Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Grizzly Adams

Grizzly Adams

Can be found in Port Hope
Spontaneous Speech: Where is Ben, the old walking bag of fleas? Oh well, he'll come back when he's hungry.;Hi there, do you want to join the 'Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite'?
Player: Hi
Grizzly Adams: Welcome <
Grizzly Adams: player's name>
Grizzly Adams: . Would you like to join the 'Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite'?
Player: Tarantulas
Grizzly Adams: There is a veritable plague of tarantulas living in the caves north of the river to the east. Can you squish 300 tarantulas for the Hunting Elite. What do you say?
Player: Task
Grizzly Adams: Alright, what would you like to hunt? Crocodiles, badgers, tarantulas, carniphilas, stone golems, mammoths, gnarlhounds, terramites, apes, thornback tortoises or gargoyles.
Player: Yes
Grizzly Adams: Happy hunting, old chap! Return here when you are done hunting.
Player: bye
Grizzly Adams: Happy hunting, old chap!
Player: job/time
Grizzly Adams: What did you say? Try to talk clearly.
Name Price
Antlers Antlers 50 Gold Coin
Behemoth Trophy Behemoth Trophy 20000 Gold Coin
Bloody Pincers Bloody Pincers 100 Gold Coin
Bonebeast Trophy Bonebeast Trophy 6000 Gold Coin
Cavebear Skull Cavebear Skull 550 Gold Coin
Cheesy Figurine Cheesy Figurine 150 Gold Coin
Colourful Feather Colourful Feather 110 Gold Coin
Crab Pincers Crab Pincers 35 Gold Coin
Cyclops Toe Cyclops Toe 55 Gold Coin
Cyclops Trophy Cyclops Trophy 500 Gold Coin
Deer Trophy Deer Trophy 3000 Gold Coin
Demon Trophy Demon Trophy 40000 Gold Coin
Disgusting Trophy Disgusting Trophy 3000 Gold Coin
Dragon Lord Trophy Dragon Lord Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Draken Trophy Draken Trophy 15000 Gold Coin
Draptor Scales Draptor Scales 800 Gold Coin
Elven Hoof Elven Hoof 115 Gold Coin
Frosty Ear of a Troll Frosty Ear of a Troll 30 Gold Coin
Giant Crab Pincer Giant Crab Pincer 950 Gold Coin
Goblin Ear Goblin Ear 20 Gold Coin
Hollow Stampor Hoof Hollow Stampor Hoof 400 Gold Coin
Hydra Head Hydra Head 600 Gold Coin
Lancer Beetle Shell Lancer Beetle Shell 80 Gold Coin
Lion Trophy Lion Trophy 3000 Gold Coin
Lizard Trophy Lizard Trophy 8000 Gold Coin
Mantassin Tail Mantassin Tail 280 Gold Coin
Marsh Stalker Beak Marsh Stalker Beak 65 Gold Coin
Marsh Stalker Feather Marsh Stalker Feather 50 Gold Coin
Maxilla Maxilla 250 Gold Coin
Minotaur Trophy Minotaur Trophy 500 Gold Coin
Mutated Bat Ear Mutated Bat Ear 420 Gold Coin
Orc Trophy Orc Trophy 1000 Gold Coin
Panther Head Panther Head 750 Gold Coin
Panther Paw Panther Paw 300 Gold Coin
Quara Bone Quara Bone 500 Gold Coin
Quara Eye Quara Eye 350 Gold Coin
Quara Pincers Quara Pincers 410 Gold Coin
Quara Tentacle Quara Tentacle 140 Gold Coin
Rabbit's Foot Rabbit's Foot 50 Gold Coin
Rorc Feather Rorc Feather 70 Gold Coin
Sabretooth Sabretooth 400 Gold Coin
Sandcrawler Shell Sandcrawler Shell 20 Gold Coin
Scarab Pincers Scarab Pincers 280 Gold Coin
Stampor Horn Stampor Horn 280 Gold Coin
Stampor Talons Stampor Talons 150 Gold Coin
Terramite Legs Terramite Legs 60 Gold Coin
Terramite Shell Terramite Shell 170 Gold Coin
Terrorbird Beak Terrorbird Beak 95 Gold Coin
Werebadger Trophy Werebadger Trophy 9000 Gold Coin
Werebear Trophy Werebear Trophy 11000 Gold Coin
Wereboar Trophy Wereboar Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Werefox Trophy Werefox Trophy 9000 Gold Coin
Werehyaena Trophy Werehyaena Trophy 12000 Gold Coin
Wolf Trophy Wolf Trophy 3000 Gold Coin
By Jeilyn on 05 Jun 2016, 05:35

You can ask your many of TASK that is to kill certain amount of monsters.

By Nikz on 20 May 2016, 00:31

Tells you what you will have to do in the Killing in the Name of... Quest.

on 16 Feb 2016, 05:43
on 02 Oct 2016, 00:01
on 30 Nov 2016, 23:06
on 30 Nov 2016, 23:06
on 18 Nov 2017, 11:53


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