Summer Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Summer Update in Tibia!
Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Spectral Scum 0 0 Nothing
Pirate Skeleton 190 85 Gold Coin Spooky Blue Eye Bone Skull Big Bone Short Sword Bone Club Sword
Pirate Marauder 210 125 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Torch Spear Plate Shield Chain Armor Pirate Bag Treasure Map Bandana Peg Leg Hook Eye Patch Die Rum Flask Empty Goldfish Bowl
Pirate Cutthroat 325 175 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Scale Armor Light Shovel Steel Shield Pirate Bag Eye Patch Hook Peg Leg Pirate Knee Breeches Treasure Map Die Rum Flask
Pirate Buccaneer 425 250 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Compass Worn Leather Boots Throwing Knife Sabre Torch Battle Shield Eye Patch Hook Pirate Backpack Plate Armor Pirate Shirt Peg Leg Strong Health Potion Treasure Map Rum Flask Die
Pirate Ghost 275 250 Gold Coin Tattered Piece of Robe Parchment Stealth Ring Red Robe Spike Sword
Pirate Corsair 675 350 Very Old Piece of Paper Gold Coin Sabre Throwing Star Compass Dark Armor Dark Shield Pirate Backpack Eye Patch Strong Health Potion Peg Leg Pirate Hat Hook Piggy Bank Pirate Boots Skull Candle Rum Flask
Dirtbeard 630 375 Pointed Rabbitslayer The Shield Nevermourn Helmet of Nature Odd Hat
Deadeye Devious 1450 500 Pirate Backpack Knight Armor Plate Armor Very Old Piece of Paper Skull Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch
Lethal Lissy 1450 500 The Lethal Lissy's Shirt Plate Armor Double Axe Protection Amulet Skull Knight Armor Gold Coin Meat Pirate Backpack Very Old Piece of Paper Small Diamond
Ron the Ripper 1500 500 Ron the Ripper's Sabre Gold Coin Pirate Backpack Small Diamond Knight Armor Plate Armor Dagger Skull Very Old Piece of Paper
Captain Jones 555 620 Red Robe Spike Sword Focus Cape Crown Legs Stealth Ring Gold Coin
Brutus Bloodbeard 1555 795 Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat Gold Coin Very Old Piece of Paper Knight Armor Skull Great Health Potion Plate Armor


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