Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Venore
Player: Hi
Uncle: Greetings, . What do you want?
Player: Want
Uncle: I have the privilege to serve as the headman of the AVIN.
Player: AVIN
Uncle: The Agency of Venorean Interest Negotiators is an organisation sponsored by the noble traders of our fair city ... We ensure the safety of our city and it's ventures and we scan the shifting markets and points of interests all over the world ... The field of our operations is broad and we react quite flexibly to the numerous problems that might arise.
Player: City
Uncle: Venore is the queen of all cities. Here rules an open and clear mind, represented by the traders of our city. No trivial politics govern our actions but the crystal clear goal of profit ... Only the intelligent will be able to make profit and profit ensures that we and our city are prospering.
Player: Operations
Uncle: To learn more about our operations you'll have to join.
Player: Join
Uncle: Don't try to fool the good old uncle. You won't like uncle if he gets angry.
Player: Thais
Uncle: Thais is somehow the great brother of our lovely Venore. Of course, we are under the legislation of the Thaian king but our wise traders were able to gain many concessions in the past and we are planning on keeping this process running.
Player: Carlin
Uncle: These women would be amusing if their stupidity were not endangering so many of our important projects.
Player: Kazordoon
Uncle: Dwarfs are stubborn and greedy but they see the value of some good profit. I think they could be valuable allies in certain ventures. If they were only a bit more flexible.
Player: Ab'Dendriel
Uncle: Those elves are such a strange people, childish and feral at the same time. It's hard to make a good deal with them.
Player: Darashia
Uncle: We have hardly any business with Darashia. Only the import of sand wasp honey is of interest. Apart from this, it is a boring and unimportant little place.
Player: Ankrahmun
Uncle: A city with a death cult and undeads in its midst is certainly something to keep a close eye on.
Player: Liberty Bay
Uncle: With the help of Venore, it has become a model colony. It is a fine example to show where our efforts can lead to.
Player: Port Hope
Uncle: Sadly, this Thaian colony will fail. The decision to keep Venorean traders out has crippled the venture from the beginning.
Player: Svargrond
Uncle: Svargrond is a barbarian town where the prude women of Carlin hope to establish a power basis. It is only a question of time until it explodes like a faulty firebomb rune.
Player: TBI
Uncle: They are bureaucrats, content when counting pennies and wasting the king's resources ... All tries to make this humongous organisation more effective have been without success.
Player: CGB
Uncle: The CGB are amateurish patriots. They lack any refinement or subtlety that is necessary in this business ... When you need a fine sharp knife, they come with a chopping axe. But like all fanatics they can become dangerous if you do not monitor them.
Player: Bye
Uncle: Bye.
By Julious on 06 Jul 2016, 03:29

Its located on the Foreign Affairs building, on venore, third floor.

By faiky on 04 Feb 2016, 03:02

He is Headman of the AVIN (Agency of Venorean Interest Negotiators).

on 10 Feb 2016, 00:14
on 28 Jun 2016, 20:39
on 22 Oct 2016, 23:13


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