Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Here you will have a list with all creatures which are set as easy in Tibia Bestiary.

Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Azure Frog 60 20 Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Worm
Coral Frog 60 20 Gold Coin Worm
Crimson Frog 60 20 Gold Coin Worm
Orchid Frog 60 20 Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Worm
Toad 135 60 Gold Coin Fish Poisonous Slime Mace War Hammer
Quara Mantassin Scout 220 100 Gold Coin Mantassin Tail Chain Armor Two Handed Sword Stealth Ring Skull Small Sapphire Fish Fin
Scorpion 45 45 Scorpion Tail
Tarantula 225 120 Gold Coin Tarantula Egg Brass Legs Spider Fangs Plate Shield Steel Helmet Time Ring
Blood Crab 290 160 Gold Coin Fish Brass Legs Bloody Pincers Chain Armor White Pearl
Deepsea Blood Crab 320 180 Gold Coin Fish Bloody Pincers Chain Armor Brass Legs White Pearl
Crab 55 30 Gold Coin Crab Pincers Fish
Centipede 70 34 Gold Coin Centipede Leg
Insect Swarm 50 40 Nothing
Larva 70 44 Gold Coin Meat
Scarab 320 120 Gold Coin Meat Piece of Scarab Shell Small Amethyst Scarab Coin Daramian Mace Small Emerald
Terramite 365 160 Gold Coin Terramite Shell Terramite Legs Terramite Eggs
Fire Devil 200 145 Small Pitchfork Blank Rune Double Axe Scimitar Torch Necrotic Rod Cleaver Small Amethyst Guardian Shield
Gozzler 240 180 Gold Coin Brown Flask Plate Shield Sabre Morning Star Battle Axe Clerical Mace Small Sapphire Serpent Sword Dwarven Ring
Slime 150 160 Nothing
Spit Nettle 150 20 Nettle Spit Shadow Herb Gold Coin Sling Herb Grave Flower Nettle Blossom Seeds
Mercury Blob 150 180 Glob of Mercury
Damaged Worker Golem 260 95 Gold Coin Rusted Armor Sword Ring Nail Iron Ore Gear Crystal
Gargoyle 250 150 Gold Coin Potato Small Stone Stone Wing Morning Star Battle Shield Strawberry Steel Helmet Piece of Marble Rock Wolf Tooth Chain Shiny Stone Dark Armor Club Ring
Stone Golem 270 160 Gold Coin Sulphurous Stone Small Stone Iron Ore Power Ring Carlin Sword Piece of Marble Rock Shiny Stone Ancient Stone Coal Crystal Ring Red Gem
Dwarf 90 45 Hatchet Gold Coin White Mushroom Leather Legs Axe Studded Armor Copper Shield Letter Pick Iron Ore Dwarven Ring
Dwarf Guard 245 165 Leather Boots White Mushroom Gold Coin Scale Armor Battle Shield Battle Hammer Steel Helmet Iron Ore Double Axe Coal Axe Ring Health Potion Small Amethyst
Dwarf Soldier 135 70 Gold Coin White Mushroom Bolt Chain Armor Shovel Soldier Helmet Piercing Bolt Dwarven Shield Crossbow Battle Axe Axe Ring Iron Ore
Elf 100 42 Gold Coin Plate Shield Plum Leather Boots Studded Helmet Studded Armor Longsword Arrow Elvish Talisman Heaven Blossom
Elf Arcanist 220 175 Gold Coin Scroll Elvish Talisman Blank Rune Arrow Elven Astral Observer Bread Melon Green Tunic Candlestick Health Potion Sling Herb Strong Mana Potion Holy Orchid Elven Amulet Inkwell Grave Flower Wand of Cosmic Energy Life Crystal Sandals Yellow Gem
Elf Scout 165 75 Arrow Gold Coin Grapes Elven Scouting Glass Poison Arrow Waterskin Elvish Talisman Bow Heaven Blossom Sandals Elvish Bow
Cyclops 260 150 Meat Gold Coin Short Sword Heavy Old Tome Battle Shield Cyclops Toe Plate Shield Halberd Wolf Tooth Chain Cyclops Trophy Dark Helmet Club Ring Health Potion
Frost Giant 270 150 Gold Coin Short Sword Battle Shield Ice Cube Meat Frost Giant Pelt Halberd Health Potion Norse Shield Shard Club Ring Dark Helmet
