Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Frost Spider 1250 0 Nothing
Spider Queen 0 0 Nothing
Giant Spider (Wyda) 20 12 Nothing
Spider 20 12 Gold Coin Spider Fangs
Poison Spider 26 22 Gold Coin Poison Spider Shell
Tarantula 225 120 Gold Coin Tarantula Egg Brass Legs Spider Fangs Plate Shield Steel Helmet Time Ring
Hide 500 240 Spider Silk Steel Helmet Gold Coin Knight Legs Terra Hood Time Ring
Sacred Spider 550 330 Gold Coin Spider Fangs Scarab Coin Plate Armor Gold Ingot
Wailing Widow 850 450 Gold Coin Widow's Mandibles Zaoan Halberd Plate Shield Halberd Green Mushroom Mana Potion Health Potion Wailing Widow's Necklace
Sandstone Scorpion 900 680 Gold Coin Small Emerald Platinum Coin Steel Helmet Black Shield Daramian Mace Fist on a Stick
Crystal Spider 1250 900 Party Hat Party Trumpet Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Snowball Fireworks Rocket Gold Coin Sniper Arrow Plate Armor Strong Mana Potion Spider Silk Crystal Necklace Crystal Ring Time Ring Crystal Sword Steel Helmet Ice Cube Glacier Mask Shard Knight Legs Knight Armor Sapphire Hammer Jewelled Backpack Platinum Amulet
Giant Spider 1300 900 Gold Coin Plate Armor Plate Legs Poison Arrow Strong Health Potion Two Handed Sword Spider Silk Steel Helmet Time Ring Knight Legs Knight Armor Platinum Amulet Lightning Headband
Webster 2950 1200 Nothing
The Bloodweb 1750 1450 Platinum Coin Ice Cube Knight Legs Sapphire Hammer Spider Silk Knight Armor Time Ring Strong Mana Potion Sai Shard Jewelled Backpack Glacier Mask Glacier Kilt
Mamma Longlegs 1800 2200 Steel Helmet Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ruby Necklace Stealth Ring Energy Ring Spider Silk Great Health Potion Knight Legs Platinum Amulet Knight Armor Time Ring Bloody Edge Spool of Yarn Dreaded Cleaver
Spidris 3700 2600 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Compound Eye Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Spidris Mandible Death Ring Giant Shimmering Pearl Titan Axe Carapace Shield Hive Scythe Violet Gem Calopteryx Cape
Spidris Elite 5000 4000 Gold Coin Spidris Mandible Platinum Coin Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Compound Eye Great Mana Potion Death Ring Titan Axe Calopteryx Cape Hive Scythe Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Gem Carapace Shield
The Old Widow 3200 4200 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Knight Armor Spool of Yarn Time Ring Steel Helmet Platinum Amulet Knight Legs Energy Ring Stealth Ring Spider Silk Brass Legs Ruby Necklace Dreaded Cleaver Sweet Smelling Bait
Arachnophobica 5000 4700 Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Mind Stone Sword Ring Essence of a Bad Dream Silver Amulet Spider Fangs Wand of Cosmic Energy Energy Ring Orb Power Ring Death Ring Sacred Tree Amulet Elven Amulet Garlic Necklace Underworld Rod Collar of Red Plasma Necklace of the Deep Ring of Blue Plasma Ring of Healing Platinum Amulet Magma Amulet Spider Silk Axe Ring Life Ring Strange Talisman Strange Symbol Collar of Green Plasma Stone Skin Amulet
Fleshslicer 5700 5500 Ultimate Health Potion Compound Eye Small Ruby Red Gem Spidris Mandible Platinum Coin Gold Coin Titan Axe Ripper Lance Hive Bow Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion White Pearl Dung Ball
Lucifuga Aranea 12000 10000 Cyan Crystal Fragment Platinum Coin Poison Gland Great Mana Potion Plate Armor Green Gem


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