Can be found in Meriana
Spontaneous Speech: You wouldn't keep a pretty lady like me waiting, would you?Hello, come and entertain me for a while!
Player: Hi
Marina: Oh, hello . A visitor, how nice!
Player: Visitor
Marina: I am a creature of stunning beauty and intellect. I really hate people who think I am dumb just because I am beautiful. I even have read at least two books!
Player: Beautiful
Marina: Well, pretty does not describe my incredible beauty even remotely.
Player: Beauty
Marina: My beauty is an obligation to grace the world and people with my presence of course.
Player: People
Marina: Humans are funny and entertaining. Once in a while at least. They are always so possessive and can't understand that my beauty is an obligation.
Player: Captain Striker
Marina: Phew, who cares about him if you can date a true exotic DJINN!
Player: Djinn
Marina: Oh my, you know what they say about djinns and the size of their sabres? Everything of it is true!
Player: Job
Marina: Me? A job?? I am pretty!!
Player: Ferumbras
Marina: Uhm, that one has probably no sense for beauty at all.
Player: Thais
Marina: A faraway city full of stinking humans. Who cares? I don't, you know.
Player: Venore
Marina: Some trader from Venore thought he could buy my affection with presents. Although he was on the right path, the gifts he tried to make were rather lousy if you consider how old and ugly he was.
Player: Bye
Marina: Bye for now, .
By darkos on 13 Jun 2016, 05:19

She is part of the Eleonore Quest.

By Jeilyn on 29 May 2016, 06:40

To change Spider Silk Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Spider Silk to Spool of Yarn It is made from fine spider silk. Weight: 1.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Spool of Yarn you need to give 50 Honeycomb Weight: 0.80 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Honeycomb first.

By Honourable on 06 Jan 2016, 01:44

An extremely arrogant Mermaid that likes to use her Beauty to place spells under easily controlled men.

Once a man is under her spell, she will not free him easily. Raymond Striker is one of her victims.

She is easily succumbed to men who are skilled in Poetry however.

Although she is stuck-up, she actually is quite useful, as she plays a part in the Mermaid Marina quest, as well as the Shattered isles quest.

Once you complete the Mermaid Marina quest, she will happily take 10 of your Spider Silk Weight: 0.10 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 7.8 (Liberty Bay) Spider Silk and make them into 1 Spool of Yarn for you.

Since these spools are needed for many outfit quests, this makes her very useful.

on 06 Jan 2016, 01:30


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