Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Amazon 110 60 Gold Coin Brown Bread Skull Dagger Sabre Girlish Hair Decoration Protective Charm Torch Crystal Necklace Small Ruby
Valkyrie 190 85 Spear Gold Coin Meat Chain Armor Red Apple Girlish Hair Decoration Protection Amulet Protective Charm Hunting Spear Plate Armor Health Potion Skull Double Axe Small Diamond
Witch 300 120 Cookie Gold Coin Star Herb Witch Broom Wolf Tooth Chain Coat Garlic Necklace Leather Boots Cape Sickle Silver Dagger Necrotic Rod Bag of Apple Slices Stuffed Toad Witch Hat
Ekatrix 500 200 Witch Broom Silver Dagger Sickle Broom Star Herb Gold Coin Necrotic Rod Cape Coat Cookie Wolf Tooth Chain Bag of Apple Slices
Xenia 200 255 Sabre Gold Coin Skull Studded Shield
Yaga the Crone 620 375 Wolf Tooth Chain Garlic Necklace Bag of Apple Slices Cookie Star Herb Cape Coat Broom Silver Dagger Gold Coin Necrotic Rod Spellbook of Mind Control


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