Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Thais
Spontaneous Speech: So much to do, so much to do... uh... where should I start?
Player: Assistant
Eclesius: As my assistant you can carry out daily tasks and solve missions for me.
Player: Bye
Eclesius: Oh, have you already finished your tasks? Then, uh, have a pleasant day! Don't forget to drop by tomorrow!
Player: Exterminate
Eclesius: Do you hear that too?? It's the bats again! Sometimes I could swear I hear hidden messages in their flapping, like 'ha ha, you will never get rid of us'. ... Please go and kill a few, or three. And remember not to hurt any cats.
Player: Feed
Eclesius: Aah! That stupid fish! Some days ago... well, maybe some weeks.. or longer ago... err, anyway, a travelling merchant sold it to me. ... He told me that it was a special fish who could learn to talk if fed the right food. I really want that fish to talk, but unfortunately I always forget to feed it. ... If you could do that for me, that'd be great. You need to create a certain food for it though. It was... uh... demonic essence? With fish fins? Or something? ... No... that can't be right. The recipe is very likely pinned to the wall above the fish bowl. You can use the magical blender in my lab to mix it. Much appreciated!
Player: Hi
Eclesius: Dear Beatrix Kiddo, how good to see you again! If you're here for your tasks, go right ahead.
Player: Job
Eclesius: I have a lot of work to do. I'm a very wise sorcerer, you see. So I'm busy creating magic fields, inventing new spells, reading books, summoning creatures... all very complex. That's why I need assistants for the easy work.
Player: Magical Oil
Eclesius: Ah! Have you found the recipe and brought me the necessary ingredients?
Player: Name
Eclesius: My name is Eclesius. And I'm quite happy that my memory works almost all of the time.
Player: Polish
Eclesius: Yes, now that you mention it... it was kind of difficult to see anything in my crystal ball earlier on. I fear I'm out of polish for it though. ... You're going to have to make some yourself, but I can't remember the recipe... anyway, I'll grant you access to my lab. I think you might find what you need to know there. ... ... if I was considerate enough to write it down somewhere... err, well, thanks in advance!
Player: Prevent
Eclesius: Well... this is a rather complicated matter. I... er... have a slight problem in my cellar. Some sort of a... vermin problem, yes. ... I recently conducted a small ritual to help my former assistant regain his human form, but... err... I must have made a small mistake. Could have happened to anyone, really. ... Erm... in short, there might be a goblin in my cellar. ... Okay, I admit it. It's a demon. A... demon uberoverlord. Erm. And... while it was still confused from switching worlds, I managed to lock it up in a cage and ran back up the stairs. ... I... haven't been down there since, but I do know that we really need to keep that cage locked and in good shape. This task is called 'prevent the apocalypse' for a reason. ... I think we should keep the door lock oiled in any case. I can create a very effective magical oil containing a hex if you bring me the proper ingredients. There's a list somewhere in my lab. ... Also, I have a magical key somewhere in my house. We should... err, you should use it on the lock to make sure it's shut tight. ... Let me think, what else. I think you should get a wooden hammer and use it on all the wooden barriers just in case a nail is loose. ... And, hmm, maybe some music would also help calm the demon. He gets quite angry at times, you know. And then I can't sleep because of his roaring. I'm thinking of a lyre. Play a lyre in front of his cage. ... So, you got all that, right? Get the recipe for the magical oil and bring the ingredients to me, find my key and lock the door, use a wooden hammer on the cage barriers and play a lyre. Ahem. Good luck!
Player: Sweep
Eclesius: Yes. Good idea. Take a broom and... huh? No... I don't think I have one, well maybe I do. Or else you could just bring your own, I don't mind. ... So use that broom on every piece of furniture in my living room and bedroom. I want everything dustfree! No slacking! Come back once you have cleaned everything.
Player: Tasks
Eclesius: I have five tasks which, ideally, need to be done once a day. Sweep the house, polish my crystal ball, feed my fish, exterminate bats and prevent the apocalypse. ... ... wow, I remembered them all. Now if you remember to do them and I remember to pay you for it, I think we'll all be very happy! ... Just remind me of the task you wanted to do and go right ahead, uh... what's your name again?
Player: Thais
Eclesius: I moved away from there for a reason. I just can't remember what the reason was.
By Nikz on 26 Jun 2016, 23:48

This is the principal NPC of The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest , you can found him on Thais, he has a house on the south-west exit of city.

on 22 Mar 2016, 20:12
on 17 Oct 2016, 19:57


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