Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Bad Thought 0 0 Nothing
Blue Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Bone Jaw 0 0 Nothing
Damned Soul 800 0 Nothing
Dragon Wrath 0 0 Nothing
Empty 0 0 Nothing
Fury of the Emperor 0 0 Nothing
Greater Death Minion 1500 0 Nothing
Green Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Horror 0 0 Nothing
Innocent Soul 0 0 Nothing
Jailer 0 0 Nothing
Koshei the Deathless 1200 0 Nothing
Lesser Death Minion 550 0 Nothing
Murderous Ghost 0 0 Nothing
Nightmarish Dream 3800 0 Nothing
Party Skeleton 40 0 Nothing
Powerful Soul 0 0 Nothing
Red Soul Stealer 0 0 Nothing
Redeemed Soul 250 0 Nothing
Spite of the Emperor 48000 0 Nothing
Superior Death Minion 2500 0 Nothing
Thaian's Ghost 0 0 Nothing
The Dread Maiden 0 0 Spooky Hood Ghost Claw Amber Silver Hand Mirror Bullseye Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Pair of Nightmare Boots Amber with a Bug Jagged Sickle Giant Amethyst Mastermind Potion Ultimate Spirit Potion Dark Bell Amber with a Dragonfly Death Toll Berserk Potion Supreme Health Potion Crystal Coin Diamond Moonstone White Gem Cursed Bone Ivory Comb Angel Figurine Soulforged Lantern
The Fear Feaster 0 0 Crystal Coin Bullseye Potion Ultimate Spirit Potion Grimace Cursed Bone Diamond Spooky Hood Death Toll Moonstone Silver Hand Mirror White Gem Soulforged Lantern
Unpleasant Dream 3800 0 Nothing
Wandering Prospector 0 0 Nothing
Undead Jester 355 5 Suspicious Surprise Bag Fish The Torso of a Jester Doll Blue Piece of Cloth Brown Piece of Cloth Red Piece of Cloth White Piece of Cloth Green Perch The Head of a Jester Doll Rainbow Trout Part of a Jester Doll Green Piece of Cloth Part of a Jester Doll Part of a Jester Doll Part of a Jester Doll Yellow Piece of Cloth Marlin
Brittle Skeleton 50 35 Gold Coin Bone Pelvis Bone Torch Sword Hatchet Brass Shield Mace Studded Armor Viking Helmet
Skeleton 50 35 Gold Coin Bone Torch Viking Helmet Pelvis Bone Mace Sword Hatchet Heavy Old Tome Brass Shield
Skeleton Warrior 65 45 White Mushroom Bone Gold Coin Pelvis Bone Sword Brown Mushroom Mace
Undead Mine Worker 65 45 Gold Coin Bone White Mushroom Mace Brown Mushroom Sword
Honour Guard 85 55 Gold Coin Brown Mushroom Pelvis Bone Scarab Coin Mace Scimitar
Ghost Wolf 160 65 Gold Coin
Teleskor 80 70 Bone Pelvis Bone Brass Shield Viking Helmet Mace Sword Torch
Ghoul 100 85 Gold Coin Worm Rotten Piece of Cloth Heavy Old Tome Torch Ghoul Snack Viking Helmet Pile of Grave Earth Brown Piece of Cloth Scale Armor Skull Life Ring
Pirate Skeleton 190 85 Gold Coin Spooky Blue Eye Bone Skull Big Bone Short Sword Bone Club Sword
Undead Prospector 100 85 Torch Gold Coin Worm Brass Helmet Knife Scale Armor Skull Viking Helmet Brown Piece of Cloth Life Ring
Animated Mummy 240 150 Strange Talisman Black Pearl Magic Light Wand Flask of Embalming Fluid Worm Gold Coin Gauze Bandage Crystal Ring Silver Brooch Yellow Piece of Cloth Black Shield Mini Mummy
Mummy 240 150 Gold Coin Worm Magic Light Wand Gauze Bandage Flask of Embalming Fluid Strange Talisman Crystal Ring Silver Brooch Poison Dagger Yellow Piece of Cloth Black Pearl Silver Amulet Black Shield Mini Mummy
Crypt Shambler 330 195 Gold Coin Worm Two Handed Sword Rotten Meat Iron Helmet Bone Half-Digested Piece of Meat Bone Sword Throwing Star Small Diamond Bone Shield
Cursed Gladiator 435 215 Nothing
Tomb Servant 475 215 Bone Gold Coin Worm Scarab Coin Longsword Rotten Meat Bone Shield Half-Digested Piece of Meat Fist on a Stick
Demon Skeleton 400 240 Gold Coin Demonic Skeletal Hand Throwing Star Iron Helmet Battle Shield Torch Battle Hammer Small Ruby Health Potion Mana Potion Black Pearl Mind Stone Mysterious Fetish Guardian Shield
Dreadbeast 800 250 Bone Health Potion Bone Club Plate Armor Green Mushroom Bone Shield Hardened Bone
Zombie 500 280 Gold Coin Half-Eaten Brain Brass Helmet Battle Hammer Mace Rusted Armor Halberd Steel Helmet Life Ring Simple Dress Mana Potion
Boogey 930 475 Heavy Metal T-Shirt Musician's Bow Club of the Fury Scythe of the Reaper
