Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Captured Dwarf 0 0 Nothing
Dwarf Henchman 350 15 Nothing
Dwarf 90 45 White Mushroom Gold Coin Hatchet Pick Letter Copper Shield Studded Armor Axe Leather Legs Dwarven Ring Iron Ore
Crazed Dwarf 105 50 Gold Coin Letter Axe Hatchet Studded Armor Leather Legs White Mushroom Pick Plate Shield Dwarven Ring
Mad Technomancer 1800 55 Technomancer Beard
Dwarf Miner 120 60 Axe Studded Armor Leather Legs Gold Coin Meat Pick Dwarven Ring Iron Ore
Dwarf Soldier 135 70 Bolt White Mushroom Gold Coin Soldier Helmet Shovel Chain Armor Battle Axe Crossbow Dwarven Shield Piercing Bolt Iron Ore Axe Ring
Axeitus Headbanger 365 140 Nothing
Dwarf Guard 245 165 Gold Coin White Mushroom Leather Boots Battle Shield Scale Armor Steel Helmet Battle Hammer Double Axe Iron Ore Small Amethyst Health Potion Axe Ring Coal
Elvira Hammerthrust 245 165 Bag with Stolen Gold Platinum Coin
Dwarf Geomancer 380 265 Pear White Mushroom Blank Rune Gold Coin Magic Light Wand Geomancer's Robe Geomancer's Staff Dwarven Ring Clerical Mace Small Sapphire Spellbook Terra Boots Iron Ore
Foreman Kneebiter 570 445 Steel Helmet Battle Shield Iron Ore
Lost Thrower 1700 1200 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Brown Mushroom Basalt Fetish Coal Iron Ore Basalt Figurine Great Mana Potion Great Health Potion Red Hair Dye Mad Froth Lost Bracers Bloody Dwarven Beard Broken Throwing Axe Helmet of the Lost Buckle
Lost Basher 2600 1800 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Bloody Dwarven Beard Brown Mushroom Lost Basher's Spike Bone Fetish Basalt Fetish Coal Basalt Figurine Small Topaz Wimp Tooth Chain Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Bonecarving Knife Red Hair Dye Piggy Bank Iron Ore Dwarven Ring Blue Crystal Shard Black Shield Pair of Iron Fists Terra Boots Knight Axe Knight Legs Buckle Fire Axe Chaos Mace War Axe Spiked Squelcher
Lost Exile 1600 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Skull Shatterer Red Hair Dye Lost Husher's Staff Holy Ash Coal Bonecarving Knife Brown Mushroom Great Mana Potion Bone Fetish Basalt Fetish Strong Health Potion Small Topaz Wimp Tooth Chain Basalt Figurine Dwarven Ring Terra Boots Knight Axe Guardian Shield Buckle Clay Lump Suspicious Device Fire Axe Skull Staff Spiked Squelcher Terra Legs Tower Shield
Lost Husher 1600 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Brown Mushroom Coal Skull Shatterer Great Mana Potion Holy Ash Red Hair Dye Wimp Tooth Chain Bonecarving Knife Bone Fetish Lost Husher's Staff Basalt Figurine Strong Health Potion Small Topaz Basalt Fetish Dwarven Ring Terra Boots Buckle Clay Lump Knight Axe Guardian Shield Fire Axe Skull Staff Tower Shield Spiked Squelcher Terra Legs
Enslaved Dwarf 3800 2700 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Health Potion Small Amethyst Iron Ore Brown Mushroom Great Mana Potion Small Emerald War Hammer Red Crystal Fragment Axe Ring Coal Ancient Shield Shiny Stone Green Crystal Splinter Guardian Shield Brown Crystal Splinter Green Crystal Shard Drill Bolt Glorious Axe Titan Axe Tower Shield Sapphire Hammer Warrior Helmet
Lost Berserker 5900 4400 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Basalt Fetish Great Mana Potion Drill Bolt Brown Crystal Splinter Iron Ore Green Crystal Fragment Great Health Potion Small Topaz Brown Mushroom Piggy Bank Coal Dwarven Ring Blue Crystal Splinter Violet Crystal Shard Guardian Shield Clay Lump Knight Axe Terra Boots Chaos Mace Black Shield Magic Sulphur Spiked Squelcher Tower Shield Fire Axe Royal Helmet


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