Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Fiery Blood 0 0 Nothing
Flame of Omrafir 800 0 Nothing
Rage of Mazoran 4500 0 Nothing
Spawn of Havoc 0 0 Nothing
Warm Fire 0 0 Nothing
Thornfire Wolf 600 200 Gold Coin Meat Flaming Arrow Wolf Paw Fiery Heart Small Diamond Wand of Inferno
Fire Elemental 280 220 Nothing
Furious Fire Elemental 280 220 Nothing
Blazing Fire Elemental 650 450 Fiery Heart Gold Coin Glimmering Soil Flaming Arrow Coal
Spirit of Fire 2210 950 Nothing
Blistering Fire Elemental 1500 1300 Gold Coin Glimmering Soil Fiery Heart Small Ruby Wand of Draconia Coal
Massive Fire Elemental 1800 1400 Gold Coin Small Ruby Rusty Armor Platinum Coin Wand of Inferno Magma Amulet Fire Sword Magma Boots Magma Legs
Raging Fire 1800 1500 Nothing
Fire Overlord 4000 2800 Eternal Flames Fiery Heart Gold Coin Platinum Coin Magma Coat Coal Lavos Armor
Incineron 7000 3500 Nothing
Hellfire Fighter 3800 3900 Blank Rune Demonic Essence Burnt Scroll Gold Coin Wand of Inferno Soul Orb Fiery Heart Small Diamond Emerald Bangle Fire Sword Piece of Hellfire Armor Magma Coat Magma Legs Platinum Coin Coal Fire Axe Demonbone Amulet


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