Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Cat 20 0 Nothing
Kitty 0 0 Nothing
Fox 22 15 Meat Fox Paw
Lion 80 30 Meat Ham Lion's Mane
Tiger 75 40 Meat Striped Fur
Zomba 300 300 Meat Lion's Mane Gold Coin Ham Platinum Coin Life Ring Silver Raid Token Guardian Shield Protection Amulet
Noble Lion 1000 400 Gold Coin Ham Meat Lion's Mane
Mutated Tiger 1100 750 Meat Gold Coin Life Ring Sabretooth Strong Health Potion Striped Fur Silky Tapestry Glorious Axe Guardian Shield Angelic Axe
Roaring Lion 1000 800 Meat Ham Gold Coin Small Sapphire Small Ruby Platinum Coin Small Topaz Small Amethyst Lion's Mane Ankh Crown Helmet Might Ring
Midnight Panther 1200 900 Meat Gold Coin Panther Paw Panther Head Life Ring Sabretooth Strong Health Potion
Werefox 1500 1600 Moonlight Crystals Platinum Coin Gold Coin Werefox Tail Fox Paw Strong Mana Potion Moonlight Rod Emerald Bangle Small Enchanted Emerald Great Mana Potion Mana Potion Assassin Star Troll Green Ring of Healing Platinum Amulet Werewolf Amulet Werefox Trophy
Hellspawn 3500 2550 Gold Coin Great Health Potion Red Mushroom Demonic Essence Assassin Star Ultimate Health Potion Small Topaz Hellspawn Tail Morning Star Battle Shield Warrior Helmet Knight Legs Rusted Armor Berserk Potion Spiked Squelcher Black Skull Dracoyle Statue Onyx Flail
Flameborn 4000 2900 Hellspawn Tail Platinum Coin Berserk Potion Carrot on a Stick Knight Legs Great Health Potion Assassin Star Red Mushroom Small Topaz Spiked Squelcher Ultimate Health Potion Demonic Essence Warrior Helmet Crown Shield Black Skull Onyx Flail Dracoyle Statue


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