Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Ascending Ferumbras 0 0 Nothing
Destabilized Ferumbras 250000 0 Nothing
Energized Raging Mage 3500 0 Nothing
Ferumbras Mortal Shell 0 0 Silver Token Boots of Homecoming Jade Hammer Black Pearl Nightmare Blade Soul Orb Glacier Kilt Small Amethyst Small Diamond Obsidian Truncheon Small Sapphire Gold Coin Demonrage Sword Magic Plate Armor Emerald Sword Rift Lance Small Emerald Rift Shield Rift Spear Runed Sword Magma Legs White Pearl Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Giant Shimmering Pearl Rift Crossbow Spellscroll of Prophecies Golden Armor Rift Bow Shadow Sceptre Demonwing Axe Bloody Edge Platinum Coin Rift Lamp Berserker Gold Ingot Terra Legs Chaos Mace Death Gaze Ferumbras' Mana Keg Queen's Sceptre Ferumbras' Amulet Great Axe Ornamented Axe Rift Carpet Rift Tapestry Ferumbras' Staff Havoc Blade Impaler Phoenix Shield Skullcrusher Scroll of Ascension Velvet Mantle Ferumbras' Hat Mysterious Scroll Great Shield
Ferumbras Soul Splinter 90000 0 Nothing
Incredibly Old Witch 0 0 Nothing
Yalahari 150 5 Nothing
Dark Apprentice 225 100 Gold Coin Blank Rune Wand of Dragonbreath Health Potion Mana Potion Reins Wand of Decay
Witch 300 120 Cookie Gold Coin Star Herb Witch Broom Wolf Tooth Chain Coat Garlic Necklace Leather Boots Cape Sickle Silver Dagger Necrotic Rod Bag of Apple Slices Stuffed Toad Witch Hat
Dark Magician 325 185 Gold Coin Mana Potion Health Potion Blank Rune Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Small Enchanted Amethyst Reins Necrotic Rod
Ekatrix 500 200 Witch Broom Silver Dagger Sickle Broom Star Herb Gold Coin Necrotic Rod Cape Coat Cookie Wolf Tooth Chain Bag of Apple Slices
Mad Scientist 325 205 Gold Coin Powder Herb Health Potion Mana Potion White Mushroom Life Crystal Magic Light Wand Cookie Small Enchanted Amethyst Cream Cake Mastermind Potion
Doctor Perhaps 475 325 Glutton's Mace Meat Shield Trousers of the Ancients Mighty Helm of Green Sparks
Yaga the Crone 620 375 Wolf Tooth Chain Garlic Necklace Bag of Apple Slices Cookie Star Herb Cape Coat Broom Silver Dagger Gold Coin Necrotic Rod Spellbook of Mind Control
Priestess 390 420 Goat Grass Sling Herb Dark Rosary Powder Herb Black Hood Clerical Mace Wood Mushroom Crystal Ball Cultish Robe Wooden Flute Hailstorm Rod Crystal Necklace Mana Potion Talon Book Black Shield Piggy Bank
Ice Witch 650 580 Gold Coin Ice Cube Green Mushroom Shard Clerical Mace Strong Mana Potion Mystic Turban Crystal Sword Diamond Sceptre Glacier Shoes Pair of Earmuffs
Mad Mage 2200 1800 Boots of Haste Lightning Robe Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Skull Helmet Dark Mushroom Platinum Coin Piggy Bank Small Amethyst Assassin Star Luminous Orb Stealth Ring Strong Mana Potion Red Piece of Cloth Ring of the Sky Mind Stone Bullseye Potion Mage's Cap Crystal of Focus Spellbook of Warding
Raging Mage 3500 3250 Mind Stone Luminous Orb Crystal Ring Dark Mushroom Gold Coin Piggy Bank Red Piece of Cloth Stealth Ring Assassin Star Great Mana Potion Ring of the Sky Small Sapphire Focus Cape Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Bullseye Potion Royal Tapestry Elemental Spikes Skull Helmet Crystal of Power Spellbook of Mind Control Boots of Haste
Infernalist 3650 4000 Gold Coin Skull Staff Great Health Potion Raspberry Great Mana Potion Small Enchanted Ruby Energy Ring Red Piece of Cloth Magic Sulphur Royal Tapestry Gold Ingot Crystal of Power Red Tome Black Skull Spellbook of Mind Control Magma Boots Piggy Bank
Warlock 3500 4000 Gold Coin Cherry Poison Dagger Skull Staff Bread Great Health Potion Assassin Star Great Mana Potion Energy Ring Small Sapphire Blue Robe Candlestick Mind Stone Talon Dark Mushroom Luminous Orb Crystal Ring Inkwell Lightning Robe Red Tome Golden Armor Ring of the Sky Piggy Bank Stone Skin Amulet
Yakchal 5750 4400 Shard Dragon Necklace Pair of Earmuffs Blue Piece of Cloth Glacier Kilt Berserk Potion Gold Coin Mastermind Potion Gold Ingot Boots of Haste Bullseye Potion Glacier Robe Skull Staff Life Ring Crystal Mace Queen's Sceptre Green Mushroom
Azerus 7500 6000 Nothing
Zarabustor 5100 8000 Gold Coin Cherry Skull Staff Poison Dagger Bread Blue Robe Dark Mushroom Talon Mind Stone Candlestick Energy Ring Great Mana Potion Great Health Potion Small Sapphire Assassin Star Lightning Robe Inkwell Crystal Ring Luminous Orb Ring of the Sky Golden Armor Lightning Legs Red Tome Piggy Bank Stone Skin Amulet
Zushuka 15000 9000 Glacier Robe Blue Piece of Cloth Bullseye Potion Red Piece of Cloth Great Mana Potion Gold Ingot Skull Staff Mastermind Potion Dragon Necklace Berserk Potion Gold Coin Glacier Amulet Great Spirit Potion White Piece of Cloth Blue Gem Glacier Mask Mystic Turban Crystal Sword Glacier Kilt Glacier Shoes Life Ring Pair of Earmuffs Shard Crystal Mace Boots of Haste Ice Rapier Silver Raid Token Trapped Lightning Queen's Sceptre Icy Culottes
Ferumbras 35000 12000 Ferumbras' Hat Magma Legs Vile Axe Abyss Hammer Fire Axe Boots of Haste Small Emerald Greenwood Coat Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl Runed Sword Havoc Blade Shadow Sceptre Jade Hammer Crystal Ring Black Pearl Spellscroll of Prophecies Ravenwing Great Shield Glacier Kilt Impaler Gold Ingot Nightmare Blade Small Sapphire Talon Ruby Necklace Golden Legs Phoenix Shield Lightning Legs Teddy Bear Devil Helmet Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Haunted Blade Spellbook of Lost Souls Spellbook of Mind Control Demonrage Sword Golden Armor Chaos Mace Velvet Mantle Berserker Ornamented Axe Obsidian Truncheon Snakebite Rod Small Amethyst Emerald Sword Demonwing Axe Hellforged Axe Queen's Sceptre Gold Ring Soul Orb Magic Plate Armor Bloody Edge White Pearl Tempest Shield Divine Plate Demon Shield Thunder Hammer Two Handed Sword Mastermind Shield Skullcrusher Small Ruby Great Axe Red Tome
Death Priest Shargon 65000 20000 Necrotic Rod Gold Coin Platinum Coin Voodoo Doll Great Mana Potion Blood Goblet Gold Ingot Black Skull Great Health Potion


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