Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Adventurer 65 0 Nothing
Eclipse Knight 0 0 Midnight Shard
Crazed Beggar 100 35 Dirty Cape Gold Coin Wooden Spoon Roll Meat Wooden Hammer Red Rose Rolling Pin Small Blue Pillow Rum Flask Rusted Armor Dwarven Ring Lute Very Noble-Looking Watch Sling Herb
Angry Adventurer 65 50 Nothing
Dworc Voodoomaster 80 55 Gold Coin Torch Bone Leather Armor Skull Big Bone Tribal Mask Health Potion Poison Dagger Strange Symbol Voodoo Doll
Amazon 110 60 Gold Coin Brown Bread Skull Dagger Sabre Girlish Hair Decoration Protective Charm Torch Crystal Necklace Small Ruby
Bandit 245 65 Gold Coin Axe Brass Shield Mace Leather Legs Tomato Brass Armor Chain Helmet Iron Helmet
Achad 185 70 Nothing
Barbarian Headsplitter 100 85 Gold Coin Torch Brass Helmet Knife Skull Viking Helmet Scale Armor Health Potion Brown Piece of Cloth Fur Boots Life Ring Krimhorn Helmet
Barbarian Skullhunter 135 85 Gold Coin Torch Viking Helmet Knife Brass Helmet Scale Armor Skull Brown Piece of Cloth Health Potion Crystal Sword Ragnir Helmet Fur Boots Life Ring
Barbarian Brutetamer 145 90 Gold Coin Chain Armor Corncob Staff Fur Bag Hunting Spear Book Mana Potion Brutetamer's Staff Fur Boots Mammoth Fur Shorts Mammoth Fur Cape
Assassin 175 105 Torch Gold Coin Throwing Star Knife Combat Knife Viper Star Steel Helmet Plate Shield Battle Shield Steel Shield Leopard Armor Horseman Helmet Small Diamond
Mutated Human 240 150 Gold Coin Cheese Scale Armor Fishbone Worm Mutated Flesh Strange Talisman Sword Rusted Armor Peanut Silver Amulet Fern
Barbarian Bloodwalker 305 195 Gold Coin Chain Helmet Halberd Battle Axe Chain Armor Lamp Ham Health Potion Red Piece of Cloth Beastslayer Axe Fur Boots Shard
Acolyte of Darkness 325 200 Midnight Shard
Acolyte of the Cult 390 300 Gold Coin Cultish Robe Rope Belt Morning Star Life Ring Pirate Voodoo Doll Book Dragon Necklace Small Emerald Music Sheet (Second Verse) Cultish Symbol Broken Key Ring Terra Rod
Rukor Zad 380 380 Viper Star Steel Shield Gold Coin Steel Helmet Throwing Star
Adept of the Cult 430 400 Gold Coin Cultish Robe Rope Belt Pirate Voodoo Doll Music Sheet (Third Verse) Clerical Mace Silver Amulet Time Ring Amber Staff Book Hailstorm Rod Cultish Symbol Broken Key Ring Small Ruby Red Robe Lunar Staff
Bride of Night 275 450 Midnight Shard
Arthom The Hunter 500 550 Small Ruby Platinum Coin Arrow Sniper Arrow Small Diamond Sniper Gloves Bow Burst Arrow Poison Arrow Dark Armor Terra Hood Hunter's Quiver Dragon Necklace Leather Legs Lion Trophy
Dark Faun 1100 900 Gold Coin Cave Turnip Leaf Star Shimmering Beetles Fairy Wings Goat Grass Strong Health Potion Great Health Potion Small Enchanted Sapphire Small Stone Panpipes Prismatic Quartz Dark Mushroom Wood Cape Leaf Legs Wooden Spellbook Die Mandrake
Renegade Knight 1450 1200 Red Rose Arrow Scroll Grapes Rope Halberd Wedding Ring Gold Coin Scroll of Heroic Deeds Great Health Potion Meat Small Notebook Two Handed Sword Small Ruby Sniper Arrow Red Piece of Cloth Fire Sword Crown Legs Crown Helmet Crown Armor Piggy Bank Crown Shield
Black Knight 1800 1600 Steel Helmet Gold Coin Dark Helmet Double Axe Dark Armor Brown Bread Battle Hammer Spear Halberd Plate Armor Brass Legs Warrior Helmet Rope Boots of Haste Two Handed Sword Knight Axe Ruby Necklace Knight Armor Knight Legs Lightning Legs Dragon Lance Piggy Bank
Lost Exile 1600 1800 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Skull Shatterer Red Hair Dye Lost Husher's Staff Holy Ash Coal Bonecarving Knife Brown Mushroom Great Mana Potion Bone Fetish Basalt Fetish Strong Health Potion Small Topaz Wimp Tooth Chain Basalt Figurine Dwarven Ring Terra Boots Knight Axe Guardian Shield Buckle Clay Lump Suspicious Device Fire Axe Skull Staff Spiked Squelcher Terra Legs Tower Shield
Glooth Brigand 2400 1900 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Tainted Glooth Capsule Glooth Sandwich Glooth Bag Glooth Steak Giant Shimmering Pearl Glooth Capsule Ultimate Health Potion Great Spirit Potion Great Mana Potion Glooth Blade Glooth Spear Terra Hood Glooth Club Glooth Amulet Glooth Axe Terra Boots Rubber Cap Terra Legs Terra Mantle Dreaded Cleaver Terra Amulet Green Gem Heat Core Butcher's Axe Mercenary Sword
Goldhanded Cultist 3000 2000 Golden Brush Gold Coin Opal Tiger Eye Yellow Gem Gold Ingot Green Gem Golden Bag Golden Backpack Platinum Coin Gold Nugget
Goldhanded Cultist Bride 3000 2000 Gold Coin Golden Brush Tiger Eye Opal Gold Ingot Golden Bag Yellow Gem Golden Backpack Platinum Coin
