Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Nightmare of Gaz'haragoth 5500 0 Nothing
Sacred Snake 10 0 Short Sword
Snake 15 10 Nothing
Cobra 65 30 Cobra Tongue
Young Sea Serpent 1050 1000 Gold Coin Morning Star Battle Axe Small Sapphire Sea Serpent Scale Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Battle Hammer Stealth Ring Rusted Armor Life Crystal
Snake God Essence 65000 1350 Nothing
Shiversleep 4600 1900 Ultimate Health Potion Small Ruby Small Amethyst Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Gold Coin Blue Crystal Splinter Small Topaz Bowl of Terror Sweat Trapped Bad Dream Monster Cluster of Solace
Sea Serpent 1950 2300 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Dragon Ham Small Sapphire Plate Legs Sea Serpent Scale Serpent Sword Ring of Healing Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Spirit Cloak Northwind Rod Glacier Amulet Great Mana Potion Stealth Ring Glacier Kilt Focus Cape Crystalline Armor Leviathan's Amulet
Seacrest Serpent 3000 2600 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strong Mana Potion Dragon Ham Seacrest Scale Shiver Arrow Strong Health Potion Seacrest Hair Seacrest Pearl Glacier Mask Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Diamond Soul Orb White Pearl Glacier Shoes Glacier Kilt Black Pearl Glacier Amulet Crest of the Deep Seas Wand of Draconia Wand of Defiance
Serpent Spawn 3000 3050 Gold Coin Power Bolt Life Ring Green Mushroom Small Sapphire Energy Ring Snake Skin Golden Mug Mercenary Sword Great Mana Potion Life Crystal Old Parchment Strange Helmet Crown Armor Winged Tail Warrior Helmet Tower Shield Noble Axe Snakebite Rod Spellbook of Mind Control Swamplair Armor Charmer's Tiara Royal Helmet
The Keeper 25000 3205 Nothing
Feversleep 5900 4400 Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Topaz Trapped Bad Dream Monster Small Emerald Cyan Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Blue Crystal Shard Small Amethyst Small Ruby Bowl of Terror Sweat Blue Robe Cluster of Solace
Snake Thing 70000 4600 Nothing
Leviathan 6000 5000 Leviathan's Amulet Sea Serpent Trophy Strong Mana Potion Bonebreaker Platinum Coin Small Sapphire Rusted Legs Rusted Armor Frozen Plate Moon Backpack
The Noxious Spawn 9500 6000 Snake Skin Winged Tail Royal Helmet Crown Armor Green Mushroom Assassin Star Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Spellbook of Mind Control Golden Mug Mercenary Sword Small Emerald Life Ring Noble Axe Medusa Shield
Terrorsleep 7200 6900 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Cyan Crystal Fragment Blue Crystal Splinter Trapped Bad Dream Monster Blue Crystal Shard Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Bowl of Terror Sweat Small Emerald Small Topaz Fish Fin Giant Sword Broken Dream Blue Piece of Cloth Blue Robe Knight Armor White Piece of Cloth Warrior Helmet Cluster of Solace Red Piece of Cloth
Lizard Abomination 95000 9700 Nothing


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