Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Bad Dream 0 0 Nothing
Guilt 0 0 Nothing
Minion of Gaz'haragoth 5500 0 Nothing
Nightmare of Gaz'haragoth 5500 0 Nothing
Omrafir 322000 0 Dream Warden Mask Skull Helmet Nightmare Horn Giant Shimmering Pearl Noble Axe Lightning Boots Green Gem Demon Horn Green Crystal Fragment Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Crystal Shard Demonic Essence Steel Boots Crystalline Armor Cyan Crystal Fragment Eye Pod Nightmare Hook Unrealized Dream Red Crystal Fragment Cluster of Solace Dream Matter Blue Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Demonic Tapestry
Prince Drazzak 330000 0 Demonbone Amulet Cluster of Solace Dream Warden Mask Runed Sword Ring of Healing Giant Shimmering Pearl Golden Boots Demonic Tapestry Red Crystal Fragment Green Crystal Fragment Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Platinum Coin Noble Axe Demonic Essence Demon Horn Skull Helmet Lightning Robe Green Crystal Shard Unrealized Dream Blue Crystal Shard Psychedelic Tapestry Crystalline Armor Eye Pod Violet Crystal Shard Nightmare Hook Green Gem Lightning Boots Steel Boots Nightmare Blade
Shadow Fiend 0 0 Nothing
Shimmying Butterfly 20 0 Nothing
Sin Devourer 0 0 Nothing
Phantasm (Weak) 65 1 Nothing
Herald of Gloom 340 450 Midnight Shard
Nightstalker 700 500 Gold Coin Strong Mana Potion Shadow Herb Protection Amulet Crystal Ring Spirit Cloak Boots of Haste Haunted Blade Platinum Amulet Chaos Mace Crystal of Balance
Weakened Frazzlemaw 1200 1000 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Fairy Wings Ham Great Mana Potion Frazzle Skin Remains of a Fish Bone Great Health Potion Fish Skull Frazzle Tongue Big Bone Piece of Iron Fish Fin Iron Ore Sai Cluster of Solace Nightmare Blade
Enfeebled Silencer 1100 1100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Assassin Star Fairy Wings Silencer Claws Stealth Ring Haunted Blade Terra Legs Terra Boots Diamond Sceptre Glorious Axe Shadow Sceptre Boots of Haste
Nightmare Scion 1400 1350 Meat Gold Coin Essence of a Bad Dream Scythe Leg Platinum Coin Crown Helmet Diamond Sceptre Focus Cape Crystal of Focus Death Ring Shadow Sceptre Bar of Chocolate
Shiversleep 4600 1900 Ultimate Health Potion Small Ruby Small Amethyst Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Gold Coin Blue Crystal Splinter Small Topaz Bowl of Terror Sweat Trapped Bad Dream Monster Cluster of Solace
Nightmare 2700 2150 Ham Gold Coin Scythe Leg Soul Orb Concentrated Demonic Blood Essence of a Bad Dream Demonic Essence Death Ring Platinum Coin Ancient Shield Knight Legs Power Bolt Skeleton Decoration Mysterious Voodoo Skull Boots of Haste War Axe
Shock Head 4200 2300 Gold Coin Small Sapphire Royal Helmet
Tormentor 4100 3200 Death Ring Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Essence of a Bad Dream Ham Boots of Haste Mysterious Voodoo Skull Knight Legs Nightmare Blade War Axe Skeleton Decoration
Frazzlemaw 4100 3400 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Banana Skin Bone Fish Tail Skull Ham Crystal Rubbish Frazzle Skin Frazzle Tongue Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Fish Piece of Iron Remains of a Fish Brown Crystal Splinter Fishbone Violet Crystal Shard Big Bone Red Crystal Fragment Sai Haunted Blade Hardened Bone Iron Ore Two Handed Sword Gold Ingot Fish Fin Nightmare Blade Cluster of Solace Assassin Dagger
Haunter 8500 4000 Nothing
Retching Horror 5300 4100 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Pool of Chitinous Glue Great Mana Potion Brown Mushroom Great Health Potion Goosebump Leather Wand of Starstorm Beastslayer Axe Fire Sword Spiked Squelcher Broken Dream Underworld Rod Crown Shield Mercenary Sword Cluster of Solace Butcher's Axe Onyx Flail Tower Shield Steel Boots
Feversleep 5900 4400 Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Topaz Trapped Bad Dream Monster Small Emerald Cyan Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Blue Crystal Shard Small Amethyst Small Ruby Bowl of Terror Sweat Blue Robe Cluster of Solace
Phantasm 3950 4400 Great Mana Potion Gold Coin Blank Rune Shadow Herb Platinum Coin Small Topaz Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Demonic Essence Small Emerald Small Amethyst Shadow Sceptre Crown Armor Death Ring Stealth Ring Abyss Hammer
Choking Fear 5800 4700 Brown Crystal Splinter Platinum Coin Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Dead Weight Hemp Rope Great Spirit Potion Beastslayer Axe Brown Piece of Cloth Life Ring Green Crystal Shard Energy Ring Yellow Piece of Cloth Ring of Healing Guardian Shield Sai Terra Mantle Spellbook of Mind Control Terra Boots Red Piece of Cloth Springsprout Rod Cluster of Solace Underworld Rod Shadow Sceptre