Frost Giantess 275 150 Gold Coin Ham Short Sword Small Stone Battle Shield Frost Giant Pelt Ice Cube Mana Potion Shard Norse Shield Dark Helmet Club Ring
Goblin Assassin 75 52 Gold Coin Small Axe Mouldy Cheese Leather Armor Short Sword Fish Small Stone Leather Helmet Bone Dagger Bone Club
Goblin Leader 50 75 Gold Coin Bone Leather Helmet Leather Armor Dagger Mouldy Cheese Short Sword Fish Small Axe Bone Club
Goblin Scavenger 60 37 Gold Coin Small Stone Mouldy Cheese Leather Armor Short Sword Leather Helmet Small Axe Fish Dagger Bone Bone Club
Orc 70 25 Gold Coin Sabre Studded Armor Studded Shield Meat Heavy Old Tome Studded Helmet Axe Orc Leather Orc Tooth
Orc Rider 180 110 Gold Coin Meat Warwolf Fur Orcish Axe Orc Leather Wolf Tooth Chain Orc Tooth Obsidian Lance Battle Shield Scale Armor Torch
Orc Shaman 115 110 Gold Coin Chain Armor Shamanic Hood Broken Shamanic Staff Corncob Orc Tooth Heavy Old Tome Spear Orc Leather Wand of Decay Book
Orc Spearman 105 38 Gold Coin Meat Spear Studded Helmet Studded Legs Machete Orc Leather Heavy Old Tome Orc Tooth
Orc Warrior 125 50 Gold Coin Chain Armor Meat Broken Helmet Heavy Old Tome Orc Leather Orc Tooth Skull Belt Copper Shield Poison Dagger
Furious Troll 245 185 Gold Coin Bunch of Troll Hair Platinum Coin War Hammer
Swamp Troll 55 25 Fish Gold Coin Mouldy Cheese Spear Torch Leather Boots Wood Swamp Grass Medicine Pouch Troll Green Fishing Rod
Troll Champion 75 40 Gold Coin Spear Meat Leather Boots Wooden Shield Arrow Studded Club Bunch of Troll Hair Trollroot Silver Amulet
Amazon 110 60 Dagger Skull Brown Bread Gold Coin Girlish Hair Decoration Sabre Protective Charm Torch Small Ruby Crystal Necklace
Valkyrie 190 85 Meat Gold Coin Spear Girlish Hair Decoration Red Apple Chain Armor Protection Amulet Protective Charm Hunting Spear Skull Plate Armor Health Potion Small Diamond Double Axe
Witch 300 120 Cookie Gold Coin Witch Broom Star Herb Wolf Tooth Chain Garlic Necklace Coat Cape Sickle Leather Boots Silver Dagger Necrotic Rod Bag of Apple Slices Witch Hat Stuffed Toad
Barbarian Brutetamer 145 90 Gold Coin Fur Bag Staff Corncob Chain Armor Hunting Spear Book Mana Potion Mammoth Fur Cape Mammoth Fur Shorts Brutetamer's Staff Fur Boots
Barbarian Headsplitter 100 85 Torch Gold Coin Knife Brass Helmet Scale Armor Viking Helmet Skull Brown Piece of Cloth Health Potion Krimhorn Helmet Life Ring Fur Boots
Barbarian Skullhunter 135 85 Torch Gold Coin Brass Helmet Knife Viking Helmet Skull Scale Armor Health Potion Brown Piece of Cloth Life Ring Fur Boots Ragnir Helmet Crystal Sword
Dark Monk 190 145 Dark Rosary Bread Rope Belt Gold Coin Book of Prayers Scroll Safety Pin Ankh Sandals Mana Potion Life Crystal Lamp Brown Flask Power Ring
Monk 240 200 Bread Gold Coin Scroll Book of Prayers Rope Belt Ankh Sandals Safety Pin Life Crystal Staff Lamp Brown Flask Power Ring
Acolyte of Darkness 325 200 Midnight Shard
Assassin 175 105 Gold Coin Torch Knife Throwing Star Battle Shield Plate Shield Steel Helmet Viper Star Combat Knife Leopard Armor Steel Shield Small Diamond Horseman Helmet
Bandit 245 65 Gold Coin Axe Brass Shield Mace Leather Legs Tomato Brass Armor Chain Helmet Iron Helmet
Crazed Beggar 100 35 Gold Coin Dirty Cape Wooden Hammer Meat Roll Wooden Spoon Red Rose Rolling Pin Rum Flask Small Blue Pillow Sling Herb Very Noble-Looking Watch Dwarven Ring Rusted Armor Lute
