Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Zoralurk 0 0 Nothing
Ghazbaran 60000 15000 Platinum Coin Demonic Essence Magic Plate Armor Magic Light Wand Robe of the Ice Queen Spellbook of Lost Souls Green Gem Blue Gem Crystal Coin Protection Amulet Spellscroll of Prophecies Golden Boots Crystal Ring Small Emerald Gold Ring Onyx Arrow Demonbone Double Axe Teddy Bear Berserk Potion Demon Horn Orb Life Crystal White Pearl Blue Tome Small Sapphire Twin Axe Ravenwing Stealth Ring Ruthless Axe Talon Mythril Axe Glorious Axe Crystalline Armor Oceanborn Leviathan Armor Black Pearl Assassin Star Gold Coin Thunder Hammer Spellbook of Mind Control Platinum Amulet Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Golden Mug Gold Ingot Demon Shield Mastermind Shield Havoc Blade Bonebreaker Frozen Plate Ring of the Sky Ruby Necklace Strange Symbol Might Ring Spellbook of Warding Crystal Ball
Morgaroth 55000 15000 Platinum Coin Morgaroth's Heart Blue Gem Platinum Amulet Moonlight Rod Necrotic Rod Ice Rapier Magic Light Wand Magic Plate Armor Small Sapphire Red Tome Purple Tome Energy Ring Teddy Bear Green Gem Double Axe Ring of the Sky Demon Horn Golden Mug Crystal Ring Giant Sword Gold Ring Talon Gold Ingot Ancient Amulet Gold Coin Small Emerald Skull Staff Orb Demonbone Crystal Ball Might Ring Strange Symbol Demonic Essence Demon Shield Magma Coat Boots of Haste Mastermind Shield Mind Stone Golden Legs Onyx Flail Ruby Necklace Devil Helmet Obsidian Truncheon Thunder Hammer Molten Plate The Devileye Royal Crossbow Dark Lord's Cape Fireborn Giant Armor The Stomper Great Shield Dragon Robe Chain Bolter The Ironworker


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