Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Feroxa 0 0 Moonlight Crystals Small Sapphire Brown Crystal Splinter Wereboar Loincloth Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Blue Gem Red Gem Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Trophy of Feroxa Wolf Backpack Werewolf Helmet
Feroxa (Gloom Wolf) 0 0 Moonlight Crystals Wolf Backpack Werewolf Helmet
Feroxa (Immortal) 0 0 Nothing
Werebadger 1700 1600 Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Platinum Coin Beetroot Werebadger Claws Brown Mushroom Werebadger Skull Mana Potion Great Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion Small Enchanted Amethyst Troll Green Ring of Healing Platinum Amulet Werewolf Amulet Badger Boots Werebadger Trophy Underworld Rod Wand of Voodoo
Werewolf 1955 1900 Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Brown Mushroom Werewolf Fur Rusty Armor Plate Shield Werewolf Fangs Wolf Paw Halberd Strong Health Potion Troll Green Ultimate Health Potion Platinum Amulet Epee Stone Skin Amulet Time Ring Berserk Potion Dreaded Cleaver Relic Sword Bonebreaker
Wereboar 2200 2000 Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Platinum Coin Wereboar Hooves Wereboar Tusks Brown Mushroom Small Enchanted Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Strong Health Potion Wereboar Loincloth Furry Club Berserk Potion Werewolf Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Wereboar Trophy Fur Armor Dreaded Cleaver
Werebear 2400 2100 Moonlight Crystals Gold Coin Platinum Coin Werebear Skull Ham Werebear Fur Small Enchanted Sapphire Bear Paw Great Health Potion Ultimate Health Potion Honeycomb Furry Club Relic Sword Spiked Squelcher Fur Armor Time Ring Berserk Potion Stone Skin Amulet Werewolf Amulet Dreaded Cleaver Werebear Trophy
Hemming 3000 2850 Berserk Potion Sai Gold Coin Bonebreaker Werewolf Fur Cat's Paw Black Pearl Brown Mushroom Wolf Paw Ultimate Health Potion Stone Skin Amulet Troll Green Platinum Coin Dreaded Cleaver Time Ring
Doomhowl 8500 3750 Nothing
Owin 9600 5000 Platinum Coin Stone Skin Amulet Wereboar Loincloth Furry Club Moonlight Crystals Brown Mushroom Gold Coin Ultimate Health Potion Wereboar Hooves Wereboar Tusks Fur Armor Strong Health Potion Werewolf Amulet Berserk Potion
Feroxa 150000 39000 Dreaded Cleaver Green Crystal Splinter Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion Bonebreaker Glorious Axe Small Ruby Moonlight Crystals Blue Crystal Splinter Badger Boots Fur Armor Boots of Haste Stone Skin Amulet Small Sapphire Underworld Rod Platinum Coin Gold Coin Blue Gem Angelic Axe Great Health Potion Brown Crystal Splinter Red Gem Wereboar Loincloth Small Diamond Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Trophy of Feroxa Ultimate Health Potion Werewolf Amulet Wolf Backpack Relic Sword Small Topaz Wand of Voodoo Werewolf Helmet


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