Gang Member 295 70 Gold Coin Leather Legs Mace Studded Legs Brown Bread Club Ring
Gladiator 185 90 Gold Coin Sword Meat Mace Plate Shield Chain Helmet Brass Armor Belted Cape Iron Helmet Steel Shield
Hunter 150 150 Arrow Roll Orange Hunter's Quiver Bow Poison Arrow Brass Helmet Brass Armor Torch Burst Arrow Dragon Necklace Sniper Gloves Deer Trophy Small Ruby Slingshot Lion Trophy Wolf Trophy
Poacher 90 70 Leather Legs Arrow Leather Helmet Bow Roll Torch Poison Arrow Closed Trap
Smuggler 130 48 Torch Gold Coin Leather Legs Knife Ham Short Sword Leather Helmet Combat Knife Raspberry Sword Deer Trophy
Stalker 120 90 Brass Shield Blank Rune Gold Coin Throwing Knife Obsidian Lance Brass Legs Miraculum Katana
Wild Warrior 135 60 Gold Coin Brass Shield Egg Mace Axe Chain Helmet Brass Armor Doll Steel Shield Iron Helmet
Pirate Ghost 275 250 Gold Coin Tattered Piece of Robe Parchment Stealth Ring Red Robe Spike Sword
Pirate Marauder 210 125 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Torch Compass Chain Armor Plate Shield Spear Eye Patch Hook Peg Leg Bandana Treasure Map Pirate Bag Empty Goldfish Bowl Rum Flask Die
Pirate Skeleton 190 85 Gold Coin Spooky Blue Eye Bone Skull Big Bone Short Sword Bone Club Sword
Dark Apprentice 225 100 Gold Coin Blank Rune Dead Frog Mana Potion Health Potion Wand of Dragonbreath Wand of Decay Reins
Dark Magician 325 185 Gold Coin Mana Potion Health Potion Blank Rune Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Small Enchanted Amethyst Reins Necrotic Rod
Mad Scientist 325 205 Gold Coin Powder Herb Mana Potion White Mushroom Health Potion Magic Light Wand Life Crystal Small Enchanted Amethyst Cookie Cream Cake Mastermind Potion
Doomsday Cultist 125 100 Midnight Shard
Novice of the Cult 285 100 Gold Coin Rope Belt Scarf Wand of Vortex Garlic Necklace Music Sheet (First Verse) Book Pirate Voodoo Doll Dwarven Ring Cultish Robe Small Diamond
Chakoya Toolshaper 80 40 Gold Coin Fish Mace Ice Cube Fireproof Horn Pick Bone Shield Rainbow Trout Mammoth Whopper Northern Pike Green Perch
Chakoya Tribewarden 68 40 Gold Coin Fish Short Sword Bone Shield Fireproof Horn Green Perch Northern Pike Mammoth Whopper Rainbow Trout
Dworc Fleshhunter 85 40 Gold Coin Torch Cleaver Leather Armor Skull Poison Dagger Hunting Spear Bone Shield Tribal Mask Ripper Lance
Dworc Venomsniper 80 35 Gold Coin Leather Armor Throwing Knife Torch Poison Dagger Poison Arrow Skull Tribal Mask Bronze Amulet Bast Skirt Seeds
Dworc Voodoomaster 80 55 Gold Coin Leather Armor Bone Torch Skull Big Bone Strange Symbol Health Potion Tribal Mask Poison Dagger Voodoo Doll
Minotaur 100 50 Gold Coin Plate Shield Chain Armor Brass Helmet Mace Sword Axe Minotaur Horn Meat Minotaur Leather Bronze Amulet Shovel
Minotaur Archer 100 65 Bolt Gold Coin Broken Crossbow Piece of Archer Armor Piercing Bolt Minotaur Leather Minotaur Horn Meat Scale Armor Brass Armor Crossbow
Minotaur Guard 185 160 Gold Coin Minotaur Horn Brass Armor Chain Armor Piece of Warrior Armor Battle Shield Minotaur Leather Fishing Rod Minotaur Trophy Health Potion Double Axe
Minotaur Mage 155 150 Gold Coin Purple Robe Carrot Minotaur Leather Leather Helmet Leather Legs Torch Minotaur Horn Wand of Cosmic Energy Taurus Mace Mana Potion
Bonelord 260 170 Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Longsword Morning Star Small Flask of Eyedrops Two Handed Sword Steel Shield Spellbook Bonelord Eye Terra Rod Bonelord Shield Mana Potion
