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Can be found in Nibelor
Player: Bye
Hjaern: Good bye, <
Hjaern: Player Name>
Hjaern: .
Player: Chakoya
Hjaern: The chakoyas are like a force of nature. It would be wrong to try to exterminate them. On the other hand, we can't allow their carnivorous nature to threaten our lives.
Player: Cult
Hjaern: We had no contact with the people that passed Svargrond. Their arrival has caused some disturbance in the spirits' world though. ...
Hjaern: We can only do our best to interpret his will correctly and act accordingly. One has to move with the wind after all, else it will destroy you. This is the way things are here in the North and the way of our people.
Player: Edron
Hjaern: The spirits don't talk about such far away places.
Player: Excalibug
Hjaern: That's something I only heard about in curious questions of people like you.
Player: Ferumbras
Hjaern: He is of no importance here.
Player: Gods
Hjaern: Your foreign gods are concepts we don't really understand.
Player: Hi
Hjaern: Be greeted, <
Hjaern: Player Name>
Hjaern: . The spiritual world looks upon you and your deeds.
Player: Job
Hjaern: I would not consider this as a job. But one of my responsibilities is the training of young shamans. Even druids can learn a few new tricks from me.
Player: King
Hjaern: There should be no such thing like a human that is ruling over the lives of other humans.
Player: Name
Hjaern: The spirits call me by the name of Hjaern and that is how I shall be known.
Player: News
Hjaern: The news I receive are from the spiritual world. They would be of little importance for you.
Player: Nibelor
Hjaern: At this place the spirits are strong, their voices are loud, and the border between the worlds is thin. Here we divine the will of the spirits and communicate with them. ...
Hjaern: Our live is a constant learning from the spirits around us and this is the place where we come to learn more.
Player: Rumours
Hjaern: Months ago, many strange looking people passed Svargrond. The inhabitants tell stories about a cult they belong to. ...
Hjaern: It is rumoured that they are trying to awake unholy spirits in the mountains. Maybe other people know more about that cult.
Player: Shamans
Hjaern: We try to figure out the will of the spirits and ways to appease them.
Player: Svargrond
Hjaern: The city was a necessity. Just like the spirit needs a haven of safety and retreat, so does the body need it.
Player: Thais
Hjaern: The far away cities of men, as famous as they might be, are nothing than distant echoes over here.
Player: Yeti
Hjaern: The yetis are real. They are elusive but dangerous. Some say they are rather residents of the spirits' world than ours. The spirits are silent about them which is an even greater enigma.
Player: chyll
Hjaern: Father north wind is the supreme ruler of the North. His ways are almost unpredictable to us humans since his thoughts span ages. ...
Hjaern: We can only do our best to interpret his will correctly and act accordingly. One has to move with the wind after all, else it will destroy you. This is the way things are here in the North and the way of our people.
Player: druids
Hjaern: Druids have much in common with us. We shared much knowledge with each other and both sides did prosper.
Player: dwarf
Hjaern: The little people are a rare sight on Nibelor.
Player: elf
Hjaern: Elves are hardly known here.
Player: jarl
Hjaern: Sven the younger is a good spokesperson for his people. He knows what to do in a case of urgency and this is what counts. This earns him the respect that is necessary to succeed as a leader.
Player: mines
Hjaern: The obsession of the foreigners with those mines is not understandable. Why bind onself to such elusive things like material possessions?
Player: monster
Hjaern: Even the so-called monsters have their place in the world.
Player: trade
Hjaern: If you want to sell frostheart shards, that's excellent. We can use all of them.
Name Price
Shard Shard 2000 Gold Coin
Name Price
Apprentice's Strike Apprentice's Strike 0 Gold Coins
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Find Person Find Person 80 Gold Coins
Food Food 300 Gold Coins
Ice Wave Ice Wave 850 Gold Coins
Intense Healing Intense Healing 500 Gold Coins
Invisible Invisible 2000 Gold Coins
Levitate Levitate 500 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Light Healing Light Healing 0 Gold Coins
Magic Shield Magic Shield 450 Gold Coins
Summon Creature Summon Creature 2000 Gold Coins
Summon Grovebeast Summon Grovebeast 50000 Gold Coins
Terra Wave Terra Wave 2500 Gold Coins
Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing 1000 Gold Coins
By darkos on 13 Jun 2016, 05:02

he sells the spells for druids.

on 25 Mar 2016, 01:17
on 13 Jun 2016, 04:14


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