Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Venore
Player: Hi
Kalvin: Be greeted, ! If you need information about outfits, I'm your man.
Player: Name
Kalvin: My name is Kalvin.
Player: Job
Kalvin: I'm an apprentice of Hugo. My current task is to inform everyone about our latest summer collection.
Player: Summer Collection
Kalvin: We have designed many new dresses, cloaks, armors, hats, weapons... commonly referred to as outfits and addons.
Player: Outfits
Kalvin: Ah, I know all about the newest panoply of patterns! We have quite a few free outfits, several premium outfits, and an ever-growing range of quest outfits.
Player: Addons
Kalvin: Addons are usually accessories. Each outfit has two addons which can be worn only together with this outfit. All addons have to be earned through quests.
Player: Free Outfits
Kalvin: Well, we have the traditional knight outfit, the hunter outfit, the mage outfit and the citizen outfit. And, provided you find a partner, there is a newly wed outfit, too.
Player: Knight
Kalvin: If you spend your time fighting monsters and need that little extra protection, this well-armored outfit is great for you. Addons are usually awarded by knight guilds.
Player: Hunter
Kalvin: A light and comfortable ranger outfit which every paladin simply loves to wear. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, a good place to start would be the paladin guild in Thais.
Player: Mage
Kalvin: Great for wise old male mages as well as for pretty enchantresses. If you are looking to earn addons, ladies should take a stroll in Port Hope, whereas elders should explore the Dark Cathedral.
Player: Citizen
Kalvin: Your basic starter outfit - simple, but practical. If you are looking to earn addons for this outfit, you should walk around Thais and look for citizens wearing a hat or a backpack.
Player: Newly Wed
Kalvin: Pick a wedding partner and time and this outfit can be yours! Snow-white silk and lace for the glowing bride, including a veil and blossom circlet for that most special day. ... For the groom, a fine black frock-coat with brazen buttons, and white silk knee socks to lead your lady to the altar in style.
Player: Premium Outfits
Kalvin: Premium outfits are only available to characters on a premium account. They include the nobleman outfit, the summoner outfit, the warrior outfit, the barbarian outfit, the wizard outfit, the oriental outfit and the druid outfit.
Player: Nobleman
Kalvin: One of our finest pieces. If you have the money and wish to show how wealthy and noble you are, this is the outfit for you. We also create addons especially for you, right here.
Player: Summoner
Kalvin: Great for young mages and ladies who love witchcraft. If you are looking to earn addons, gentlemen should take a stroll in Port Hope, whereas ladies should explore the Dark Cathedral.
Player: Warrior
Kalvin: The lighter version of the knight outfit is great if you want to save stamina and maintain agility. Addons are usually awarded by knight guilds.
Player: Barbarian
Kalvin: This outfit stands for raw power, battle cries and lack of manners. I heard that there are a few barbarians living near Northport. They might just be able to provide fitting addons.
Player: Wizard
Kalvin: Are you feeling evil today? This outfit is fitting for mages pursuing the dark side of sorcery. Shunned by the magic academy of Edron, you might find wizards hiding near Thais.
Player: Orientaldruid
Kalvin: This comfortable, yet fashionable outfit will create the romantic mood of Thousand and One Nights. A good place to look around for addons are Darama and Ankrahmun, of course.
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on 24 Mar 2016, 19:07


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