Kongra 340 115 Gold Coin Banana Kongra's Shoulderpad Protection Amulet Ape Fur Health Potion Plate Armor Club Ring Power Ring
Merlkin 235 145 Banana Gold Coin Banana Sash Magic Light Wand Orange Ape Fur Wand of Decay Mana Potion Banana Staff Small Amethyst
Sibang 225 105 Gold Coin Banana Small Stone Orange Banana Sash Coconut Ape Fur Melon
Bear 80 23 Meat Ham Bear Paw Honeycomb
Panda 80 23 Ham Meat Bamboo Stick
Polar Bear 85 28 Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Meat Ham Polar Bear Paw
War Wolf 140 55 Ham Warwolf Fur Wolf Paw Wolf Trophy
Lion 80 30 Meat Ham Lion's Mane
Tiger 75 40 Meat Striped Fur
Killer Rabbit 205 160 Gold Coin
Gnarlhound 198 60 Shaggy Tail Meat Worm Gold Coin
Hyaena 60 20 Worm Meat
Boar 198 60 Gold Coin Haunch of Boar
Elephant 320 160 Ham Meat Tusk Tusk Shield
Mammoth 320 160 Meat Ham Gold Coin Mammoth Tusk Thick Fur Mammoth Whopper Tusk Shield Furry Club
Carrion Worm 145 70 Gold Coin Meat Carrion Worm Fang Worm Coal
Rotworm 65 40 Gold Coin Ham Lump of Dirt Meat Sword Mace Worm
Lizard Sentinel 265 110 Gold Coin Scale Armor Chain Armor Spear Lizard Scale Hunting Spear Health Potion Halberd Obsidian Lance Lizard Leather Sentinel Shield Small Diamond
Lizard Templar 410 155 Gold Coin Short Sword Morning Star Sword Steel Helmet Templar Scytheblade Plate Armor Lizard Scale Lizard Leather Health Potion Salamander Shield Small Emerald
Crocodile 105 40 Gold Coin Ham Piece of Crocodile Leather Crocodile Boots
Thornback Tortoise 300 150 Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Gold Coin Thorn Fish White Mushroom White Pearl Health Potion Turtle Shell Brown Mushroom Tortoise Egg Black Pearl War Hammer
Tortoise 185 90 Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Snowball Party Hat Party Trumpet Fireworks Rocket Gold Coin Plate Shield Fish Tortoise Egg Battle Hammer Turtle Shell Tortoise Shield
Cobra 65 30 Cobra Tongue
Ghost 150 120 Shadow Herb Morning Star Cape Combat Knife Ghostly Tissue Book White Piece of Cloth Ancient Shield Stealth Ring
Skeleton 50 35 Gold Coin Bone Torch Viking Helmet Pelvis Bone Mace Sword Hatchet Heavy Old Tome Brass Shield
Skeleton Warrior 65 45 White Mushroom Bone Gold Coin Pelvis Bone Sword Brown Mushroom Mace
Undead Mine Worker 65 45 Gold Coin Bone White Mushroom Mace Brown Mushroom Sword
Crypt Shambler 330 195 Gold Coin Worm Two Handed Sword Rotten Meat Iron Helmet Bone Half-Digested Piece of Meat Bone Sword Throwing Star Small Diamond Bone Shield
Ghoul 100 85 Gold Coin Worm Rotten Piece of Cloth Heavy Old Tome Torch Ghoul Snack Viking Helmet Pile of Grave Earth Brown Piece of Cloth Scale Armor Skull Life Ring
Mummy 240 150 Gold Coin Worm Magic Light Wand Gauze Bandage Flask of Embalming Fluid Strange Talisman Crystal Ring Silver Brooch Poison Dagger Yellow Piece of Cloth Black Pearl Silver Amulet Black Shield Mini Mummy
Undead Prospector 100 85 Torch Gold Coin Worm Brass Helmet Knife Scale Armor Skull Viking Helmet Brown Piece of Cloth Life Ring
Feverish Citizen 125 30 Gold Coin Worm Bone Dubious Piece of Cloth Ludicrous Piece of Cloth Luminous Piece of Cloth Obvious Piece of Cloth Ominous Piece of Cloth Voluminous Piece of Cloth
Slug 255 70 Gold Coin Worm
Chakoya Windcaller 84 48 Fish Gold Coin Brass Helmet Fireproof Horn Bone Shield Rainbow Trout Green Perch Northern Pike
