Winter Update 2018
Find out the newest information about the Winter Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Elf 100 42 Gold Coin Arrow Longsword Studded Armor Studded Helmet Leather Boots Plum Plate Shield Elvish Talisman Heaven Blossom
Elf Scout 165 75 Gold Coin Arrow Poison Arrow Elven Scouting Glass Grapes Bow Elvish Talisman Waterskin Sandals Heaven Blossom Elvish Bow
Firestarter 180 80 Flaming Arrow Gold Coin Longsword Coal Grapes Elvish Talisman Bow Heaven Blossom Flintstone Elvish Bow
Mornenion 190 115 Bag with Stolen Gold Platinum Coin
Elf Arcanist 220 175 Gold Coin Scroll Blank Rune Arrow Elven Astral Observer Bread Melon Green Tunic Elvish Talisman Candlestick Elven Amulet Sling Herb Health Potion Strong Mana Potion Holy Orchid Sandals Life Crystal Wand of Cosmic Energy Grave Flower Inkwell Yellow Gem
Forest Fury 480 235 Gold Coin Bolt Meat Venison Piercing Bolt Elven Hoof Crossbow Small Topaz Elvish Bow
Elf Overseer 500 290 Gold Coin Bread Battle Shield Elvish Talisman Mana Potion Health Potion Crystal Sword Holy Orchid
Elder Forest Fury 670 330 Meat Gold Coin Bolt Piercing Bolt Hunting Spear Elven Hoof Venison Small Emerald Crossbow Raspberry Terra Rod Elvish Bow Bullseye Potion
Dharalion 380 380 Holy Orchid Golden Goblet Great Mana Potion Elvish Talisman Yellow Gem Green Tunic Bowl Elven Astral Observer Candlestick Blank Rune Parchment Gold Coin Bread Sling Herb Life Crystal Elven Amulet Melon Wand of Cosmic Energy Cornucopia
Misguided Bully 2000 1200 Meat Gold Coin Rubbish Amulet Gold Ingot Blue Gem
Barkless Devotee 2800 2200 Gold Coin Fig Leaf Torn Shirt Bed of Nails
Barkless Fanatic 3200 2500 Gold Coin Fig Leaf Tiger Eye Bed of Nails Torn Shirt
Crazed Summer Rearguard 6000 5400 Vortex Bolt Power Bolt Platinum Coin Sun Fruit Viper Star Small Enchanted Sapphire Elvish Talisman Spear Leaf Star Violet Crystal Shard Royal Spear Crossbow Dream Essence Egg Throwing Knife Small Diamond Small Stone Small Enchanted Ruby Red Crystal Fragment Heaven Blossom Cyan Crystal Fragment Yellow Gem Bow Ring of Blue Plasma Crystal Crossbow Collar of Blue Plasma Ornate Crossbow Wood Cape
Crazed Winter Rearguard 6000 5400 Platinum Coin Glacier Robe Glacier Amulet Moonlight Rod Northwind Rod Elven Astral Observer Life Crystal Small Enchanted Sapphire Ultimate Health Potion Shiver Arrow Cyan Crystal Fragment Red Gem Red Crystal Fragment Ice Rapier Ice Flower Great Spirit Potion Dream Essence Egg Glacier Mask Hailstorm Rod
Crazed Summer Vanguard 6300 5800 Platinum Coin Elven Astral Observer Belted Cape Wand of Dragonbreath Sword Two Handed Sword Dragon Necklace Scimitar Seeds Wand of Draconia Dagger Magma Amulet Knife Throwing Knife Sabre Dream Essence Egg Dark Armor Bullseye Potion Magma Boots Sun Fruit
Crazed Winter Vanguard 7200 6500 Platinum Coin Ultimate Health Potion Miraculum Great Spirit Potion Ice Flower Terra Mantle Small Enchanted Ruby Northwind Rod Glacier Robe Terra Hood Terra Boots Shiver Arrow Red Gem Dream Essence Egg Ice Rapier Glacier Mask Cyan Crystal Fragment Tiger Eye Glacier Amulet Terra Amulet Terra Legs Elven Amulet
Insane Siren 7600 6900 Fire Axe Platinum Coin Holy Orchid Ultimate Health Potion Miraculum Dream Essence Egg Wand of Draconia Wand of Dragonbreath Magma Amulet Sun Fruit Wand of Inferno Magma Coat
Soul-Broken Harbinger 9000 7000 Dream Essence Egg Platinum Coin Ice Flower Wood Cape Elvish Talisman Glacier Kilt Spellbook of Mind Control Ring of Blue Plasma Ice Rapier Crown Shield Heat Core Magma Amulet Glacier Shoes Knight Legs


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