Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Calamary 75 0 Shrimp
Fish 25 0 Nothing
Jellyfish 55 0 Shrimp
Northern Pike 95 0 Nothing
Slippery Northern Pike 95 0 Northern Pike
Crab 55 30 Gold Coin Crab Pincers Fish
Manta Ray 680 125 Gold Coin
Deepsea Blood Crab 320 180 Gold Coin Fish Bloody Pincers Chain Armor Brass Legs White Pearl
Inky 600 250 Gold Coin
Quara Constrictor 450 250 Snowball Bunch of Winterberries Fireworks Rocket Party Trumpet Envelope From the Wizards Party Hat Gold Coin Longsword Quara Tentacle Shrimp Small Amethyst Brass Armor Fish Fin
Quara Mantassin 800 400 Envelope From the Wizards Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Party Trumpet Snowball Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Mantassin Tail Shrimp Halberd Small Sapphire Two Handed Sword Cape Fish Fin Stealth Ring Blue Robe Strange Helmet
Quara Predator Scout 890 400 Gold Coin Quara Bone Scale Armor Double Axe Small Diamond Shrimp Two Handed Sword Fish Fin Northwind Rod
Quara Pincher Scout 775 600 Gold Coin Quara Pincers Plate Armor Halberd Small Ruby Life Crystal Fish Fin
Shark 1200 700 Fish Gold Coin Deepling Scales Eye of a Deepling Small Sapphire Fish Fin Giant Shimmering Pearl
Renegade Quara Mantassin 1200 1000 Party Trumpet Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Fireworks Rocket Party Hat Snowball Mantassin Tail Mind Stone Blue Crystal Shard Shrimp Small Sapphire Ice Rapier Strange Helmet Stealth Ring Energy Ring Two Handed Sword Fish Fin Blue Robe
Quara Pincher 1800 1200 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Ruby Quara Pincers Halberd Great Health Potion Fish Fin Shrimp Warrior Helmet Crown Armor Glacier Robe Giant Shrimp
Renegade Quara Constrictor 1500 1250 Snowball Party Hat Envelope From the Wizards Party Trumpet Fireworks Rocket Bunch of Winterberries Platinum Coin Gold Coin Longsword Quara Tentacle Mind Stone Great Mana Potion Ring of Healing Assassin Star Vortex Bolt Small Amethyst Small Ruby Shrimp Northwind Rod Violet Crystal Shard Fish Fin Piggy Bank
Quara Predator 2200 1600 Gold Coin Royal Spear Quara Bone Small Diamond Shrimp Double Axe Fish Fin Great Health Potion Relic Sword Assassin Star Glacier Robe Giant Shrimp Skull Helmet
Crustacea Gigantica 1600 1800 Gold Coin Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Ring of Healing Giant Crab Pincer Great Mana Potion
Renegade Quara Hydromancer 2000 1800 Gold Coin White Pearl Platinum Coin Black Pearl Great Mana Potion Quara Eye Mind Stone Small Topaz Great Health Potion Shrimp Small Emerald Life Ring Spirit Cloak Giant Shimmering Pearl Yellow Piece of Cloth Green Crystal Shard Green Piece of Cloth Fish Fin Wand of Cosmic Energy Knight Armor Green Gem
Renegade Quara Pincher 2800 2200 Halberd Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Quara Pincers Mind Stone Small Diamond Small Ruby Great Mana Potion Warrior Helmet Giant Shimmering Pearl Vortex Bolt Fish Fin Shrimp Red Gem Crown Armor Time Ring Talon Giant Shrimp Glacier Robe Twiceslicer
Seacrest Serpent 3000 2600 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strong Mana Potion Dragon Ham Seacrest Scale Shiver Arrow Strong Health Potion Seacrest Hair Seacrest Pearl Glacier Mask Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Diamond Soul Orb White Pearl Glacier Shoes Glacier Kilt Black Pearl Glacier Amulet Crest of the Deep Seas Wand of Draconia Wand of Defiance
Renegade Quara Predator 3250 2700 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Royal Spear Quara Bone Mind Stone Great Health Potion Small Diamond Assassin Star Fish Fin Shrimp Blue Crystal Shard Glacier Robe Relic Sword Frozen Plate Skull Helmet Abyss Hammer Giant Shrimp
Thul 2950 2700 Fish Fin Halberd Relic Sword Skull Helmet Marlin Double Axe Wand of Cosmic Energy Crown Armor Crusader Helmet


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