Firestarter 180 80 Gold Coin Flaming Arrow Grapes Coal Longsword Bow Elvish Talisman Heaven Blossom Elvish Bow Flintstone
Dire Penguin 173 119 Snowball Party Trumpet Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Fish Dragon Hammer Green Perch Rainbow Trout
Insectoid Scout 230 150 Gold Coin Club Ring Health Potion Ripper Lance
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Mace Dirty Turban Brass Armor Potato Axe Iron Helmet Steel Shield Nomad Parchment
Deepling Worker 190 130 Envelope From the Wizards Snowball Bunch of Winterberries Party Hat Party Trumpet Fireworks Rocket Gold Coin Fish Deepling Scales Heavy Trident Eye of a Deepling Small Emerald Fish Fin
Jellyfish 55 0 Shrimp
Calamary 75 0 Shrimp
Ladybug 255 70 Gold Coin
Damaged Crystal Golem 500 0 Nothing
Adventurer 65 0 Nothing
Cake Golem 444 100 Sweet and Sugary Substance
Corym Charlatan 250 150 Gold Coin Soft Cheese Rat Cheese Cheese Cutter Bola Cheese Earflap Leather Harness Cheesy Figurine Spike Shield Ratana Life Preserver Rat God Doll
Crypt Defiler 185 70 Gold Coin Rope Belt Mace Potato Brass Armor Dirty Turban Axe Iron Helmet Steel Shield Nomad Parchment
Emerald Damselfly 90 35 Gold Coin Damselfly Eye Damselfly Wing Arrow Mana Potion Rope Health Potion
Filth Toad 185 90 Gold Coin Fish Mace Poisonous Slime Two Handed Sword
Gazer 120 90 Gold Coin Small Flask of Eyedrops
Grave Robber 165 65 Gold Coin Rope Belt Dirty Turban Mace Axe Brass Armor Potato Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Honour Guard 85 55 Gold Coin Brown Mushroom Pelvis Bone Scarab Coin Mace Scimitar
Little Corym Charlatan 90 40 Nothing
Marsh Stalker 100 50 Gold Coin Longsword Fish Worm Marsh Stalker Beak Meat Marsh Stalker Feather Rope Seeds
Salamander 70 25 Gold Coin Insectoid Eggs Arrow Mace Health Potion Rope Brass Helmet Bow Scimitar
Terror Bird 300 150 Bunch of Winterberries Meat Gold Coin Terrorbird Beak Worm Colourful Feather Health Potion Seeds Feather Headdress
Troll Guard 60 25 Gold Coin Meat Rope Studded Club Bunch of Troll Hair Silver Amulet
Water Buffalo 390 20 Gold Coin Ham Meat
Ghost Wolf 160 65 Gold Coin
Gloom Wolf 200 70 Meat Gold Coin Ham Gloom Wolf Fur Wolf Tooth Chain Wolf Paw
Redeemed Soul 250 0 Nothing
Tainted Soul 250 0 Small Ruby
Rorc 260 105 Gold Coin Wolf Tooth Chain Plate Shield Rorc Feather Hatched Rorc Egg Orcish Axe Rorc Egg Obsidian Lance
Starving Wolf 85 65 Dirty Fur Meat Wolf Paw
Iron Servant 350 210 Gold Coin Gear Wheel Health Potion Rusted Armor Halberd Slime Mould
Tarnished Spirit 150 120 Combat Knife Cape Morning Star Shadow Herb Book Ghostly Tissue White Piece of Cloth Ancient Shield Stealth Ring
White Shade 260 120 White Piece of Cloth
Abyssal Calamary 300 200 Fish Shrimp Small Amethyst Black Pearl White Pearl Small Sapphire Small Ruby
Leaf Golem 90 45 Gold Coin Dowser Fir Cone Swampling Club White Mushroom Small Emerald
Swampling 80 45 Gold Coin Piece of Swampling Wood Swampling Moss White Mushroom Swampling Club Rope
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Dirty Turban Mace Brass Armor Potato Axe Iron Helmet Steel Shield Nomad Parchment
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Brass Armor Potato Axe Mace Dirty Turban Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Squidgy Slime 150 55 Nothing
Mole 200 100 Gold Coin


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