Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Frost Servant 385 0 Nothing
Frozen Minion 0 0 Nothing
Icicle 0 0 Nothing
Solid Frozen Horror 0 0 Nothing
Frost Troll 55 23 Snowball Party Trumpet Bunch of Winterberries Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Envelope From the Wizards Gold Coin Fish Spear Rapier Wooden Shield Twigs Frosty Ear of a Troll Coat
The Collector 340 100 Carrying Device
Frost Giant 270 150 Gold Coin Short Sword Frost Giant Pelt Meat Ice Cube Battle Shield Halberd Health Potion Dark Helmet Club Ring Shard Norse Shield
Frost Giantess 275 150 Gold Coin Small Stone Short Sword Ham Ice Cube Frost Giant Pelt Battle Shield Mana Potion Club Ring Dark Helmet Norse Shield Shard
Crystal Wolf 750 275 Gold Coin Meat Shiver Arrow Wolf Paw Shiny Stone Hailstorm Rod Crystalline Armor
Ice Golem 385 295 Gold Coin Frosty Heart Black Pearl Ice Cube Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Crystal Sword Small Diamond Small Sapphire Strange Helmet Ice Rapier Shard Glacier Mask
Avalanche 550 305 Nothing
Crystalcrusher 570 500 Gold Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Crystalline Spikes Green Crystal Splinter Blue Crystal Splinter Crystalline Arrow
Shardhead 800 650 Black Pearl Small Sapphire Strong Health Potion Frosty Heart Shard Small Diamond Ice Cube Glacier Mask
Frost Dragon Hatchling 800 745 Snowball Party Trumpet Party Hat Bunch of Winterberries Fireworks Rocket Envelope From the Wizards Gold Coin Dragon Ham Frosty Heart Health Potion Spellbook of Enlightenment
Hirintror 1500 800 Small Sapphire Gold Coin Shard Strong Mana Potion Glacier Mask Platinum Coin Glacier Shoes Crystal Sword Ice Rapier Black Pearl Strange Helmet Blue Piece of Cloth Strong Health Potion Small Diamond Ice Cube Frosty Heart Silver Raid Token Icicle Bow Runic Ice Shield
Crystal Spider 1250 900 Party Hat Party Trumpet Bunch of Winterberries Envelope From the Wizards Snowball Fireworks Rocket Gold Coin Sniper Arrow Plate Armor Strong Mana Potion Spider Silk Crystal Necklace Crystal Ring Time Ring Crystal Sword Steel Helmet Ice Cube Glacier Mask Shard Knight Legs Knight Armor Sapphire Hammer Jewelled Backpack Platinum Amulet
Frost Dragon 1800 2100 Snowball Party Trumpet Party Hat Fireworks Rocket Envelope From the Wizards Bunch of Winterberries Gold Coin Dragon Ham Book Green Mushroom Power Bolt Energy Ring Ice Cube Small Sapphire Golden Mug Shard Life Crystal Ice Rapier Strange Helmet Tower Shield Royal Helmet Dragon Slayer Dragon Scale Mail
Ice Overlord 4000 2800 Flawless Ice Crystal Platinum Coin Gold Coin Crystalline Armor
Coldheart 7000 3500 Nothing
Melting Frozen Horror 70000 65000 Blue Crystal Shard Crystal Sword Gold Coin Spark Sphere Ice Cube Ice Rapier Gold Token Silver Token Frosty Heart Platinum Coin Violet Gem Ultimate Health Potion Crystalline Arrow Great Spirit Potion Small Diamond Green Crystal Shard Pair of Earmuffs Great Mana Potion Crusader Helmet Shard Green Gem Hailstorm Rod Blue Gem Small Amethyst Glowing Carrot Crystalline Armor Crystal Mace Ornate Crossbow Crystalline Sword Coal Eyes Icy Culottes Part of a Rune Frozen Plate Hammer of Wrath Runic Ice Shield Shiny Blade


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