Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Black Sheep 20 0 Meat Black Wool
Deer 25 0 Ham Meat Antlers
Donkey 0 0 Nothing
Dromedary 45 0 Meat
Horse 75 0 Nothing
Horse 75 0 Nothing
Horse 75 0 Nothing
Mad Sheep 22 0 Nothing
Mushroom Sniffer 250 0 Nothing
Pig 25 0 Meat Pig Foot
Sheep 20 0 Meat Wool
White Deer 195 0 Nothing
Wild Horse 75 0 Nothing
Water Buffalo 390 20 Gold Coin Ham Meat
Desperate White Deer 55 35 White Deer Skin White Deer Antlers Ham
Boar 198 60 Gold Coin Haunch of Boar
Elephant 320 160 Ham Meat Tusk Tusk Shield
Mammoth 320 160 Meat Ham Gold Coin Mammoth Tusk Thick Fur Mammoth Whopper Tusk Shield Furry Club
Terrified Elephant 320 160 Meat Ham Tusk Tusk Shield
Enraged White Deer 255 165 Ham White Deer Skin White Deer Antlers
Vampire Pig 305 165 Gold Coin
Doom Deer 405 200 Gold Coin
Forest Fury 480 235 Gold Coin Bolt Meat Venison Piercing Bolt Elven Hoof Crossbow Small Topaz Elvish Bow
Evil Sheep 350 240 Gold Coin
Dreadbeast 800 250 Bone Health Potion Bone Club Plate Armor Green Mushroom Bone Shield Hardened Bone
The Bloodtusk 600 300 Mammoth Fur Cape Mammoth Tusk Furry Club Red Piece of Cloth Tusk Shield Tusk
Elder Forest Fury 670 330 Meat Gold Coin Bolt Piercing Bolt Hunting Spear Elven Hoof Venison Small Emerald Crossbow Raspberry Terra Rod Elvish Bow Bullseye Potion
Evil Sheep Lord 400 340 Gold Coin
Animated Clomp 900 475 Raw Meat Thick Fur Hardened Bone
Clomp 900 475 Hardened Bone Thick Fur Raw Meat Tusk Shield Furry Club
Bonebeast 515 580 Gold Coin Bone Plate Armor Skull Bony Tail Green Mushroom Bone Club Bone Shield Health Potion Hardened Bone Bonebeast Trophy
Slim 1025 580 Nothing
Stampor 1200 780 Gold Coin Small Topaz Platinum Coin Stampor Talons Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Stampor Horn Hollow Stampor Hoof War Hammer Knight Armor Spiked Squelcher
Ribstride 1000 1100 Bony Tail Platinum Coin Hardened Bone Bonebeast Trophy Green Mushroom Bone Shield Skull Helmet Maxilla Maximus
Tromphonyte 3000 1300 Knight Armor Platinum Coin Small Topaz Stampor Talons Stampor Horn Hollow Stampor Hoof Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion
Nightmare Scion 1400 1350 Meat Gold Coin Essence of a Bad Dream Scythe Leg Platinum Coin Crown Helmet Diamond Sceptre Focus Cape Crystal of Focus Death Ring Shadow Sceptre Bar of Chocolate
Museum Stone Rhino 3000 1800 Rhino Horn Rhino Hide Hardened Bone Raw Meat Tusk Shield
Stone Rhino 3000 1800 Rhino Hide Hardened Bone Raw Meat Rhino Horn Tusk Shield
Wereboar 2200 2000 Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Platinum Coin Wereboar Hooves Wereboar Tusks Brown Mushroom Small Enchanted Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Strong Health Potion Wereboar Loincloth Furry Club Berserk Potion Werewolf Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Wereboar Trophy Fur Armor Dreaded Cleaver
Nightmare 2700 2150 Ham Gold Coin Scythe Leg Soul Orb Concentrated Demonic Blood Essence of a Bad Dream Demonic Essence Death Ring Platinum Coin Ancient Shield Knight Legs Power Bolt Skeleton Decoration Mysterious Voodoo Skull Boots of Haste War Axe
Tormentor 4100 3200 Death Ring Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Essence of a Bad Dream Ham Boots of Haste Mysterious Voodoo Skull Knight Legs Nightmare Blade War Axe Skeleton Decoration
Ironblight 6600 4400 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Green Crystal Shard Small Emerald War Crystal Brown Crystal Splinter Crystalline Spikes Small Amethyst Shiny Stone Red Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Springsprout Rod Crystal of Power Red Gem Crystal of Balance Glacial Rod Crystal Mace Magic Sulphur Sapphire Hammer Terra Legs Blue Gem Epee Jade Hat Composite Hornbow
Owin 9600 5000 Platinum Coin Stone Skin Amulet Wereboar Loincloth Furry Club Moonlight Crystals Brown Mushroom Gold Coin Ultimate Health Potion Wereboar Hooves Wereboar Tusks Fur Armor Strong Health Potion Werewolf Amulet Berserk Potion


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