Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Damaged Crystal Golem 500 0 Nothing
Shard of Corruption 600 5 Nothing
Gargoyle 250 150 Gold Coin Stone Wing Small Stone Potato Strawberry Battle Shield Morning Star Piece of Marble Rock Wolf Tooth Chain Steel Helmet Club Ring Dark Armor Shiny Stone
Museum Stone Golem 270 160 Gold Coin Iron Ore Small Stone Sulphurous Stone
Stone Golem 270 160 Gold Coin Small Stone Sulphurous Stone Carlin Sword Power Ring Iron Ore Coal Ancient Stone Shiny Stone Piece of Marble Rock Red Gem Crystal Ring
Rocky 380 190 Nothing
Elder Forest Fury 670 330 Meat Gold Coin Bolt Piercing Bolt Hunting Spear Elven Hoof Venison Small Emerald Crossbow Raspberry Terra Rod Elvish Bow Bullseye Potion
Clay Guardian 625 400 Gold Coin Blank Rune Lump of Earth Small Stone Earth Arrow Clay Lump Small Topaz
Earth Elemental 650 450 Gold Coin Blank Rune Lump of Earth Small Stone Earth Arrow Strong Mana Potion Rusted Armor Coal Clay Lump Small Topaz
Muddy Earth Elemental 650 450 Lump of Earth Some Leaves Coal Clay Lump
Enraged Crystal Golem 700 550 Gold Coin Crystalline Spikes Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Crystalline Arrow Blue Crystal Splinter Crystal Sword Cyan Crystal Fragment Glorious Axe
Sandstone Scorpion 900 680 Gold Coin Small Emerald Platinum Coin Steel Helmet Black Shield Daramian Mace Fist on a Stick
Spirit of Earth 1200 800 Nothing
Massive Earth Elemental 1330 950 Gold Coin Small Stone Lump of Earth Small Topaz Rusted Armor Small Diamond Dwarven Ring Protection Amulet Coal Stone Skin Amulet Clay Lump Terra Amulet Diamond Sceptre
Jagged Earth Elemental 1500 1300 Lump of Earth Twigs Seeds Small Emerald Coal Clay Lump Iron Ore
Eternal Guardian 2500 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Stone Ancient Stone Spiked Iron Ball Zaoan Halberd Iron Ore Clay Lump Guardian Halberd Shiny Stone Piece of Marble Rock Coal Tower Shield Zaoan Sword
Grorlam 3000 2400 Platinum Coin Small Stone Sulphurous Stone Shiny Stone Scale Armor Steel Shield Carlin Sword Crystal Ring Power Ring Red Gem Small Amethyst Gold Coin Torch Piece of Marble Rock Steel Boots Iron Ore
Earth Overlord 4000 2800 Mother Soil Shiny Stone Platinum Coin Coal Gold Coin Lump of Earth Terra Mantle Swamplair Armor
Armadile 3800 2900 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Coal Great Mana Potion Crystalline Spikes Mana Potion Envenomed Arrow Great Health Potion Strong Health Potion Battle Stone Strong Mana Potion Green Crystal Fragment Drill Bolt Terra Boots Time Ring Titan Axe Green Crystal Splinter Tower Shield Bonebreaker Crystalline Armor
Stone Devourer 4200 2900 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Crystalline Arrow Strong Mana Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Ancient Stone Strong Health Potion Great Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Crystalline Spikes Coal Green Crystal Splinter Stone Nose Mana Potion Stone Skin Amulet Glorious Axe Sapphire Hammer Dwarven Ring Spiked Squelcher Crystal Mace War Axe Giant Sword
Rocko 10000 3400 Nothing
Medusa 4500 4050 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strand of Medusa Hair Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Small Emerald Medusa Shield Terra Amulet Knight Armor Titan Axe Sacred Tree Amulet Terra Mantle Rusted Armor Terra Legs
Ironblight 6600 4400 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Green Crystal Shard Small Emerald War Crystal Brown Crystal Splinter Crystalline Spikes Small Amethyst Shiny Stone Red Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Springsprout Rod Crystal of Power Red Gem Crystal of Balance Glacial Rod Crystal Mace Magic Sulphur Sapphire Hammer Terra Legs Blue Gem Epee Jade Hat Composite Hornbow
Orewalker 7200 4800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Ultimate Health Potion Sulphurous Stone Blue Crystal Splinter Mana Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Strong Mana Potion Iron Ore Prismatic Bolt Pulverized Ore Vein of Ore Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Green Crystal Shard Shiny Stone Strong Health Potion Dwarven Ring Yellow Gem Magic Sulphur Crown Helmet Knight Legs Wand of Defiance Titan Axe Glorious Axe Crystal Crossbow Crystalline Armor Crown Armor
Cliff Strider 9400 5700 Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Platinum Coin Ultimate Health Potion Pulverized Ore Cyan Crystal Fragment White Pearl Cliff Strider Claw Shiny Stone Soul Orb Prismatic Bolt Blue Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Splinter Iron Ore Vein of Ore Black Pearl Red Gem Magic Sulphur Sapphire Hammer Crystal of Power Glacial Rod Wand of Defiance Spiked Squelcher Crystal of Balance Crystal Crossbow Crystalline Sword Knight Legs Giant Sword Crusader Helmet Blue Gem Crown Armor Steel Boots Hammer of Wrath
Gorgo 6900 7000 Medusa Shield Platinum Coin Strand of Medusa Hair Terra Amulet Titan Axe Terra Mantle Ultimate Health Potion Sacred Tree Amulet Terra Legs Small Emerald Great Mana Potion
Deathstrike 200000 40000 Deathstrike's Snippet Mycological Bow Crystalline Axe Mycological Mace Crystalline Sword Shiny Blade Crystal Crossbow Decorative Ribbon


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