Undead Minion 850 550 Blank Rune
Elder Mummy 850 560 Gold Coin Scarab Coin Gauze Bandage Worm Magic Light Wand Flask of Embalming Fluid Crystal Ring Strange Talisman Pharaoh Banner Silver Brooch Black Pearl Poison Dagger Mini Mummy
Bonebeast 515 580 Gold Coin Bone Bony Tail Plate Armor Skull Bone Shield Bone Club Green Mushroom Hardened Bone Health Potion Bonebeast Trophy
Slim 1025 580 Nothing
Mahatheb 650 600 Gold Coin Flask of Embalming Fluid Gauze Bandage
Undead Cavebear 450 600 Gold Coin Maxilla Cavebear Skull Health Potion
Death Priest 800 750 Hieroglyph Banner Gold Coin Health Potion Scarab Coin Mana Potion Orichalcum Pearl Spellbook White Pearl Ring of Healing
Undead Gladiator 1000 800 Gold Coin Throwing Star Scimitar Brass Armor Hunting Spear Two Handed Sword Plate Legs Brass Legs Belted Cape Plate Armor Broken Gladiator Shield Dark Helmet Protection Amulet Health Potion Crusader Helmet Knight Axe Flask of Warrior's Sweat Stealth Ring
Banshee 1000 900 Gold Coin Simple Dress Silver Amulet Petrified Scream Crystal Ring Hair of a Banshee Black Pearl Poison Dagger Silver Brooch Spellbook Wedding Ring Strong Mana Potion White Pearl Blue Robe Stone Skin Amulet Lyre Ring of Healing Life Crystal Red Robe Sweet Smelling Bait Terra Mantle
Lich 880 900 Gold Coin Staff Platinum Coin Spellbook Strong Mana Potion Black Pearl Small Emerald Small Topaz White Pearl Ancient Shield Ring of Healing Mind Stone Strange Helmet Yellow Gem Platinum Amulet Skull Staff Blue Robe Lightning Boots Castle Shield Maxilla Maximus
Putrid Mummy 1500 900 Gold Coin Green Bandage Little Bowl of Myrrh Scarab Coin Single Human Eye Broken Flask Green Gem Pharaoh Banner Black Pearl Poison Dagger Mini Mummy
Ribstride 1000 1100 Bony Tail Platinum Coin Hardened Bone Bonebeast Trophy Green Mushroom Bone Shield Skull Helmet Maxilla Maximus
Boreth 1400 1800 Strong Health Potion Ring of Healing Platinum Coin Gold Coin Black Pearl Blood Preservation Vampire Shield Hibiscus Dress Dreaded Cleaver
Rift Scythe 3600 2000 Nothing
Gravelord Oshuran 3100 2400 Blue Robe Black Pearl Lightning Boots Gold Coin White Pearl Strong Mana Potion Spellbook Spellscroll of Prophecies
Betrayed Wraith 4200 3500 Power Bolt Platinum Coin Gold Coin Concentrated Demonic Blood Great Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Orichalcum Pearl Unholy Bone Assassin Star Soul Orb Demonic Essence Small Diamond Mercenary Sword Skull Helmet Bloody Edge Golden Figurine Death Ring
Ripper Spectre 3800 3500 Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Two Handed Sword Terra Rod Silver Brooch Coral Brooch Twin Hooks Green Ectoplasm Emerald Bangle Serpent Sword Springsprout Rod Assassin Dagger Hexagonal Ruby Wyvern Fang Spike Sword
Bretzecutioner 5600 3700 Meat Assassin Star Platinum Coin Metal Spike Death Ring Gold Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Great Mana Potion Dark Armor Dark Shield Giant Shimmering Pearl Crystal Necklace Small Sapphire Small Amethyst Great Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Small Diamond Demonic Essence Spiked Squelcher Dreaded Cleaver Chaos Mace Giant Sword Steel Boots Skull Helmet
Lost Soul 5800 4000 Silver Goblet Blank Rune Plate Armor Scale Armor Unholy Bone Red Gem Titan Axe Soul Orb White Pearl Stone Skin Amulet Skeleton Decoration Skull Staff Demonic Essence Skull Helmet
Crypt Warrior 7800 4200 Pelvis Bone Bone White Mushroom Platinum Coin Mace Sword Soul Orb Unholy Bone Brown Mushroom Mammoth Whopper Ruthless Axe
Gazer Spectre 4500 4200 Platinum Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Red Crystal Fragment Small Enchanted Ruby Red Gem Small Diamond Yellow Gem Small Sapphire Prismatic Quartz Golden Idol of Tukh Magma Coat Onyx Chip Small Enchanted Emerald Red Ectoplasm Wand of Draconia Wand of Inferno Hexagonal Ruby
Skeleton Elite Warrior 7800 4500 Platinum Coin Bone White Mushroom Soul Orb Knight Axe Unholy Bone Pelvis Bone Bone Toothpick Mammoth Whopper Brown Mushroom Mace Sword Skull Helmet Ruthless Axe