Dawnfire Asura 2900 4100 Gold Coin Concentrated Demonic Blood Platinum Coin Silver Brooch Small Ruby Soul Orb Demonic Essence Golden Lotus Brooch Peacock Feather Fan Great Mana Potion Small Amethyst Small Topaz Mysterious Fetish Red Piece of Cloth Small Emerald Red Gem Small Diamond Wand of Inferno Mystic Turban Focus Cape Magma Coat Death Ring Ruby Necklace Oriental Shoes Blue Gem Spellbook of Mind Control
Midnight Asura 3100 4100 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Sapphire Peacock Feather Fan Assassin Star White Pearl Soul Orb Great Health Potion Golden Lotus Brooch Small Diamond Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Small Topaz Small Ruby Small Emerald Tribal Mask Necrotic Rod Silver Amulet Silver Brooch Underworld Rod Yellow Gem Black Pearl Blue Robe Crystal Ring Oriental Shoes Assassin Dagger Skullcracker Armor Spellbook of Mind Control Blue Gem Gold Ingot
Crazed Summer Rearguard 5300 4700 Platinum Coin Elvish Talisman Violet Crystal Shard Heaven Blossom Red Crystal Fragment Small Enchanted Ruby Dream Essence Egg Sun Fruit Leaf Star Wood Cape Yellow Gem Ring of Blue Plasma Collar of Blue Plasma Crystal Crossbow Small Enchanted Sapphire Small Diamond
Crazed Winter Vanguard 5800 5400 Platinum Coin Ultimate Health Potion Miraculum Great Spirit Potion Ice Flower Small Enchanted Ruby Northwind Rod Dream Essence Egg Ice Rapier Tiger Eye Glacier Amulet Glacier Robe Elven Amulet Blue Gem
Soul-Broken Harbinger 6300 5800 Platinum Coin Dream Essence Egg Ice Flower Elvish Talisman Wood Cape Glacier Kilt Spellbook of Mind Control Ring of Blue Plasma Ice Rapier Crown Shield Glacier Shoes Knight Legs Tower Shield Collar of Green Plasma
Cobra Assassin 8200 6300 Platinum Coin Cobra Crest Protection Amulet Scimitar Knife Bone Sword Ring of Red Plasma Heavy Machete Carlin Sword Machete
Cobra Vizier 8500 6600 Platinum Coin Terra Boots Snakebite Rod Cobra Crest Terra Rod Terra Hood Serpent Sword
Priestess of the Wild Sun 8500 8000 Platinum Coin Fafnar Symbol Empty Honey Glass Secret Instruction Wand of Decay War Axe Golden Sickle Relic Sword Wand of Everblazing Golden Mask Sea Horse Figurine
Black Sphinx Acolyte 8100 9000 Platinum Coin Snakebite Rod Violet Gem Opal Underworld Rod Blue Crystal Shard Small Enchanted Emerald Empty Honey Glass Wand of Voodoo
Preceptor Lazare 15000 9200 Gold Coin Soul Orb Great Mana Potion Concentrated Demonic Blood Gold Ingot Small Diamond Small Emerald Small Topaz Small Amethyst Small Ruby Assassin Star Ham Platinum Coin Onyx Arrow Red Gem Demonic Essence Giant Shimmering Pearl Great Health Potion Spiked Squelcher Titan Axe Knight Armor War Axe Patch of Fine Cloth Falcon Greaves
Burning Gladiator 10000 10500 Platinum Coin Fafnar Symbol Lightning Boots Empty Honey Glass Dragon Necklace Elven Amulet Strange Talisman Lightning Pendant Secret Instruction Lightning Headband Magma Boots Magma Amulet Lightning Legs Spellweaver's Robe Golden Mask Sea Horse Figurine
Grand Canon Dominus 15000 11000 Platinum Coin Patch of Fine Cloth Violet Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Onyx Arrow Great Health Potion Falcon Wand Mastermind Shield Green Gem Damaged Armor Plates Small Diamond Great Mana Potion Falcon Bow Golden Armor Red Gem Falcon Crest Small Amethyst Falcon Plate
Grand Chaplain Gaunder 0 14000 Ham Damaged Armor Plates Onyx Arrow Small Enchanted Amethyst Falcon Shield Small Diamond Spiked Squelcher Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Falcon Longsword Giant Shimmering Pearl Assassin Star Soul Orb Small Emerald
Death Priest Shargon 65000 20000 Necrotic Rod Gold Coin Platinum Coin Voodoo Doll Great Mana Potion Blood Goblet Gold Ingot Black Skull Great Health Potion
Grand Master Oberon 30000 20000 The Spatial Warp Almanac Grant of Arms Falcon Greaves Falcon Wand Falcon Shield Falcon Rod Falcon Mace Falcon Longsword Falcon Coif Falcon Circlet Falcon Battleaxe Falcon Bow Falcon Plate
Lady Tenebris 0 50000 Small Amethyst Spellbook of Warding Gold Coin Great Spirit Potion Violet Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard Small Topaz Green Gem Red Gem Yellow Gem Onyx Pendant Small Diamond Giant Shimmering Pearl Shadow Sceptre Ring of Healing Platinum Coin Small Emerald Cluster of Solace Ring of the Sky Mastermind Potion Blue Crystal Shard Great Mana Potion Skull Staff Ultimate Health Potion Arcane Staff Shadow Mask Silver Token Part of a Rune Sapphire Amulet Shadow Paint Crude Umbral Spellbook Umbral Spellbook Book of Lies


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