Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
An Observer Eye 30000 0 Lightsphere
Containment Machine 6000 0 Nothing
Damaged Crystal Golem 500 0 Nothing
Deathslicer 0 0 Nothing
Glooth Bomb 250000 0 Gold Ingot Yellow Gem Small Ruby Red Piece of Cloth Small Diamond Small Topaz Great Health Potion Gold Coin Ring of Healing Moohtant Horn Great Mana Potion Glooth Glider Gear Wheel Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Red Gem Gearwheel Chain
Servant Golem 0 0 Nothing
Target Dummy 0 0 Nothing
Whirling Blades 0 0 Nothing
Damaged Worker Golem 260 95 Gold Coin Rusted Armor Sword Ring Nail Iron Ore Gear Crystal
Iron Servant 350 210 Gold Coin Gear Wheel Health Potion Rusted Armor Halberd Slime Mould
Iron Servant Replica 1000 210 Gold Coin Health Potion Gear Wheel Rusted Armor Halberd Slime Mould
Mechanical Fighter 420 255 Nothing
Golden Servant 550 450 Gold Coin Halberd Mana Potion Health Potion Green Mushroom Spellbook of Enlightenment Stealth Ring Gear Wheel Slime Mould Gold Ring Golden Armor Golden Can of Oil
Golden Servant Replica 2000 450 Gold Coin Mana Potion Health Potion Green Mushroom Halberd Stealth Ring Gear Wheel Spellbook of Enlightenment Slime Mould Golden Can of Oil Golden Armor Gold Ring
Diamond Servant 1000 700 Gold Coin Soul Orb Strong Health Potion Life Crystal Strong Mana Potion Gear Wheel Crystal Pedestal Gear Crystal Slime Mould Might Ring Wand of Cosmic Energy Mastermind Potion Yellow Gem Lightning Pendant Shockwave Amulet Crystalline Armor Bonebreaker
Diamond Servant Replica 2000 700 Soul Orb Gold Coin Life Crystal Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Gear Crystal Gear Wheel Crystal Pedestal Wand of Cosmic Energy Mastermind Potion Might Ring Lightning Pendant Yellow Gem Slime Mould Shockwave Amulet
Worker Golem 1470 1250 Gold Coin Gear Crystal Nail Great Health Potion Rusted Armor Great Mana Potion Life Crystal Rusted Legs Small Diamond Great Spirit Potion War Hammer Berserk Potion Spiked Squelcher Iron Ore Gear Wheel Might Ring Bonebreaker Crystal Pedestal
Metal Gargoyle 2100 1400 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Metal Jaw Rusted Armor Metal Spats Bronze Gear Wheel Shiny Stone Energy Ring Life Ring Alloy Legs Iron Ore Underworld Rod Metal Bat
Glooth Golem 2700 2200 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Glooth Injection Tube Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Small Emerald Glooth Sandwich Ultimate Health Potion Glooth Spear Iron Ore Glooth Axe Gear Wheel Bronze Gear Wheel Heat Core Glooth Amulet Glooth Blade Rubber Cap Glooth Club Gearwheel Chain Green Gem
Walker 3000 2200 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Great Health Potion Metal Toe Metal Spats Small Amethyst Small Topaz Gearwheel Chain Small Emerald Crystal Mace Steel Boots
Rustheap Golem 2800 2300 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Necromantic Rust Bronze Gear Wheel White Pearl Black Pearl War Hammer Iron Ore Gearwheel Chain Flask of Rust Remover Nail Slightly Rusted Armor Slightly Rusted Legs Metal Bat Spiked Squelcher
Security Golem 6500 2750 Nothing
War Golem 4300 2750 Gold Coin Epee Morning Star Ultimate Health Potion War Crystal Plate Shield Great Mana Potion Dwarven Ring Battle Shield Nail Iron Ore Rusted Armor Two Handed Sword Club Ring Steel Boots Bonebreaker Berserk Potion Life Crystal Crystal Pedestal Lightning Boots Jade Hammer Crystal of Power Tin Key Berserker
Tin Lizzard of Lyxoph 0 5500 Nothing
Glooth Fairy 60000 19000 Glooth Sandwich Yellow Gem Small Sapphire Iron Ore Glooth Cape Glooth Blade Red Gem Gear Wheel Bowl of Glooth Soup Small Ruby Great Spirit Potion Small Topaz Glooth Amulet Great Health Potion Gold Coin Small Diamond Great Mana Potion Platinum Coin Glooth Spear Heat Core Glooth Injection Tube Small Amethyst Rubber Cap Glooth Club Glooth Axe Feedbag
Professor Maxxen 90000 31000 Gold Coin Glooth Bag Platinum Coin Gold Ingot Glooth Glider Casing Rusted Armor
Maxxenius 0 55000 Gold Ingot Piggy Bank Mysterious Remains Energy Bar Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Ultimate Spirit Potion Ring of Blue Plasma Blue Gem Mastermind Potion Berserk Potion Magic Sulphur Collar of Blue Plasma Collar of Green Plasma Collar of Red Plasma Ring of Green Plasma Chaos Mace Platinum Coin Red Gem Bullseye Potion Supreme Health Potion Silver Token Ultimate Mana Potion Yellow Gem Violet Gem Skull Staff Gold Token Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Crystal Coin Royal Star Pomegranate Abyss Hammer Ring of the Sky Ornate Locket Giant Ruby Brain in a Jar Arcane Staff Energized Limb Maxxenius Head Soul Stone


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