Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Adventurer 65 0 Nothing
The Sinister Hermit (Blue) 0 0 Nothing
Thief 60 5 Nothing
Feverish Citizen 125 30 Gold Coin Worm Bone Dubious Piece of Cloth Ludicrous Piece of Cloth Luminous Piece of Cloth Obvious Piece of Cloth Ominous Piece of Cloth Voluminous Piece of Cloth
Crazed Beggar 100 35 Dirty Cape Gold Coin Wooden Spoon Roll Meat Wooden Hammer Red Rose Rolling Pin Small Blue Pillow Rum Flask Rusty Armor Dwarven Ring Lute Very Noble-Looking Watch Sling Herb
Primitive 200 45 Gold Coin Axe Sabre Studded Helmet Surprise Bag Studded Armor Surprise Bag
Smuggler 130 48 Gold Coin Torch Leather Helmet Short Sword Ham Knife Leather Legs Sword Raspberry Combat Knife Deer Trophy
Angry Adventurer 65 50 Nothing
Fan 2000 60 Nothing
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Axe Potato Brass Armor Dirty Turban Mace Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Brass Armor Dirty Turban Mace Axe Potato Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Nomad 160 60 Gold Coin Rope Belt Axe Potato Brass Armor Mace Dirty Turban Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Wild Warrior 135 60 Gold Coin Mace Egg Brass Shield Axe Chain Helmet Brass Armor Iron Helmet Steel Shield Doll
Bandit 245 65 Gold Coin Axe Brass Shield Mace Leather Legs Tomato Brass Armor Chain Helmet Iron Helmet
Grave Robber 165 65 Gold Coin Rope Belt Potato Brass Armor Axe Mace Dirty Turban Iron Helmet Steel Shield Nomad Parchment
Travelling Merchant 100 65 Nothing
Achad 185 70 Nothing
Crypt Defiler 185 70 Gold Coin Rope Belt Axe Dirty Turban Brass Armor Potato Mace Steel Shield Iron Helmet Nomad Parchment
Gang Member 295 70 Gold Coin Leather Legs Mace Studded Legs Brown Bread Club Ring
Poacher 90 70 Leather Helmet Arrow Leather Legs Roll Bow Poison Arrow Torch Closed Trap
Gladiator 185 90 Gold Coin Plate Shield Mace Meat Sword Brass Armor Chain Helmet Steel Shield Iron Helmet Belted Cape
Stalker 120 90 Brass Shield Blank Rune Gold Coin Throwing Knife Obsidian Lance Brass Legs Miraculum Katana
Assassin 175 105 Torch Gold Coin Throwing Star Knife Combat Knife Viper Star Steel Helmet Plate Shield Battle Shield Steel Shield Leopard Armor Horseman Helmet Small Diamond
Robby the Reckless 155 110 Bag with Stolen Gold Platinum Coin
Hunter 150 150 Arrow Roll Orange Hunter's Quiver Bow Brass Helmet Brass Armor Torch Poison Arrow Burst Arrow Dragon Necklace Sniper Gloves Deer Trophy Small Ruby Lion Trophy Wolf Trophy Slingshot
Mutated Human 240 150 Gold Coin Cheese Scale Armor Fishbone Worm Mutated Flesh Strange Talisman Sword Rusty Armor Peanut Silver Amulet Fern
Morik the Gladiator 1235 160 Morik's Helmet
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe 280 170 Meat Mace Sword Gold Coin
Jesse the Wicked 280 180 Bag with Stolen Gold Platinum Coin
Craban 300000 200 Nothing
Nightslayer 400 250 Midnight Shard
Rukor Zad 380 380 Viper Star Steel Shield Gold Coin Steel Helmet Throwing Star
Arthom The Hunter 500 550 Small Ruby Platinum Coin Arrow Sniper Arrow Small Diamond Sniper Gloves Bow Burst Arrow Poison Arrow Dark Armor Terra Hood Hunter's Quiver Dragon Necklace Leather Legs Lion Trophy
Man in the Cave 485 770 Rope Brown Piece of Cloth Mammoth Fur Cape Mercenary Sword Shard Fur Cap
Vicious Squire 1000 900 Gold Coin Crossbow Great Health Potion Bolt Meat Small Diamond Halberd Small Amethyst Small Emerald War Hammer Scarf Might Ring Knight Legs Guardian Shield Warrior Helmet Piggy Bank
Hero 1400 1200 Scroll Arrow Gold Coin Sniper Arrow Green Tunic Red Rose Meat Bow Grapes Wedding Ring Scroll of Heroic Deeds Lyre Red Piece of Cloth Two Handed Sword Scarf Rope Small Notebook Might Ring War Hammer Fire Sword Crown Armor Crown Helmet Great Health Potion Crown Legs Crown Shield Piggy Bank
Misguided Bully 2000 1200 Meat Gold Coin Rubbish Amulet Gold Ingot Blue Gem
Misguided Thief 1800 1200 Gold Coin Meat Ham Red Gem Strong Health Potion Yellow Gem Strong Mana Potion Rubbish Amulet Blue Crystal Splinter Stone Skin Amulet Gold Ring
Renegade Knight 1450 1200 Red Rose Arrow Scroll Grapes Rope Halberd Wedding Ring Gold Coin Scroll of Heroic Deeds Great Health Potion Meat Small Notebook Two Handed Sword Small Ruby Sniper Arrow Red Piece of Cloth Fire Sword Crown Legs Crown Helmet Crown Armor Piggy Bank Crown Shield
Vile Grandmaster 1700 1500 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Scroll of Heroic Deeds Meat Great Health Potion Small Sapphire Small Notebook War Hammer Red Piece of Cloth Small Ruby Wedding Ring Crown Armor Crown Helmet Fire Sword Crown Legs Piggy Bank Crown Shield Platinum Amulet
Black Knight 1800 1600 Steel Helmet Gold Coin Dark Helmet Double Axe Dark Armor Brown Bread Battle Hammer Spear Halberd Plate Armor Brass Legs Warrior Helmet Rope Boots of Haste Two Handed Sword Knight Axe Ruby Necklace Knight Armor Knight Legs Lightning Legs Dragon Lance Piggy Bank
Glooth Brigand 2400 1900 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Tainted Glooth Capsule Glooth Sandwich Glooth Bag Glooth Steak Giant Shimmering Pearl Glooth Capsule Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Glooth Blade Glooth Spear Terra Hood Glooth Club Glooth Amulet Glooth Axe Terra Boots Rubber Cap Terra Legs Terra Mantle Dreaded Cleaver Terra Amulet Green Gem Heat Core Butcher's Axe Mercenary Sword
Glooth Bandit 2600 2000 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Tainted Glooth Capsule Glooth Sandwich Small Topaz Glooth Bag Glooth Steak Great Spirit Potion Glooth Capsule Great Mana Potion Small Emerald Ultimate Health Potion Glooth Club Glooth Spear Glooth Axe Beastslayer Axe Terra Legs Terra Boots Glooth Amulet Glooth Cape Terra Mantle Rubber Cap Glooth Blade Terra Hood War Axe Skull Staff Green Gem
Denson Larika 50000 3000 Nothing
Count Tofifti 100000 40000 Nothing


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