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The Dream Master

The Dream Master

Can be found in Plains of Havoc
Spontaneous Speech: Praised be the gods, and praised be the Nightmare Knights.
Player: Abandon
The Dream Master: Goshnar is a tragic figure. While he was one of us he tried to fight evil in such a desperate way that he never managed not live up to his own expectations ...
The Dream Master: While trying to understand his enemy, to make out their strengthes and weaknesses he became more and more like them ...
The Dream Master: In the end he switched sides and took the robe of the necromancer king. His quick ascension in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Bones was unheard of. He appeared to have an aura of power and invincibility ...
The Dream Master: But though he united most of the Brotherhood under his banner and allied himself with demons he ultimately failed. ...
The Dream Master: His failure was a typical lesson of the ultimate failure of evil. His spirit was already broken when he joined the ranks of the evil hordes ...
The Dream Master: He succumbed to the seemingly easy way as did his allies. They lived in the hell they had created on their own ...
The Dream Master: Surrounded by treacherous allies, always fearing betrayal, always in need to prove themselves, never being able to show any weakness without someone trying to seize upon that opportunity ...
The Dream Master: A Nightmare Knight would hold his ground in a battle against impossible odds just to cover the retreat of his friends ...
The Dream Master: A member of the Brotherhood does try to run if the tide of battle seems to turn against him, since he can safely assume that the others will run too and those who run last will be those who suffer most ...
The Dream Master: This is why they ultimately failed. Their failure did not save our own order though.
Player: Dream
The Dream Master: You must neither overestimate the importance of dreams nor underestimate it. Dreams can be your guide. If you are are skilled in the art of dreaming they might even give you a glimpse of things to come ...
The Dream Master: Yet remember that it is ultimately in your hands to decide what to do. The dreams are but a hint.
Player: Failures
The Dream Master: When our dreams tell us about the possible future they are never bright. This is why we refer to ourselves as the Nightmare Knights ...
The Dream Master: If someone whose faith is not enough strong to overcome such seemingly overwhelming evil, he may succumb to despair or even worse might become convinced that evil is the superior force ...
The Dream Master: A few of our members have choosen to abandon our teachings, including some we considered our most noble and wise members. Ironically, they have failed even worse on the dark side which they supposed to be so superior.
Player: Hi
The Dream Master: Be greeted, visitor.
Player: Order
The Dream Master: The Nightmare Knights are almost extinct now, and as far as I know I am the only teacher that is left. But you might be right and its time to accept new disciples ...
The Dream Master: After all you have passed the Dream Challenge to reach this place, which used to be the process of initiation in the past ...
The Dream Master:
Player: Spiritual
The Dream Master: A strong spirit is what constitutes a true warrior. Armed with a firm belief in his philosophy, he wins a battle by using his mind rather than his body, which is only a lesser tool ...
The Dream Master: In the end your body is all but a crumbling shell that you leave behind. Our familiarity with dreams makes it much easier to understand this concept since in the world of dreams your body follows the will of the mind ...
The Dream Master: The conscious mind shapes the matter of the dreams. Only those who can prove themselves in their dreams posses the strength of mind that is necessary to become one of us ...
The Dream Master: Still a strong mind does not necessarily grant strong morals as our failures in the past have shown.
Player: Trade
The Dream Master: I buy the demonic essences and soul orbs you don't need for yourself.
Player: Visitor
The Dream Master: Although the Nightmare Knights are still remembered by the people for their valorous fight against demons and the undead hordes they were more of a spiritual order rather than a fighting one.
By juuliraa on 20 Aug 2016, 19:35

You can sell Soul Orb to The Dream Master if you have Novices Rank of the "Dreamer's Challenge Quest".

By Julious on 06 Jul 2016, 03:37

Its located on the Dream Realm, in the Nightmare Knights headquarters, on the city of Venore, you need an Orichalcum Pearl to enter to this place.

By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 02:33

Part of the Dreamer's Challenge Quest. He buys Demonic Essences only if you have Lord Protectors Rank.

on 25 Mar 2016, 17:42
on 09 Nov 2016, 19:33


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