Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Angry Plant 0 0 Nothing
Disgusting Ooze 0 0 Nothing
Glooth Masher 0 0 Nothing
Glooth Slasher 0 0 Nothing
Glooth Trasher 0 0 Nothing
Slime Puddle 0 0 Nothing
Tentacle of the Deep Terror 25500 0 Platinum Coin
Thorn Minion 0 0 Nothing
Unbound Defiler 0 0 Nothing
Spit Nettle 150 20 Nettle Spit Shadow Herb Gold Coin Sling Herb Grave Flower Nettle Blossom Seeds
Woodling 80 40 Simple Arrow White Mushroom Rope Arrow Gold Coin Swampling Moss Piece of Swampling Wood Studded Armor Hatchet Studded Shield
Leaf Golem 90 45 Gold Coin Dowser Fir Cone Swampling Club White Mushroom Small Emerald
Swampling 80 45 Gold Coin Piece of Swampling Wood Swampling Moss White Mushroom Swampling Club Rope
Wilting Leaf Golem 380 145 Gold Coin Fir Cone Dowser White Mushroom Swampling Club Small Emerald
Carniphila 255 150 Gold Coin Dark Mushroom Carniphila Seeds Seeds Sling Herb Corncob Shadow Herb Carrot on a Stick
Weakened Glooth Horror 10000 245 Nothing
Feeble Glooth Horror 5000 250 Nothing
Diseased Bill 1000 300 Gold Coin
Diseased Dan 800 300 Gold Coin
Diseased Fred 1100 300 Gold Coin
Haunted Treeling 450 310 Wooden Trash Gold Coin Red Mushroom Health Potion Orange Mushroom White Mushroom Haunted Piece of Wood Strong Health Potion Small Emerald Dwarven Ring Bullseye Potion
Deathbine 525 340 Terra Amulet Shadow Herb Mandrake Carniphila Seeds Small Emerald Platinum Coin Seeds Terra Boots Dark Mushroom Springsprout Rod Sweet Smelling Bait
Glooth Blob 750 700 Gold Coin Glob of Glooth Small Sapphire Small Topaz Glooth Amulet Glooth Axe Glooth Blade Glooth Club
Omnivora 1200 750 Gold Coin Fish Ham White Mushroom Life Ring Brown Crystal Splinter Necrotic Rod Blue Crystal Splinter Green Crystal Splinter Serpent Sword Terra Boots Terra Amulet Carrot on a Stick Death Ring Spellbook of Enlightenment
Rot Elemental 850 750 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Platinum Coin Glob of Glooth Strong Mana Potion Small Topaz Small Sapphire Glooth Spear Small Emerald Life Ring Green Gem Glooth Axe Glooth Amulet
Bog Raider 1300 800 Belted Cape Gold Coin Plate Legs Boggy Dreads Great Health Potion Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Springsprout Rod Paladin Armor
Glooth Horror 15000 900 Nothing
Blood Beast 1600 1000 Gold Coin Viper Star Poisoned Fang Strong Health Potion Slime Heart Glooth Steak Poisonous Slime Glooth Club Glooth Spear Glooth Axe Glooth Blade Glooth Amulet
Possessed Tree 2500 1300 Nothing
Tremorak 10000 1300 Nothing
Strong Glooth Horror 20000 1500 Nothing
Devourer 1900 1800 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Diamond Small Sapphire Glob of Glooth Small Topaz Small Emerald Small Amethyst Small Ruby Springsprout Rod Talon Glooth Axe Glooth Spear Glooth Club Glooth Blade Terra Rod Glooth Amulet Yellow Gem Green Gem Glooth Cape
Glooth Anemone 2400 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Topaz Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Slimy Leaf Tentacle Bowl of Glooth Soup Small Ruby Small Emerald Green Mushroom Glooth Whip Ultimate Health Potion Glooth Club Glooth Blade Glooth Spear Glooth Axe Glooth Cape Glooth Amulet
Empowered Glooth Horror 25000 2150 Glooth Glider Hinge Glooth Bag
Glooth Golem 2700 2200 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Glooth Injection Tube Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Small Emerald Glooth Sandwich Ultimate Health Potion Glooth Spear Iron Ore Glooth Axe Gear Wheel Bronze Gear Wheel Heat Core Glooth Amulet Glooth Blade Rubber Cap Glooth Club Gearwheel Chain Green Gem
Tiquandas Revenge 1800 2635 Mandrake Seeds Meat Gold Coin Ham Carrot on a Stick
Defiler 3650 3700 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Emerald Soul Orb Glob of Tar Glob of Acid Slime Demonic Essence Death Ring Red Gem Small Diamond Talon Yellow Gem Small Ruby Blue Gem Green Gem
Shlorg 10000 6500 Nothing
Weakened Shlorg 10000 6500 Belted Cape Serpent Sword Yellow Piece of Cloth Blue Piece of Cloth Red Piece of Cloth Yellow Gem Springsprout Rod Boggy Dreads Green Piece of Cloth Glorious Axe Gold Coin Paladin Armor Platinum Coin Silver Raid Token Goo Shell Angelic Axe Chaos Mace Glass of Goo
The Plasmother 8000 8300 The Plasmother's Remains Small Amethyst Platinum Coin Soul Orb Small Sapphire Black Pearl Small Emerald Gold Coin Demonic Essence
Lisa 65000 18000 Glooth Whip Glooth Club Small Ruby Glooth Sandwich Small Amethyst Glooth Axe Great Spirit Potion Glooth Steak Great Health Potion Glooth Spear Small Topaz Glooth Blade Small Diamond Bowl of Glooth Soup Great Mana Potion Slimy Leaf Tentacle Lisa's Doll Glooth Amulet Glooth Cape Red Gem Yellow Gem
Glooth Fairy 60000 19000 Glooth Sandwich Yellow Gem Small Sapphire Iron Ore Glooth Cape Glooth Blade Red Gem Gear Wheel Bowl of Glooth Soup Small Ruby Great Spirit Potion Small Topaz Glooth Amulet Great Health Potion Gold Coin Small Diamond Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Glooth Spear Heat Core Glooth Injection Tube Small Amethyst Rubber Cap Glooth Club Glooth Axe Feedbag
Deep Terror 100000 35000 Glooth Bag Great Health Potion Platinum Coin Sai Violet Crystal Shard Gold Coin Glooth Glider Tubes and Wires
Abyssador 300000 50000 Abyssador's Lash Crystalline Sword Shiny Blade Crystal Crossbow Crystalline Axe Mycological Mace Mycological Bow Decorative Ribbon


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