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Can be found in Carlin, Fields of Glory
Player: Hi
Aneus: Greetings adventurer Masacre Knight. What brings you to me? I'm just a simple storyteller.
Player: name
Aneus: My name is Aneus, the storyteller.
Player: job
Aneus: I'm a storyteller.
Player: storyteller
Aneus: Well, if you wish, I can tell you the story about this place here - the story about the Fields of Glory!
Player: fields of glory
Aneus: Ok, sit down and listen. Back in the early days, one of the ancestors of our king Tibianus III wanted to build the best city in whole Tibia.
Player: ancestors
Aneus: Please forgive me. I forgot his name. I'm getting old.
Player: city
Aneus: The work on this new city started and the king sent his best soldiers to protect the workers from orcs and to make them work harder.
Player: soldiers
Aneus: It was the elite troop of the army. They were called the Red Legion (also known as the Bloody Legion).
Player: orc
Aneus: The orcs attacked the workers from time to time and disturbed the work on the city.
Player: work harder
Aneus: The soldiers treated them like slaves.
Player: slaves
Aneus: You don't know what a slave is? I really hope that you will never have to make this experience.
Player: work on the city
Aneus: The development of the city went quickly. Also a giant castle was built north-east of the city. ...
Aneus: But more and more workers started to rebel because of the bad conditions.
Player: rebel
Aneus: All rebels were brought to the giant castle. Guarded by the Red Legion, they had to work and live in even worse conditions. ...
Aneus: lso some friends of the king's sister were brought there.
Player: friends
Aneus: The king's sister was pretty upset about the situation there but her brother didn't want to do anything about this matter. ...
Aneus: So she made a plan to destroy the Red Legion for their cruelty forever.
Player: plan
Aneus: She ordered her loyal druids and hunters to disguise themselves as orcs from the near island and to attack the Red Legion at night over and over again.
Player: island
Aneus: The General of the Red Legion became very angry about these attacks and after some months he struck back!
Player: struck
Aneus: The soldiers of the Red Legion went to the island by night. The orcs were not prepared and the Red Legion killed hundreds of orcs with nearly no loss. ...
Aneus: Afterwards, they walked back to the castle.
Player: walked back
Aneus: It is said that the orcish shamans cursed the Red Legion. ...
Aneus: Nobody knows. But one third of the soldiers died due to a disease on the way back. ...
Aneus: And the orcs wanted to take revenge, and after some days they struck back! ...
Aneus: The orcs and many allied cyclopes and minotaurs from all over Tibia came to avenge their friends and killed nearly all workers and soldiers in the castle. ...
Aneus: The help of the king's sister arrived too late.
Player: help
Aneus: She tried to rescue the workers but it was too late. The orcs started immediately to attack her troops, too. ...
Aneus: Her royal troops went back to the city. A trick saved the city from destruction.
Player: trick
Aneus: They used the same trick they had used against the Red Legion, and the orcs started to fight their non-orcish allies. ...
Aneus: After a bloody and long fight, the orcs went back to their cities. The city of Carlin was rescued. ...
Aneus: Ever since, a woman has been ruling over Carlin and this statue was made to remind us of their great tactics against the orcs and the Red Legion. ...
Aneus: So that was the story of Carlin and the Fields of Glory. I hope you liked it.
Player: bye
Aneus: Good bye and take care of yourself!
By Nikz on 23 Jun 2016, 00:34

You can have a good chat with Aneus about Carlin, because he is a storyteller and knows all about this city.

on 17 Feb 2016, 06:31


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