Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Berrypest 500 0 Nothing
Bloom of Doom 30000 0 Nothing
Bonny Bunny 0 0 Nothing
Cocoon 0 0 Nothing
Eclipse Knight 0 0 Midnight Shard
Ghost Rat 0 0 Nothing
Gloombringer 0 0 Nothing
Harbinger of Darkness 0 0 Nothing
Percht Minion 0 0 Nothing
Slime Puddle 0 0 Nothing
Soul Spark 115 0 Nothing
Spawn of Despair 0 0 Nothing
Spectral Scum 0 0 Nothing
Spirit of Light 0 0 Nothing
The Halloween Hare 0 0 Nothing
The Percht Queen 0 0 Nothing
Vulnerable Cocoon 200000 0 Nothing
Warm Fire 0 0 Nothing
Weak Gloombringer 0 0 Small Ruby Midnight Shard Small Emerald Rusted Armor Small Sapphire Platinum Coin Gold Coin Gold Ingot
Weak Harbinger of Darkness 0 0 Small Emerald Small Diamond Platinum Coin Gold Coin Midnight Shard Gold Ingot
Weak Spawn of Despair 0 0 Small Ruby Gold Ingot Platinum Coin Gold Coin Small Diamond Midnight Shard
Grynch Clan Goblin 80 4 Christmas Present Bag Gold Coin Snowball Red Apple Cookie Orange Lump of Cake Dough Walnut Peanut Bottle Egg Candy Cane Scarf Explorer Brooch Bat Wing Snowman Package Blank Rune Chicken Feather Orichalcum Pearl Broom Mirror Magic Light Wand Scarab Coin Rope Cream Cake Honeycomb Picture Small White Pillow Flower Bowl Lute Die Watch Gingerbreadman Cherry Piggy Bank Valentine's Cake
Undead Jester 355 5 Suspicious Surprise Bag Fish Blue Piece of Cloth Brown Piece of Cloth Red Piece of Cloth White Piece of Cloth Green Perch The Head of a Jester Doll The Torso of a Jester Doll Rainbow Trout Part of a Jester Doll Green Piece of Cloth Part of a Jester Doll Part of a Jester Doll Part of a Jester Doll Yellow Piece of Cloth Marlin
Essence of Darkness 1000 30 Nothing
Fan 2000 60 Nothing
Piñata Dragon 10000 85 Birthday Backpack Surprise Bag Party Cake Surprise Bag Bar of Chocolate Cookie Costume Bag Ferumbras' Candy Hat Chocolatey Dragon Scale Legs Candy Bottle of Tibian Wine Doll Toy Mouse Stuffed Dragon
Cake Golem 444 100 Sweet and Sugary Substance
Doomsday Cultist 125 100 Midnight Shard
Dryad 310 190 White Mushroom Gold Coin Seeds Leaf Legs Coconut Shoes Flower Wreath Flower Dress Orange Mushroom Small Amethyst Carrot on a Stick
Acolyte of Darkness 325 200 Midnight Shard
Craban 300000 200 Nothing
Nightslayer 400 250 Midnight Shard
Animated Snowman 450 400 Twig Arms Gold Coin Shiver Arrow Ice Rapier Glacier Amulet Glacier Mask Snowball Hailstorm Rod Moonlight Rod Glacier Kilt
Bane Bringer 2500 400 Dry Piece of Wood Wooden Trash
Baleful Bunny 500 450 Platinum Coin Lightning Pendant Terra Amulet Snakebite Rod Strange Talisman Leaf Star Sacred Tree Amulet Yetislippers
Bride of Night 275 450 Midnight Shard
Herald of Gloom 340 450 Midnight Shard
Bane Lord 3000 500 Dry Piece of Wood Gold Coin Sugar Oat Wooden Trash Bag of Apple Slices Golden Fir Cone Bamboo Leaves Slug Drug
The Percht Queen 2000 500 Piggy Bank Royal Star Platinum Coin Energy Bar Supreme Health Potion Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Mysterious Remains Ultimate Spirit Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Bullseye Potion Chaos Mace Frozen Claw Berserk Potion Berserk Potion Red Gem Soul Stone The Crown of the Percht Queen Flames of the Percht Queen Small Ladybug Gold Ingot Crystal Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Skull Staff Magic Sulphur Percht Queen's Frozen Heart Percht Skull Icicle The Crown of the Percht Queen Percht Handkerchief Ring of the Sky Ring of Blue Plasma Fly Agaric Percht Broom Ice Hatchet Ring of Red Plasma Ring of Green Plasma Yellow Gem Violet Gem Collar of Red Plasma Collar of Green Plasma Green Gem Blue Gem Frozen Chain Collar of Blue Plasma Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Abyss Hammer Golden Bell Golden Cotton Reel Lucky Pig
Schiach 600 580 Gold Coin Grainy Fireworks Powder Fireworks Capsule Broken Bell Glacier Kilt Percht Horns Yellow Fireworks Powder Versicolour Fireworks Powder Turquoise Fireworks Powder Red Fireworks Powder Purple Fireworks Powder Orange Fireworks Powder Green Fireworks Powder Blue Fireworks Powder Rainbow Quartz Bright Bell Glacier Robe Glacial Rod
Percht 620 600 Gold Coin Fireworks Capsule Grainy Fireworks Powder Percht Horns Orange Fireworks Powder Blue Fireworks Powder Magma Monocle Magma Amulet Green Fireworks Powder Purple Fireworks Powder Red Fireworks Powder Turquoise Fireworks Powder Versicolour Fireworks Powder Yellow Fireworks Powder Broken Bell Dark Bell Magma Legs Magma Coat
Shadow Hound 555 600 Midnight Shard
Bane of Light 1100 750 Midnight Shard
Midnight Warrior 1000 750 Midnight Shard
Midnight Spawn 2000 900 Midnight Shard
Muse of Penciljack 1200 1050 Nothing
Duskbringer 3550 2600 Midnight Shard
Denson Larika 50000 3000 Nothing
Tin Lizzard of Lyxoph 0 5500 Nothing
Anmothra 2100 10000 Nothing
Lyxoph 45000 10000 Surprise Bag Surprise Bag Artist's Palette Artist's Easel Artist's Canvas Artist's Brush
Spawn of Devovorga 4600 10500 Tentacle Piece
Irahsae 35000 15000 Glob of Tar
Chikhaton 20000 20000 Nothing
Delany 100000 30000 Nothing
Mirade 100000 30000 Surprise Bag Surprise Bag Birthday Cake Chocolatey Dragon Scale Legs Birthday Backpack Amulet of Loss
Penciljack 50000 30000 Easel Kit Artist's Canvas Artist's Palette Artist's Brush Surprise Bag
The Mutated Pumpkin 550000 35000 Bar of Chocolate Surprise Bag Surprise Bag Pumpkin Yummy Gummy Worm Skeleton Decoration Spiderwebs Bat Decoration Toy Spider
Count Tofifti 100000 40000 Nothing
Phrodomo 90000 44000 Nothing
Devovorga 500000 100000 Nothing


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