Ghastly Dragon 7800 4600 Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Emerald Dark Armor Plate Legs Ultimate Health Potion Undead Heart Terra Boots Soul Orb Ghastly Dragon Head Twin Hooks Demonic Essence Rusted Armor Zaoan Halberd Drakinata Terra Legs Zaoan Legs Shiny Stone Jade Hat Spellweaver's Robe Zaoan Armor Zaoan Shoes Zaoan Helmet Guardian Boots Zaoan Sword
Undead Elite Gladiator 8000 4740 Platinum Coin Belted Cape Throwing Star Scimitar Knight Axe Ultimate Health Potion Plate Legs Plate Armor Hunting Spear Great Health Potion Broken Gladiator Shield Flask of Warrior's Sweat Two Handed Sword Dark Helmet Protection Amulet Stealth Ring Relic Sword Crusader Helmet
Deathbringer 8440 5100 Nothing
Grim Reaper 3900 5500 Gold Coin Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Scythe Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Rusted Armor Orichalcum Pearl Dark Shield Mystical Hourglass Magic Light Wand Platinum Coin Nightmare Blade Underworld Rod Death Ring Glacier Kilt Skullcracker Armor
Mean Lost Soul 5000 5580 Platinum Coin Lost Soul Ensouled Essence Death Toll Machete Skull Staff Haunted Blade Fire Axe Mercenary Sword Warrior's Axe Ivory Comb Twiceslicer
Ethershreck 9500 5600 Gold Coin Undead Heart Ghastly Dragon Head Small Topaz Platinum Coin Shiny Stone Zaoan Helmet Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl Demonic Essence Jade Hat Zaoan Sword Golden Can of Oil Guardian Boots
Blightwalker 8900 5850 Demonic Essence Blank Rune Bunch of Wheat Soul Orb Ultimate Health Potion Hailstorm Rod Bundle of Cursed Straw Assassin Star Gold Ingot Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Ring Scythe Garlic Necklace Seeds Terra Legs Skull Staff Death Ring Terra Mantle Golden Sickle Amulet of Loss
Burster Spectre 6500 6000 Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Protection Amulet Life Crystal Terra Amulet Wand of Voodoo Dragon Necklace Wand of Cosmic Energy Blue Ectoplasm Orb Glacier Amulet Platinum Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Hailstorm Rod Elven Amulet Hexagonal Ruby Glacial Rod Garlic Necklace Shockwave Amulet Mind Stone Strange Symbol
Falcon Paladin 8500 6544 Assassin Star Great Spirit Potion Small Amethyst Small Diamond Small Emerald Platinum Coin Small Topaz Red Gem Onyx Arrow Small Ruby Violet Gem Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Falcon Crest Damaged Armor Plates Golden Armor Mastermind Shield
Pythius the Rotten 9000 7000 Nothing
Freakish Lost Soul 7000 7020 Platinum Coin Lost Soul Death Toll Ensouled Essence Gemmed Figurine Emerald Bangle Ornate Crossbow Ring of Blue Plasma Crystal Crossbow Silver Hand Mirror
Undead Dragon 8350 7200 Small Sapphire Gold Coin Unholy Bone Platinum Coin Assassin Star Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Hardened Bone Demonic Essence Power Bolt Black Pearl Gold Ingot Death Ring Life Crystal Dragonbone Staff Golden Mug Knight Armor War Axe Blue Gem Royal Helmet Divine Plate Golden Armor Spellweaver's Robe Dragon Slayer Skullcracker Armor
Zanakeph 11500 9900 Platinum Coin Golden Mug Death Ring Dragonbone Staff Unholy Bone Gold Coin Small Emerald Hardened Bone Great Mana Potion Gold Ingot Crown Helmet Knight Armor Great Health Potion Demonic Essence Small Sapphire Jade Hat Skull Helmet Divine Plate Maxilla Maximus Royal Helmet
Hatebreeder 18000 10000 Undead Heart Gold Coin Zaoan Shoes Platinum Coin Guardian Boots Ghastly Dragon Head Spellweaver's Robe Cobra Crown Zaoan Halberd Zaoan Sword Zaoan Legs Drakinata Jade Hat Demonic Essence Zaoan Helmet Twin Hooks Ultimate Health Potion Snake God's Sceptre
Scorn of the Emperor 450000 10000 Nothing
Dracola 16200 11000 Demonic Essence Platinum Coin Gold Coin Dracola's Eye Soul Orb Life Crystal Death Ring Dark Armor Great Mana Potion Small Sapphire Great Health Potion Skull Helmet Hardened Bone Reaper's Axe
The Ravager 53500 18000 Platinum Coin Scarab Coin Black Pearl Ancient Amulet Daramian Axe Gold Coin Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Silver Brooch Scarab Shield


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