Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Animated Ogre Shaman 800 625 Gold Coin Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring Strong Mana Potion Broken Shamanic Staff Waterskin
Ogre Shaman 800 625 Gold Coin Strong Mana Potion Skull Prickly Pear Shamanic Talisman Skull Fetish Broken Shamanic Staff Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring Necrotic Rod Wand of Decay Small Ruby Opal Bone Fetish Black Pearl Waterskin Onyx Chip Ogre Scepta Didgeridoo Shamanic Mask Voodoo Doll
Animated Ogre Brute 1000 800 Gold Coin Cookie Club Ring Strong Health Potion Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring
Ogre Brute 1000 800 Gold Coin Strong Health Potion Ogre Nose Ring Ogre Ear Stud Meat Skull Fetish White Pearl Small Stone Opal Power Ring Onyx Chip Small Ruby Cookie Club Ring Battle Stone Ogre Klubba Rusted Helmet Butcher's Axe Shamanic Mask Bonebreaker Ancient Stone Pot
Animated Ogre Savage 1400 950 Ogre Nose Ring Opal Gold Coin Small Topaz Strong Health Potion Skull Fetish Jalapeño Peppers Ogre Ear Stud Mysterious Fetish
Ogre Savage 1400 950 Gold Coin Ogre Ear Stud Ogre Nose Ring Skull Fetish Mysterious Fetish Strong Health Potion Cookie Opal Small Ruby Small Topaz Jalapeño Peppers War Hammer Onyx Chip Ogre Choppa Berserk Potion Dreaded Cleaver Shamanic Mask
Ogre Sage 5000 5500 Platinum Coin Ogre Nose Ring Skull Fetish Ogre Ear Stud
Malofur Mangrinder 0 55000 Piggy Bank Mastermind Potion Red Gem Blue Gem Royal Star Collar of Green Plasma Crystal Coin Gold Ingot Yellow Gem Violet Gem Magic Sulphur Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Ring of Red Plasma Ring of Blue Plasma Ring of Green Plasma Chaos Mace Berserk Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Collar of Blue Plasma Bullseye Potion Silver Token Gold Token Platinum Coin Supreme Health Potion Energy Bar Mysterious Remains Collar of Red Plasma Ultimate Spirit Potion Skull Staff Soul Stone Resizer Malofur's Lunchbox Shoulder Plate Pomegranate Crunor Idol


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