Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Black Sheep 20 0 Meat Black Wool
Donkey 0 0 Nothing
Dromedary 45 0 Meat
Modified Gnarlhound 1500 0 Nothing
Wild Horse 75 0 Nothing
Water Buffalo 390 20 Gold Coin Ham Meat
Bear 80 23 Meat Ham Bear Paw Honeycomb
Panda 80 23 Ham Meat Bamboo Stick
Boar 198 60 Gold Coin Haunch of Boar
Ladybug 255 70 Gold Coin
Slug 255 70 Gold Coin Worm
Mole 200 100 Gold Coin
Manta Ray 680 125 Gold Coin
Terror Bird 300 150 Bunch of Winterberries Meat Gold Coin Terrorbird Beak Worm Colourful Feather Health Potion Seeds Feather Headdress
Enraged White Deer 255 165 Ham White Deer Skin White Deer Antlers
Flying Book 500 200 Nothing
Crystal Wolf 750 275 Gold Coin Meat Shiver Arrow Wolf Paw Shiny Stone Hailstorm Rod Crystalline Armor
Noble Lion 1000 400 Gold Coin Ham Meat Lion's Mane
Wailing Widow 850 450 Gold Coin Widow's Mandibles Zaoan Halberd Plate Shield Halberd Green Mushroom Mana Potion Health Potion Wailing Widow's Necklace
Undead Cavebear 450 600 Gold Coin Maxilla Cavebear Skull Health Potion
Sandstone Scorpion 900 680 Gold Coin Small Emerald Platinum Coin Steel Helmet Black Shield Daramian Mace Fist on a Stick
Stampor 1200 780 Gold Coin Small Topaz Platinum Coin Stampor Talons Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Stampor Horn Hollow Stampor Hoof War Hammer Knight Armor Spiked Squelcher
Midnight Panther 1200 900 Meat Gold Coin Panther Paw Panther Head Life Ring Sabretooth Strong Health Potion
Gravedigger 1500 950 Lump of Dirt Platinum Coin Hardened Bone Gold Coin Safety Pin Unholy Bone Pile of Grave Earth Sudden Death Rune Strong Health Potion Wand of Inferno Strong Mana Potion Yellow Gem Death Ring Skull Staff Mysterious Voodoo Skull
Crustacea Gigantica 1600 1800 Gold Coin Strong Mana Potion Strong Health Potion Ring of Healing Giant Crab Pincer Great Mana Potion
Stone Rhino 3000 1800 Rhino Hide Hardened Bone Raw Meat Rhino Horn Tusk Shield
Sparkion 2700 1900 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Great Mana Potion Energy Drink Sparkion Claw Sparkion Stings Sparkion Legs Sparkion Tail Great Spirit Potion Cyan Crystal Fragment Energy Bar Great Health Potion Blue Crystal Splinter Small Sapphire Blue Crystal Shard Wand of Cosmic Energy Blue Gem Ring of Blue Plasma Collar of Red Plasma Collar of Green Plasma Ring of Green Plasma Ring of Red Plasma Collar of Blue Plasma
Dragonling 2600 2200 Gold Coin Blazing Bone Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion
Walker 3000 2200 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Great Health Potion Metal Toe Metal Spats Small Amethyst Small Topaz Gearwheel Chain Small Emerald Crystal Mace Steel Boots
Shock Head 4200 2300 Gold Coin Small Sapphire Royal Helmet
Draptor 3000 2400 Silver Raid Token Gold Coin Draptor Scales Strong Health Potion Strong Mana Potion
Magma Crawler 4800 2700 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Blazing Bone Green Crystal Fragment Brown Crystal Splinter Magma Clump Great Mana Potion Crystalline Arrow Fiery Heart Great Health Potion Small Diamond Blue Crystal Shard Energy Ring Coal Wand of Draconia Yellow Piece of Cloth Iron Ore Magma Boots Fire Sword Magma Amulet White Piece of Cloth Yellow Gem Black Shield Red Piece of Cloth Wand of Everblazing
Ironblight 6600 4400 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Green Crystal Shard Small Emerald War Crystal Brown Crystal Splinter Crystalline Spikes Small Amethyst Shiny Stone Red Crystal Fragment Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion Springsprout Rod Crystal of Power Red Gem Crystal of Balance Glacial Rod Crystal Mace Magic Sulphur Sapphire Hammer Terra Legs Blue Gem Epee Jade Hat Composite Hornbow


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