Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Adventurers' Guild
Spontaneous Speech: Bespoke armor for all vocations! For the cost of some tokens only!; Tokens! Bring your tokens!; Trading tokens! First-class bargains!
Player: addons
Cledwyn: Ah, very good. Now choose your addon: first or second.
Player: bye
Cledwyn: Make your own destiny, Player.
Player: earth
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Here is your earthmind raiment.
Player: energy
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Here is your thundermind raiment.
Player: fire
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Here is your firemind raiment.
Player: first
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Obtain the first addon for your rift warrior outfit.
Player: hi
Cledwyn: Blessings, Jogador! How may I be of service? Do you wish to trade some tokens, or would you like some information or talk?
Player: ice
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Here is your frostmind raiment.
Player: information
Cledwyn: With pleasure. <
Cledwyn: bows>
Cledwyn: I trade tokens. There are several ways to obtain the tokens I am interested in - killing certain bosses, for example. In exchange for a certain amount of tokens, I can offer you some first-class items.
Player: job
Cledwyn: Well, I'm a smith by trade, but my passion is to collect rare tokens made of metal or gemstones. It's something of a family trait. ...
Cledwyn: All of my family have a passion for some precious stone or metal, but as we're craftsmen, not warriors, we prefer to trade for what we want. ...
Cledwyn: At the moment, I'm rather interested in silver tokens. ...
Cledwyn: If you should happen to have any with you, I'll forge you a first-class armour in return for 100 of 'em.
Player: magic level
Cledwyn: Ah, very good. Now choose an element against which this armor will provide additional protection: fire, earth, energy or ice.
Player: name
Cledwyn: <
Cledwyn: bows>
Cledwyn: Cledwyn O'Reilly, bespoke smith and token trader, at your service.
Player: second
Cledwyn: Ah, excellent. Obtain the second addon for your rift warrior outfit.
Player: silver
Cledwyn: Here's the deal, Jogador. For 100 of your silver tokens, I can offer you some first-class torso armor. These armors provide a solid boost to your main attack skill, as well as ...
Player: talk
Cledwyn: Why, certainly! I'm always up for some small talk. ... The weather continues just fine here, don't you think? Just the day for a little walk around the town! ... Actually, I haven't been around much yet, but I'm looking forward to exploring the city once I've finished trading tokens.
Player: token
Cledwyn: If you have any silver tokens with you, let's have a look! Maybe I can offer you something in exchange.
Little Snail
By Little Snail on 19 Jan 2021, 18:38 - 12.61

Cledwyn is the only person who is capable to temporarily enchant few items for a small charge of Silver Token . The items he is capable to charge are:

Blister Ring - which will become Blister Ring for duration of 60 minutes (1 hour)

Sleep Shawl - which will become Enchanted Sleep Shawl for duration of 60 minutes (1 hour)

Pendulet - which will become Enchanted Pendulet for duration of 120 minutes (2 hours)

Amulet of Theurgy - which will become Enchanted Theurgic Amulet for duration of 120 minutes (2 hours)

Ring of Souls - which will become Ring of Souls for duration of 120 minutes (2 hours)

He will also trade Magic Shield Potion for the price of one Silver Token each.

If you will speak to him about addons, he will sell for 100 Silver Token for the each Addon (200 Silver Token for both addons) of the Rift Warrior Outfit after finishing Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest (base of the outfit). Once you obtain full Rift Warrior Premium Rift Warrior you will receive Rift Warrior .

Dr Sky
By Dr Sky on 30 Nov 2016, 23:49 - 10.97

Cledwyn Is a Artisan and Collector, you can trade for 100 Silver Token Many things an example of them are:

Earthheart Cuirass

Earthheart Hauberk

Earthheart Platemail

Earthsoul Tabard

Fireheart Cuirass

Fireheart Hauberk

Fireheart Platemail

Firemind Raiment

Firesoul Tabard

Frostheart Cuirass

Frostheart Hauberk

Frostheart Platemail

Frostmind Raiment

Frostsoul Tabard

Thunderheart Cuirass

Thunderheart Hauberk

Thunderheart Platemail

Thundermind Raiment

Thundersoul Tabard

All items they are new of Summer Update 2016, each Armor has a different function and you can find for each vocation.

By darkos on 11 Jun 2016, 06:58

you can trade to him 100 Silver Token for the new armors implemented the 8th of december 2015

By Jeilyn on 02 Jun 2016, 05:33

Cledwyn Is located in ADVENTURER'S GUILD, next to the Reward Chest .

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