Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Lonely Rotworm 0 0 Nothing
Animated Rotworm 65 40 Lump of Dirt Mace Worm Ham Meat Gold Coin
Rottie the Rotworm 65 40 Ham Meat Lump of Dirt Mace Gold Coin Worm Legion Helmet Copper Shield Katana
Rotworm 65 40 Gold Coin Ham Lump of Dirt Meat Sword Mace Worm
Enraged Bookworm 145 55 Worm
Carrion Worm 145 70 Gold Coin Meat Carrion Worm Fang Worm Coal
Rotworm Queen 105 75 Worm Gold Coin Coal Legion Helmet Gland
White Pale 500 390 Lump of Dirt Carrion Worm Fang Gold Coin Life Ring Silver Raid Token Albino Plate Daramian Mace Horn Spiked Squelcher
Drillworm 1500 1100 Gold Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Coal Vein of Ore Blue Crystal Splinter Lump of Earth Green Crystal Splinter Pulverized Ore Pick Drill Bolt Worm Dwarven Ring Iron Ore Terra Amulet Spiked Squelcher Clay Lump
Rift Worm 2800 1195 Nothing
Versperoth 100000 20000 Nothing
Tremor Worm 0 80000 Glooth Cape Cyan Crystal Fragment Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Glooth Bag Ultimate Health Potion Great Health Potion Green Crystal Fragment Platinum Coin Ring of Healing Stone Skin Amulet Red Crystal Fragment Small Diamond Underworld Rod Glooth Glider Crank


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