Silencer 5400 5100 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Silencer Claws Silencer Resonating Chamber Assassin Star Glorious Axe Dark Shield Haunted Blade Titan Axe Stealth Ring Terra Legs Diamond Sceptre Cluster of Solace Boots of Haste Terra Boots Shadow Sceptre
Guzzlemaw 6400 5500 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Bone Frazzle Tongue Skull Red Crystal Fragment Great Health Potion Fishbone Banana Skin Great Mana Potion Frazzle Skin Brown Crystal Splinter Fish Tail Crystal Rubbish Piece of Iron Ham Fish Remains of a Fish Fish Fin Hardened Bone Big Bone Two Handed Sword Violet Crystal Shard Iron Ore Haunted Blade Sai Assassin Dagger Cluster of Solace Nightmare Blade
Demon Outcast 6900 6200 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Small Ruby Fire Mushroom Small Emerald Assassin Star Small Sapphire Stealth Ring Ring of Healing Giant Sword Crusader Helmet Demon Dust Devil Helmet Might Ring Cluster of Solace Ice Rapier Crown Shield Platinum Amulet Demon Shield Demonrage Sword Crown Armor
Terrorsleep 7200 6900 Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Cyan Crystal Fragment Blue Crystal Splinter Trapped Bad Dream Monster Blue Crystal Shard Small Ruby Ultimate Health Potion Bowl of Terror Sweat Small Emerald Small Topaz Fish Fin Giant Sword Broken Dream Blue Piece of Cloth Blue Robe Knight Armor White Piece of Cloth Warrior Helmet Cluster of Solace Red Piece of Cloth
Countess Sorrow 6500 13000 Demonic Essence Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear Gold Coin Soul Orb Worn Leather Boots Plate Legs Stealth Ring Blue Robe Protection Amulet Silver Mace
Mawhawk 20000 14000 Unrealized Dream Frazzle Tongue Cluster of Solace Blue Crystal Splinter Iron Ore Brown Crystal Splinter Fish Fin Fire Sword Assassin Dagger Gold Coin Violet Crystal Shard Red Piece of Cloth Haunted Blade Green Crystal Splinter Hardened Bone Platinum Coin Nightmare Blade
Sight of Surrender 28000 17000 Great Mana Potion Sight of Surrender's Eye Blue Crystal Splinter Green Crystal Splinter Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard Broken Visor Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Stone Skin Amulet Cluster of Solace Steel Boots Might Ring Jade Hammer Magic Plate Armor Tower Shield Crystal Mace Crusader Helmet Hammer of Wrath Crown Legs Onyx Flail String of Mending
Horadron 30000 18000 Platinum Coin Demonic Essence Unrealized Dream Cluster of Solace Gold Coin Demon Horn Spellbook of Lost Souls Knight Legs Noble Axe Dream Matter Blue Robe Spellbook of Warding Spellbook of Mind Control Vile Axe Beastslayer Axe Executioner Crown Armor Lightning Legs Steel Boots Small Emerald Dream Warden Mask Golden Armor Golden Legs Small Sapphire Great Axe Demonwing Axe Spellscroll of Prophecies
Teneshpar 15000 20000 Nothing
Zavarash 35000 21000 Cluster of Solace Demon Horn Giant Shimmering Pearl Platinum Coin Bonebreaker Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Heavy Mace Giant Shimmering Pearl Diamond Sceptre Gold Ingot Mastermind Shield Crown Shield Blue Crystal Shard Green Gem Guardian Shield Blue Gem Dream Warden Mask Paladin Armor Onyx Flail Gold Coin Demon Shield Lavos Armor Skullcracker Armor Demonbone
Terofar 40000 24000 Cluster of Solace Demon Horn Demonic Essence Dream Matter Unrealized Dream Royal Helmet Blue Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Violet Crystal Shard Terra Boots Guardian Shield Small Sapphire Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl Blue Gem Boots of Haste Dream Warden Mask Magic Plate Armor Gold Coin Crown Shield Gold Ingot Skull Helmet Paladin Armor Green Gem Platinum Coin Demon Shield Lavos Armor Voltage Armor Earthborn Titan Armor
Gaz'haragoth 350000 1000000 Platinum Coin Crude Umbral Mace Nightmare Beacon Crude Umbral Axe Golden Legs Crystal Coin Magma Coat Crude Umbral Blade Unrealized Dream Red Piece of Cloth Crude Umbral Bow Crude Umbral Chopper Blue Gem Crude Umbral Crossbow Crude Umbral Slayer Umbral Crossbow Blue Crystal Splinter Crude Umbral Spellbook Umbral Axe Umbral Blade Umbral Bow Nightmare Hook Umbral Chopper Blue Crystal Shard Demonic Tapestry Psychedelic Tapestry Nightmare Horn Dream Warden Mask Violet Crystal Shard Crude Umbral Hammer Umbral Hammer Yellow Piece of Cloth Umbral Mace Umbral Master Axe Umbral Master Bow Demon Horn Umbral Master Chopper Umbral Master Crossbow Umbral Master Hammer Umbral Master Mace Green Crystal Splinter Umbral Master Slayer Umbral Master Spellbook Umbral Masterblade Dream Matter Brown Crystal Splinter Umbral Slayer Umbral Spellbook Solitude Charm Giant Shimmering Pearl Cluster of Solace Giant Shimmering Pearl Dream Warden Claw Spiritual Charm Skull Helmet Demonic Essence Phoenix Charm Eye Pod Twin Sun Charm Unity Charm Boots of Haste


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