Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Wyrm 1825 1550 Dragon Ham Gold Coin Burst Arrow Wyrm Scale Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Crossbow Focus Cape Small Diamond Wand of Draconia Lightning Pendant Composite Hornbow Hibiscus Dress Wand of Starstorm Shockwave Amulet Dragonbone Staff
Elder Wyrm 2700 2500 Dragon Ham Platinum Coin Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Crossbow Strong Mana Potion Wyrm Scale Wand of Draconia Soul Orb Small Diamond Wand of Starstorm Power Bolt Lightning Pendant Lightning Legs Dragonbone Staff Lightning Robe Shockwave Amulet Shadow Sceptre Lightning Boots Composite Hornbow
Tyrn 12000 6900 Shockwave Amulet Small Ruby Wyrm Scale Lightning Pendant Small Emerald Dragonbone Staff Yellow Gem Red Piece of Cloth Strong Health Potion Sudden Death Rune Platinum Coin Red Gem Small Diamond Small Sapphire Lightning Robe Gold Coin Small Topaz Guardian Shield Wand of Draconia Blue Gem Small Amethyst Assassin Star Dragon Ham Silver Raid Token Hibiscus Dress Sun Mirror


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