Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Cave Parrot 30 0 Nothing
Chicken 15 0 Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Coloured Egg Chicken Feather Worm Meat Egg
Flamingo 25 0 Downy Feather
Parrot 25 0 Nothing
Pigeon 30 0 Nothing
Seagull 25 0 Nothing
Penguin 33 1 Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Fish Rainbow Trout Green Perch
Marsh Stalker 100 50 Gold Coin Longsword Fish Worm Marsh Stalker Beak Meat Marsh Stalker Feather Rope Seeds
Meadow Strider 100 50 Worm Longsword Marsh Stalker Feather Meat Mace Hatchet Fish Marsh Stalker Beak Gold Coin Rope Seeds
Rorc 260 105 Gold Coin Wolf Tooth Chain Plate Shield Rorc Feather Hatched Rorc Egg Orcish Axe Rorc Egg Obsidian Lance
Dire Penguin 173 119 Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Party Trumpet Snowball Gold Coin Fish Rainbow Trout Green Perch Dragon Hammer
Terror Bird 300 150 Bunch of Winterberries Meat Gold Coin Terrorbird Beak Worm Colourful Feather Health Potion Seeds Feather Headdress
Berserker Chicken 465 220 Gold Coin
Demon Parrot 360 225 Gold Coin


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