Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Mazoran 390000 0 Silver Token Small Ruby Small Topaz Great Mana Potion Rift Bow Demonrage Sword Great Spirit Potion Rift Lance Red Crystal Fragment Platinum Coin Rift Crossbow Cyan Crystal Fragment Small Sapphire Wand of Everblazing Fire Axe Great Health Potion Demonic Essence Magma Amulet Berserker Magma Coat Energy Ring Green Gem Gold Coin Blue Gem Magma Legs Red Gem Gold Ingot Guardian Halberd Yellow Gem Small Amethyst Green Crystal Fragment Impaler of The Igniter Tempest Shield
Plagirath 290000 0 Silver Token Violet Gem Cyan Crystal Fragment Terra Amulet Gold Coin Rift Crossbow Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Amethyst Ring of Healing Red Crystal Fragment Small Sapphire Sai Small Ruby Demonic Essence Great Spirit Potion Spellbook of Warding Platinum Coin Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Green Crystal Fragment Red Gem Rift Bow Muck Rod Yellow Gem Terra Legs Green Gem Plague Bite
Razzagorn 300000 0 Silver Token Orichalcum Pearl Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Small Emerald Mastermind Potion Yellow Gem Opal Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Red Gem Concentrated Demonic Blood Blue Gem Onyx Chip Green Gem Gold Ingot Great Health Potion Rift Crossbow Rift Bow Small Sapphire Terra Rod Gold Coin Small Ruby Small Diamond Devil Helmet Demonic Essence Visage of the End Days Bullseye Potion
The Fettered Shatterer 0 0 Nothing
The Shatterer 80000 0 Gold Coin Small Diamond Great Mana Potion Great Spirit Potion Ultimate Health Potion Platinum Coin Small Ruby
Zamulosh 0 0 Silver Token Time Ring Demonic Essence Small Amethyst Great Spirit Potion Small Ruby Blue Crystal Splinter Small Sapphire Brown Crystal Splinter Yellow Gem Ring of Healing Rift Crossbow Rift Shield Blue Gem Green Crystal Splinter Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Spellweaver's Robe Green Gem Gold Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Stealth Ring Concentrated Demonic Blood Crystalline Armor Maimer Book of Lies
Shulgrax 290000 58000 Silver Token Underworld Rod Small Emerald Shadow Sceptre Yellow Gem Red Gem Small Amethyst Blue Gem Platinum Coin Green Gem Rift Lance Small Ruby Great Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Rift Crossbow Onyx Chip Dreaded Cleaver Gold Coin Demonbone Amulet Magic Plate Armor Lightning Legs Violet Gem Small Topaz Rift Bow Lightning Pendant Small Diamond Opal Giant Shimmering Pearl Demonic Essence Concentrated Demonic Blood Death Ring Giant Shimmering Pearl Great Mana Potion Small Sapphire Rift Shield Pair of Iron Fists Ruthless Axe Bloody Edge Treader of Torment
Tarbaz 295000 80000 Silver Token Rift Bow Small Topaz Platinum Coin Yellow Gem Gold Coin Great Spirit Potion Rift Crossbow Small Emerald Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Violet Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Underworld Rod Small Diamond Great Health Potion Green Gem Rift Lance Chaos Mace Great Mana Potion Giant Shimmering Pearl Blue Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Glacier Amulet Green Crystal Shard Glacier Kilt Small Amethyst Energy Ring Red Gem Violet Gem Shroud of Despair Maimer
Ragiaz 445000 100000 Silver Token Platinum Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Gem Green Crystal Fragment Demonic Essence Bonebreaker Red Gem Great Health Potion Yellow Gem Great Mana Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Small Amethyst Small Sapphire Red Crystal Fragment Ring of Healing Skull Staff Composite Hornbow Gold Coin Green Gem Skull Helmet Blue Gem Small Emerald Rift Shield Amber Staff Rift Bow Small Topaz Golden Legs Death Gaze Reaper's Axe


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