumours that were stirred when he disappeared so soon after their marriage.
Player: Henry
Alaistar: Thank you for your help, you cannot imagine how good it is to have some spark of hope for Henry! Maybe, if the lozenge's effect lasts, he will come back and live with us again.
Player: Hi
Alaistar: Oh, hello there! I'll be with you in a minute. Take your time and choose your items. Ask me for a trade if you're ready.
Player: Maro
Alaistar: Ah, he is my pride and joy! Who would have thought minotaurs could be that intelligent and diligent? It is time to rethink their status. If only someone could make a peaceful contact. Not that I haven't tried. <
Alaistar: shakes head sadly>
Player: factory
Alaistar: The abandoned factory in the lower part of town. It was the most advanced factory of its time, experimenting with entirely new glooth concepts and improving the design of metal golems...
Alaistar: There was a most strange explosion or glooth fire years ago, which burned all living things and contaminated the area. All that knowledge, all gone and ruined... <
Alaistar: shakes head sadly>
Player: glooth
Alaistar: Interesting substance, though it doesn't really seem to react with the more traditional potions. However, maybe we have not yet found out the right treatment to really combine the two. ...
Alaistar: I know only one person though who would have had a clue how to do this, but his research was lost during the old glooth factory incident years ago.
Player: job
Alaistar: I mix potions and tinctures. I also study the flora and fauna of Oramond, and am a renown researcher in the field of glooth liquids. If you have found something interesting, show it to me!
Player: name
Alaistar: I am Alaistar Stanton. You have met my elder brother Mordecai, I believe.
Player: tired
Alaistar: I visit and observe their camps regularly, though I have to take care to be heavily camouflaged. They have a most remarkable society and hierarchy. I think they might even worship some sort of god. Fascinating.
Player: trade
Alaistar: Only the finest ingredients! Feel free to browse. / Just browse through my current stock.
By Nikz on 22 Jun 2016, 16:19

You can sell items only if you have the rank Rathleton commoner or higher.

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